Metal Detecting An Old Mill And Homestead

Metal Detecting An Old Mill And Homestead

Brand new spot today. I am down south and I have a friend that lined this permission up for me, now he metal detects here and he says he’s found quite a bit of stuff. He could not make it today cause unfortunately, well, he had to work. But he lined this farm up for me. There’s some woods here and there’s some fields. He says there’s several house sites, a sawmill and… He said might he be able to find some Indian stuff, so we’re gonna look around for a little bit of everything. The first thing we have to do is cross this creek. And that, is the best place I can find. That’s our bridge to treasure. I think it will hold us and I think my balance will hold up at least I hope as that water looks pretty deep and pretty cold right there. All right. I have a terrible sense of balance. That is deep too. That’s probably over my head right there. I’m gonna have to turn the camera off on this one. Probably use the shovel… shovel and detector to kind of balance me. So we’ll see you on the other side, and if you fall in you know what to do, right? That’s right. HOLD YOUR BREATH. It’s early yet. Think it will hold us? I think it’s actually broken in two. It’s a lot shakier than I had hoped, I might have to crawl on my hands and knees. We’ll see ya on the other side. I looked just like a toddler on my hands and knees. That tree, it was shakin’ and a creakin’ in the whole time. Well, maybe that was actually me. Let’s go digging. So I’m searching around for the mill site and I’m kind of embarrassed to say, I haven’t found it yet. Now he drew me a map and stuff, but of course I left that in the truck. I think I’m close though cause I believe that’s a little dam behind me. But I got my first good signal, (I’ve already dug one shotgun shell) And it was a little bit of squeaky. Kind of high, so I dug it and it’s a coin! The first good take on the second second hole I’ve dug. It looks like it’s silver now. I had no idea if it’s you know 1940 or 1840, but we’re gonna find out together. I have not picked it up yet. Do you see it? I’ll give you a close-up, and maybe you can figure it out before I do. There it is! Afraid to pick it up… I’m almost certain it’s a coin. What do you think? That’s better. What do you think old or new? [Gasp] It is… Well I can actually read it so… OLD! The poor buddy’s gonna be uh… Sad, because I promised him I’d text him any good finds, and I’m gonna have to text as soon as I get out. I was just talking to him a few minutes ago, so… Awesome! I’m sorry, dude. Maybe we can arm wrestle over it or something? You’re a lot bigger than me though so that wouldn’t be fair. And younger! [Train Horn] I’m a thousand miles from home. I still can’t get away from those trains! They’re everywhere! I think they’re following me actually. Or I’m following the old railroad lines… Probably one or the other. [Train Horn] Just crossed that swampy area behind me, kind of gave up on that area where I found the dime. I wanted to show you a cool little plant right here… This is called a fiddlehead and it’s actually a baby fern. In another week or so, maybe even less time, these will all fold out, it would be big fern plant right here. And this is the root right here, comes back year after year, and you can eat these things. They’re quite edible. I’ve never had a raw one, should we try it? Let’s do it. Now I have eaten these things, you can like batter ’em and fry ’em. Might taste like you know something… anything that’s been battered and fried. Let’s try one raw. Hope it’s not the poisonous kind. I think people… ugh… put them in salad but not this kind because it’s very, uh, bitter. It’s more like a stringent. It’s not bitter, but it’s making my tongue go numb. I’m gonna spit it out now. So just climbing up the hill after eating the fiddlehead and I’m still alive. Got a decent signal here. I thought we’d dig it together because when I started to dig it I noticed a piece of old pottery right here. Yeah, my buddy told me there was a house up here somewhere. There’s lots of pipe stems and stuff, so we’re gonna look for that. But we’ll go ahead and dig this together. I’ll let you, well… Got my headphones on today, but I’ll let you hear what it sounds like at least. [Beeping] Nice solid hit. Kind of sounds almost like a shotgun shell and I’ve dug quite a few of those already. Which is part of the reason I’m coming out of the woods. Said there’s some fields up here with we can look in. So we’re gonna do that. Alright that should’ve been it. Nice sandy soil. Alright, ready? Let’s listen. [Beeping] Could be in the hole just inside here. There’s a root, I thought it was something sharp. Okay, so out of the hole. Out of the hole, let’s take a look here. One-handed look. Not yet. You see it? Do ya? I don’t see it yet. All right, we’re gonna go… ah there it is! Look! It’s a shotgun shell. We’ve dug a ton of these in the woods, so we’re gonna go ahead and bag this and head out in the field. Or at least the edge of the field, looks like it’s kind of growing up I guess we’re gonna go ahead and try to find the field he was telling me about. The one in front of me is grown up, and I think the other one he said, has a winter… cover crop on it, but we can go in there, Barbara said it was fine. Just, you know, fill in the holes. Cause they’re just gonna plow that under probably in another month or two. We’ll work this edge right here, cause we saw the pottery. Not gonna spend a lot of time cause that’s too grown-up for me Not too many hits in here with the machine, but I am seeing some broken glass, that is not that old, so we’re gonna move pretty quick, but I wanted to show you two things real quick. First off here’s a skull. Hope it’s not human! That’s a, probably a squirrel, it’s a rodent. And their teeth are really long, I’m gonna pull their teeth out so you can see them. They have to keep gnawing on hard stuff. Otherwise their teeth will actually grow out of their skulls, curve around, and kill them. Go right back in. Just hold on a second. Let me… oh maybe I can get this. Nah I’ll just show it to you. So that’s just… see how it curves back like that? If they don’t keep gnawing on nuts and stuff, that will keep curving around and go right up in their skull and pierce their brain. So they always have to be eating, and I wanted to show ya… The antlions! Antlion of death. Remember, I had a video about a year ago where I showed you these guys, there he is right there. These are little creatures, that make a nest, kinda looks like a snapping turtle doesn’t it? A little bit, but you see his pincers on the front And they make this little trap. Right there! Go on, get back in there. It won’t take him long to fix it. And the ants will crawl across and fall in there, and he’ll come up out of the sand and uh, grab them and pull them under and eat ’em. That’s an antlion. Some bleached bones. This is a… white-tailed deer. It doesn’t have any antlers or the… places where antlers would grow so, it’s a doe. And if you look right here, you can see there’s some scat or animal poop. It’s full of hair, so we know that’s a carnivore. And he’s kind of marking his spot here. Well… I guess this is the spot. Marking his spot here, But when you see poo like that and has a lot of hair in it, you know it’s a wild carnivore. If it was a dog, it probably wouldn’t have animals mixed in with it. I would imagine there’s coyote out here. Just came upon this little area in the woods where there’s some iron up against the trees. You know big pieces, so I think, I might be at one of the sites he was telling me about. I hear a lot of little pieces of iron. I just found this really, really cool bottle that’s broken unfortunately but… Check it out! Wouldn’t that have been a neat bottle to have whole? Beautiful color! Says uh… let’s see if we can see it in the sun. Not really. It says “Mallard”… “Distillery Baltimore New” something “Patent applied” That would have been a really pretty one right there. Pulling up a lot of big pieces of iron, I thought I’d just show you this one here. I don’t think I’m going to dig it out though? You look down here about, I don’t know, ten-twelve inches, there’s a big piece of pipe. I guess that’s either a pipe or part of an axle or something. Supposedly there was a mill right in this area, so it could be part of that, But because we’re not in the Civil War area I think we’re gonna give up digging the big iron pieces and just concentrate on the gold coins. Well I found the old mill. I was actually really close to it when I dug that axle up there. If you look here you can see this big bank, that’s the old dam and this is part of the mill building. I suppose… You see all these walls going around. This is some type of structure here. Got some metal sticking up. My detector right there. I haven’t looked around yet. Ooh… This old uh… armadillo tree, I don’t know how old this stuff is I mean it could be, I guess it’s 1800s. Though I don’t know for certain. That water might be really good to look for bottles. This is interesting, looks like a big chunk of lead someone dug up. Yeah, that’s exactly what that is. A big chunk of lead. Like I said, I have a friend that does metal detect here some. And he said he’s hit it pretty good, but we’re gonna give it a shot. Look at this old bottle. That would’ve been a pretty one too huh, that’s pretty old right there. Put it back. Let’s see what we got here, a lot of bricks, dug a hole right here, I’ll fill it a little better in a minute. This is like the foundation right here to something. Yeah, we’ll look around here for awhile. We definitely get a better view from back here, this is a really pretty sight. Let’s go over here. See some firewood and rocks here, so somebody had… somebody probably had a campfire here. That’s why they’re all split open like that. Yeah, I will grab the machine. We’re gonna look around this area that’s flat. So I’m digging a lot of iron and stuff, uh… Which is discouraging, but, I also got an oyster shell. And we’re a long way from the coast, so this was brought in for food. Hopefully, they lost a gold coin out here. While eating those oysters and drinking that whiskey. So I’m just above the old mill and the waters a lot shallower up here. So I think maybe we’ll go along and just kind of search the side as far as we can. With these boots, kinda hoping maybe there’s a bottle in there or something, who knows. But this would have been the deep side of the dam, so they could have thrown all the trash in there. And we’ll find out if they left anything for us in just a moment. That’s why we’re just talking about doing a little detecting in the water. This is kind of neat, look at the old timbers right here going acrossed. And this is right at the dam. This was an earthen dam. And this must have been for part of the sluice way or something because the mill is actually right around the corner there. So above the dam here is loaded with iron. I just pulled a couple pieces out to show ya. And I want to start concentrating on… Non-ferrous things or things they don’t have iron in them. I don’t know what that is. That’s really kind of cool looking. Broken on both ends, but it’s tapered like that. It’s kind of weird. Um… Again this isn’t really a Civil War area, and if it was I might be looking for like artillery shells and stuff they might have thrown above the dam to get rid of ’em. Yeah, so we’re gonna have to dig more out here. Just to make sure. But we’re gonna find some coins right up there. Right there by that little plant in the middle. Seven gold coins, three silvers. I’ve dug this cause it was artillery shell size, but it looks like it might be part of a gear or something maybe to the gate, I don’t know. Kinda weird that it has that big nail, or nut and a… bolt through it. It’s definitely a gear of some sort. I’ll have to leave this for my buddy to dig someday. Well, here’s the bush of the plant. and there’s the… find. I guess that’s a homemade sinker. Looks like maybe a musket ball or some type of round lead ball that was cut. I suspect it’s a sinker, an old one. Oh well… Next time it will be a gold coin under one of those. Little tiny brass or like copper ring. Uh, right here kind of a small thing. I got another decent signal right there I wanna dig. But look at this we’re… this is that dam. So we’re actually in the deep water right here. I mean this could’ve been lost after. Look at those mushrooms! Isn’t that cool they look like oysters. I bet those are oyster mushrooms, well I have no idea. All right. There’s another decent signal here. I’ll let you listen to it. Since we’re not really finding much anyway. Somewhere. Yeah. [Beeping] That’s pretty scratchy. There was one here somewhere. Okay that’s um… Definitely non-ferrous, so we’ll dig that. I’ll let you see what it is. It’s probably what I’ve heard There’s something else here, but that, that might be iron, but let’s go ahead and dig this one. I have to turn the camera off though. Just a modern bullet that’s fired. I’ve actually dug a couple of these already in here, so… We’re about the end, we’re gonna hunt this right here, and that’s gonna get deep. So go back up on land. So I decided to head up on this hill right above the mill thinking that maybe, that’s where the mill… mill owners house would be or whoever ran the mill, because they wouldn’t want to live on the water. And I just found my first flat button. Which is cool, and there’s a lot of bricks up here and… tons of iron. So I think there was a house right here above the mill. We’re probably thirty feet above the mill. On like a little uh… peninsula of land that comes out . Here’s some of the bricks and you can tell these are the old, old style. And I see broken ones all around so… I suspect this is where the house was so we’re gonna concentrate up here for a while looking for coins and buttons. Get a little close-up of it. It’s just a plain flat button but that’s the first for the day. Right along the edge of the field and I noticed that the dirt that was piled up where the farmer, cleared the trees back a little bit, had a lot of bricks in it and it’s very dark. So I just started kinda digging in there. Because it was loaded with iron, I couldn’t hear anything. But I just popped out something. It’s probably just a button. But I thought we’d look at it together just in case it’s a coin. I think that’s it right now, there it is. It’s right there. It’s a little bit thicker than what I think a button should be so we’ll look at that in a minute. But I wanted you to see all these bricks in here and I toss them out and and this is all decomposed bricks. I need to find that before we forget it. Knocked it over didn’t I? Yeah I did. Well there’s something here. Don’t know if that’s it or not. See it? Well, there it is! What is it? Man that feels… somewhat unlike a button, but I guess it probably is a button. Yeah, there’s a little knob right on the back. That’s probably the shank. What I’m gonna do… Yeah, it’s a button. Rub it on the seam… Like that on the seam. And see what we have, always look at the front because it might have a… You know, design on it and actually be a military button from the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812 or something like that. A lot of, a lot of those flat buttons were well, A lot of those buttons are flat buttons, so I don’t see any designs but… I’m gonna bore you with this all day. We’re all hunt, I promise. But I wanted to show you what I’m doing here. I haven’t found anything great, but I think we’re getting close to maybe finding some stuff. People have been digging through all the bricks and stuff and I’m getting to a very hard pack layer right here and it’s loaded with square nails. See them all down in here? And I found a fork, yeah a fork, there’s an old fork right there. I mean it’s hard to say how old that is that could easily be, probably is 1800s I’m sure. Tons and tons… look at the hook on that thing. There’s tons and tons of nails in here. Here’s another one. So what I’m going to do is kinda peel all this back, keep going through it. Getting rid of the nails and piling them up. And we’ll listen for the coins because if this is a house, there could be a lot of coins mixed in with this and we’d never hear it with all these nails. Alright, right here man. Let’s do it. Are you ready? Nah, don’t hold youre breath for this one. This is getting kind of interesting, I haven’t dug anything great yet, but I am getting into some pottery and whatnot. Here’s some of the things that I’ve found. I gotta pipe stem here. Got some pretty uh… piece of plate. Lots of nails. Some regular like, old cookware. If you look over here, I’m getting into a lot of charcoal, really black dirt, and that tells me this is where the house burned, right here. So everything that was in the house, burned into a pile probably, so it’s all in this area. Probably scattered out right here, and I do have a decent squeak. Have the discrimination set on 13… um.. for some reason. But listen to all the iron, but there is one squeak in here that we need to investigate [Beeping] What I’m going to do is what I’m doing is I’m gonna pull this dirt out. Taking out all the iron that I can see… Running the machine over it, digging out another two or three inch layer. And layering that on top and listening to that. Okay not a thick layer, but… [Beeping] I heard a squeak. [Beeping with one squeak] Just a little bit of squeak right there. I’m suspecting… that’s not just a nail, but there’s something in there with some nails, so we’ll dig behind it. See all that charcoal and stuff? I’m gonna scoop this out, I can see nails rolling out of there. And I’m… Spread it out a little bit, pick up any nails we see. There’s one. Throw it on the pile. And hopefully it’ll squeak a lot louder now, now that we’ve got the dirt moved around. [Beeping] Nah see, not yet. [Ton of beeping] So what I’m gonna have to do is move this dirt around some more because if there’s a little tiny button by one of those big nails it might not squeak very good for us, but this is like a hard, hard packed dirt for some reason. And I’m gonna just, just scoot it around like that. Would be better if I had a sifter. [Tons of Beeping] Man… Lotta iron. I know you guys would say to me “hey Beau why don’t you just use… a Pinpointer?”, I’m gonna show you why. Well, something there. [Constant Beeping] Something there. See there’s so much iron in here, all you do is dig iron all day long. And I don’t want to dig iron all day long. I want to dig gold and silver all day long. So there’s no way you can use a pinpointer. I mean listen to it. That’s all you’d ever do is dig that stuff. So our goal is to be the most efficient that would we could possibly be. And dig that stuff out, thin layer, pick off all the iron you can see, run the machine over it. Nothing? Get another layer, bring it out, thin layer, run the machine over it after you pick up the iron, and check the new dirt before you dig it. I forgot that part, but that’s the only way you’re really gonna be able to dig through this stuff and uh… Dig more than say, you know, a five-gallon bucket of dirt in one day. Still digging back into here, you can see how dark the soil is right here, so should be… There’s a nail right there. So there’s gonna be all kinds of stuff mixed in with this dark, dark soil including millions of nails. So we’ll listen to it with the machine. I’ll show you what it listens… what it sounds like. There is a good target over here that I threw over here I guess. I haven’t looked at it yet though, but… Let’s just listen to the iron and listen… and we wanna hear what we’re listening for. We’re gonna hit a “ba ba ba ba ba”. And every once in a while it’ll go “ba ba ba weep, ba ba weep”. And then we go back and forth and hopefully get the “weep, weep” a bunch. If you can feel the weep weeps a little bit. We can move the dirt some. Get the nails and whatnot out of the way, and then listen because as you can tell… Everywhere I look there’s a square now. All right., let’s take a peek at this stuff [Ton of Beeping] I’ve got the discrimination on 70. I’m gonna go ahead and bump that down to like almost nothing. So everything comes through. [Even more beeping] See, hear that? That’s the possibility, it could just be iron, but if we take our hands and just move, move it to the side like that. Now if that was, that might be a button right there maybe, is it? No, it’s a nail. That might be the nail we’re hearing. When you find the square nails, and they’re, they’re not rusty like that. I think that’s because they were heated really, really hot. Sometimes, in a fire, you know after they’re forged naturally. And they just don’t rust. And they sound really good with a metal detector as opposed to… you know some of these nails that might not have gotten very hot when the house burned down. Let’s listen again it might have been that nail because they do sound good. [Beeps with a sqeak] You guys see all the nails? Look here’s another one There’s probably a hundred underneath. If I had a magnet that would help, of course I don’t have magnet. There’s a pipe stem! See the pipe stem? Look at that. That’s cool, no telling what we might find out of here. So we’re gonna listen to the dirt. I haven’t dug yet. [Beeping] Have to be careful when we get to there. Alright. Let’s backup a little. Where I was sitting. [Beeping] Little bit of a squeak here, so I want to just check and get these nails out of the way. [Beeping] No not really. I’m not really hearing anything that’s um… some pottery. But I did hear something over here. [Squeak] Yeah, there’s definitely something right in here it could be a button. Might be in this clod. Probably right down on this stuff. Hopefully, it’s a gold… Might be my last melted lead. Ah there’s a nail. Hope it wasn’t the nail. Sometimes bed nails will give you a good signal. I’m throwing them in a pile. But I don’t think that what it was. Nah, it’s up here a little bit higher, but see it’s right with that nail and we still heard it, so that’s a good sign. Peel this back a little. You see it? I don’t see it. [Beeping] Gosh we should see that. Gotta be right there. I hope that’s not it, that looks like a modern bullet. Nah what is that? I actually haven’t even dug that yeah look. [Laughs] Looks like a doorknob I guess. Would you say that’s a doorknob? Let’s see what it is… It’s… A giant doorknob! I guess, I don’t know. Definitely not… that’s solid. Oh man that is awesome! I love this thing. I don’t know exactly what that is. What is that? Seriously, now if any of you guys know what that is I would love to know, I have no idea what that thing is. Like I can’t even imagine what that thing is, I mean it looks like that’s the whole piece. It’s finished all the way through so you’re supposed to see all of it. Nothing broken off the end nothing broken off that… [Laughs] That’s awesome. It’s a little arm… you know a weight for the elf or something when he’s making cookies. All right, we’ll put that over in the big pile. And we’ll listen again, that was a giant piece of brass. [Beeping] As I said I hadn’t even dug that thing up yet, all right, I’m gonna keep digging this back. We’re just gonna keep going back into here again. This has all been pushed out of this field up into a pile. But I think this is the original bottom because it’s hard pack, that hasn’t moved, the farmer didn’t push that up. So I think the house actually sat right here. You know what this is? Not a vampire fang, although it kind of looks like it doesn’t it? Maybe it’s a vampire grave. That’s a pig tusk. You know from a pig that they would have eaten. That’s pretty cool. Some more pottery in here. Or china. Throw that in the little pile, that’s close by. Yeah, let’s run the machine over this. I’m in that really black dirt with the charcoal. And let’s see what we got. [Tons of beeping] All right I don’t hear, any super awesome squeaks, but I gonna go ahead and level it out and keep digging. I’m not gonna turn the camera on until we get another good one. So I went ahead and I’m back filling this hole. Definitely coming back here. I just don’t have time to do this today, nor do I have the right shovel so… This is what I got out of the hole, minus a few things, but… I just wanted to show you some the different type of ceramics that you can get, you know some of this is cookware, versus the fancy wear. Oyster shells, again we’re a long way from the shore, by the ocean, so they were hauled in for food. Pig tusks are very common, you find a lot of these for some reason in home sites. And of course the pipe stems from a clay pipe. And the bowls, I didn’t find any of the bowls. I don’t know what this is, I’ve seen these before I think it’s some type of doorknob-y thingy, probably since it’s square. Of course that one flat button that I found in the very beginning, tons of nails, and this doodad that I don’t know what it is, but… I really like it. It’s so heavy! Alright, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed digging in the dirt with me. We’ll come back here for sure, cause I really want to get in here with a bigger shovel and excavate it better. It’s only about a foot deep so it’s really not that hard to do. We’ll come back. There’s probably a whole bag of gold coins like another six inches back in that bank. I’m gonna think about that probably for the rest of my life or until we come back, which will be soon I hope. See you on the next video. [Aquachigger Theme]

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