Metal and Wood Outdoor Storage Enclosure | JIMBO’S GARAGE

Metal and Wood Outdoor Storage Enclosure | JIMBO’S GARAGE

welcome to Jimbo’s Garage Good afternoon everyone welcome back to general garage well today. I got a good one for you We’re gonna be building an outdoor storage enclosure behind the restaurant they’re gonna be using it to Put a rolling BBQ and other miscellaneous things in super heavy-duty. Let’s get started All right, so like usual. Yeah, everything is super heavy-duty. This is some three inch square tube here 120 wall I believe and you can see I made this I made this shop cart and Man this thing is come in handy. I’m telling you my welding tables not quite big enough for this particular project and this is what I’ve got to make it happen a little welding carts the same elevation as my welding table and my workbench at least close within a within a quarter inch or so so you see me now just getting things lined up right here and I had this pre-cut at my metal supply store just that much easier for me It doesn’t really cost that much more and like I’ve mentioned a couple other videos It’s really important to get everything perfectly level and perfectly flat before you start any fabrication It just makes the job turn out that much easier At the very end you know not you guys Ma’am it may have seen that I have all these wood shims all different sizes shapes, and this is they they come in handy for this reason right here You know it’s quarter inch. I’ve got all different sizes It helps to get everything nice and level now as you can see right there perfectly level perfectly square And I think I’m ready to get going here now What’s up, once? Everything is perfectly flat and square one more check for square the reason why I do all This is because I’m telling you I’ve learned the hard way and if you don’t double-check everything it had nothing but problems So we’re gonna be working off the HTTP profiles 200 here today And I’m just tacking in a few places All the way around and you know just it’s nice to get as many taxes You can possibly get especially on something to this size right here You know I just want to be sure that nothing’s gonna move around and now once I got it done There’s just a sample of the way this machine performs. I just went around and did the same all the way around You know it doesn’t really matter because in the long run doesn’t matter what they look like they’re ultimately gonna get gonna get ground down and That’s exactly what I’m doing right here? I? Got the old Walters grinder right here This thing works out really good. This is very smooth operating Relatively new to the shop, and it’s a really a smooth operating angle grinder and the flap discs that they provide are Amazingly sharp, and you know not to mention I think Once you’re done use them you can even cut them down cut them down and a couple of two or three different times, but Anyways there, it is all smoothed out and ground down Now Saida move this thing again off my welding table and down to the flat surface To start putting the vertical uprights or the legs on this thing Once again the floor is not level so I want to get everything perfectly level especially for this application here You know getting the legs together before I I do that I had to how do you do a little bit of trimming these are the things that I didn’t get? Cut to the right size, and so I just need to cut a little bit off the end right here Plan for everything down. Just cut it right through You know how I try to provide you guys with some really interesting angles, and I thought this was a pretty good angle But I guess I needed some light in there ultimately I thought it was gonna turn out better than it did but our ever the left That’s something different Alright so stand on these things up you know and trying to get everything square. It’s a bit of a challenge for me You know my big belly and me bending over and doing all this Made it a little bit of a challenge and sometimes I got to get into these awkward positions just to get things well without but I managed to get it done You know it took a little bit of time though. This wasn’t as easy as I thought there was multiple times I had to go back and forth and get the things nice and plumb and even then It was a little bit difficult and I’m telling you it’s really important that everything is nice and plumb especially in the area where the gate is gonna go and You know you want that everything nice and square so when you build a gate it all looks really good No, this is uh this is the I think the last of the total of five? Legs that are going on this thing You know I did have a little bit of trouble getting everything plumb pulled out the ratchet straps did to produce some pole in here twist in there pulled it together, but ultimately You know got everything where I wanted it to be Nice and plumb nice and square looking good. Took a little bit, and then it’s time to start welding everything out And that’s the fun part didn’t take too long to do all this. You know once you get everything where it needs to be And things are starting to take shape here a little bit finally. It’s a pretty big project right here This is the position I was telling about you can’t you know? You got to get into all kinds of different positions to get this thing done at least I do Know some of the wells on the inside and obviously these are not going to get ground out. They are what they are and Which is fine? All right, so now. It’s time to start getting the side panels put together here This is 2-inch angle iron eighth of an inch thick wall and I got to cut everything on a 45 And they’re gonna go on each end of this particular enclosure, and you know it’s it’s kind of tricky cutting this stuff right here on a 45 a blight a it could get dangerous if you don’t have everything clamped in there the way it’s supposed to be but I’ve done it enough now. I’ve learned my lessons. Let me tell you That’s a big old pile iron. It’s finally starting to go down. We’re starting to get everything called cut and and Where it needs to be and starting to put things together? It’s been a big project right here, but it’s coming along now. You can only imagine here Looking at the frame Looking at the legs now looking at this angle and all of a sudden your head you’re starting to think wow this thing is This thing is gonna get heavy here, and that’s in fact. It sure did once I got everything here I’m just tacking in and just you know these angle the angle aren’t for the corner right here, and you’ll see The forty fives just just kind of welding in every everyday during eight or ten inches or so that’s all it really needs It’s not going anywhere Kind of matches the existing thing that’s the existing storage that that’s there and you’ll see that later on in this video And this screen right here this is Expanded metal net now this is this is a little bit different size That was really kind of unaware that this is not a four by eight sheet I think this is a five by ten sheet. This was a weird size I was like 52 by 64 and I had to I had to buy two two big sheets of this to have this cut out But I wanted it in one piece I didn’t want any pieces together, and so that’s what I did, and I just kind of stitched weld it all the way around and That’s all it really needs. It’s not going anywhere, and you can see it This is just an inch and a half by inch and a half square tube support. That’s in the center It just give it a little bit of rigidity there, and then something to well the screen too as well Just finishing up doing all the welding and now this is uh this is the front part I know it’s hard for you guys to tell I’m just trying to help you out along here This will be the front part of the enclosure. This is going to be next to the gate now This is what’s going to have the wood on it And you’ll see that here in a minute and once I got everything pieced in there And you can see the ratchet stress up ratchet straps up there again I was trying to do everything I could to get this to be a square and as plumb as possible well it’s kind of comical if the things you got to do to try to get it right but Anyways, it’s working out pretty good. This is the other end so this is the last of it right here and just But again you can see just about every six to eight inches, and then here’s the last piece that expanded metal And just stitch welding it all the way around is all it really needs and held it in place pretty good and Then there it is it is this complete All the welding is done, and so now what’s left is to go ahead and start putting the wood on the front And that’s what we’re doing right here. This is 2×6 Doug Fir. Just got it at the local Home Depot and I’m just gonna cut everything to length You know it’s quite a bit of boards because not only am I doing the front side here that you’re gonna see but I also had to build a Gate that goes next to it And and I’m not going to show you that because it’s relatively the same exact thing is what we’re doing here But once I got all the board’s cut out I just took like a hundred grit on my palm sander right here and just took all the rough stuff from the Sawmill off and just made him somewhat smooth, that’s all it really needed And once I got all that done it was time to put it some polyurethane on I put three coats of polyurethane on front back sides and corners and That really has made it durable finish right there And then drilling all the holes to get everything perfectly where it needed to be I Made this little jig right here. You know you hear me talk about making jigs a lot For different applications well for something like this And I mean I literally must have had a hundred holes close to it that I had to drill and you know wanted everything exactly the same spot Spaced out evenly, and I just thought this was the easiest and fastest way to do it and it was it worked out really good and Everything is exactly where it needed to be it doesn’t take any time at all to drill out all those holes And you can see right there pretty good finish worked out pretty good And it’s time to start assembling everything And so I just basically I bought a brand new drill bit for this. This is a cobalt drill bit I don’t know I might have paid like $20 for it I actually I bought two of them because I thought maybe I might need more than one and of course box the nuts and bolts and lock washers, and I just started drilling and Putting bolts in putting the nuts on and you can see just drill the hole then I just set those carriage bolts a little tap on the end and lock washer and a nut and tighten them up with the Air tool and did the st. Repeated the same process all the way up. It was kind of quite a process, but you know little spacer in there Tons of nuts and bolts tons of drilling and it’s amazing how that that one drill bit yeah It lasted the whole duration not only with this, but when I even built the gate Itself and still as sharp still is drilling pretty sharp I mean these are just drill bit Shavings and you can imagine this is on every corner well at least on the front side anyway and there it is a ton of Ton of bolts put through there talk about heavy-duty. I mean you kidding me. This is just this is nuts So all the while I’m doing this. I’m knowing that this thing is gonna be so heavy I don’t know how I’m gonna move it but Ultimately I got my guys together. We figured it out Put it on some pipes rolled it out of the shop And I tell you I was glad to get this thing out of the shop had been in there for at least a week Doing all this work, and it was delivery time and installation time here, and I managed to get everything outside So I’m off to this point right here and Then it was time to try to figure out. How we gonna get this thing up on the truck This is the first go at it. Got it halfway up there, and we just worked our way up and finally were able to roll it up onto the truck and Got it got it up on the truck And you can see us right here a couple shots of getting it off the truck behind the restaurant that Was kind of fun in itself and it didn’t quite work out the way I was hoping but ultimately we got it all in and there it is with the gate installed and right next to the existing enclosures It was there that I had to try to match and I got to say I think it I think it turned out pretty good. It was a great little project looks like it belongs right where it is Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching forget to rate comment subscribe for more videos Say next time on Jimbo’s garage

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  1. See I keep telling you jimbo, you need some type of a lift in that shop.
    I think they're called a jib Crane.
    Could be an interesting build and a great video.
    Have a Jesus filled day
    Greg in Michigan

  2. you should look into Fireball Tools. the squares they have are AMAZING and would make your life a bagillion times easier… I love mine. for projects like this they work like magic.

  3. Great Job Jimbo! Excellent video! where do you purchase your steel? I didnt realize you were a SoCal guy, I live just up the freeway from you in Simi Valley. Keep doing those excellent videos.

  4. I use the dewalt cobalt bits .they hold very well, I use ratchet straps as well. never seem to be able to find a helper LOL. have a great and safe new years eve.

  5. Jimbo you do some great work!!! I wanna get into some fabrication type work. Do you have any advice for a rookie fabricator like my self?

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  7. If you have a crew, how come you don't hire a young guy to weld and fab these jobs?
    You're getting too old and fat to do that work, it's what a 25 year old would do.
    At the least, you need a good set of knee pads when you climb around the floor like that.
    And you need a bigger shop, with a hoist. And a forklift.
    Easy for a 58 yr old 235lb keyboard warrior with a beer belly (me) to tell you that right?
    You sure have a lot of motivation, wish I had 1/2 as much
    I think you're like Joe Pesci… Get-Shit-DONE.
    Happy New Year.

  8. Pretty cool project!!! And honestly man for your sake you should really start getting the mill scale off of your seams and add a slight bevel on this structural stuff and it’d make the welding much easier and especially the ones that are getting sanded flush cause you’re still getting good penetration without grinding the majority of the weld off. And a suggestion for moving heavy stuff like this build you some dully’s out of a piece of 1/2” plate about 18”x18” and put some casters on it and it will make situations like this a lot easier on you

  9. "Didn't quite work out as I had hoped for"?
    I don't know, it got built and it got delivered.
    Sounds like it worked out OK to me.

  10. Nice little job. I just can't understand so many people here on youtube wearing shorts, flipflops, short sleeve shirts to Weld in and work in the garage

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  13. I couldn't see you drilling some holes in the frame. I hope you did… An airtight welded frame (the top part, not the legs) like this will inevitably expand and in the end will get cracks due to air expansion with temperature changes.

  14. Looks great! That was a fantastic job matching with the existing enclosures. I learned from watching you fabricate it, thanks for the video.

  15. Hey mate, Just wondering why you pack your drop saw vice with a small piece of square tube (Seen at min 4:13) and not put the material being cut right up against the back of the vice?

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  18. I found this channel about a week ago, im hooked….. you do an awesome job…… new subscriber…. keep it up

  19. Jimbo, can I ask where you get most of your raw materials? I know buying metal (square tubing, etc) at Lowes or Home Depot you'll pay more than you really should. Around these parts I've found a bargain lumber place but I haven't yet found a metal place (although I haven't quite looked for one just yet)

  20. good on ya jim.big project for the garage,i like your little shop, amazing what can happen when your well organised with the right gear…10 points keep up the good work

  21. This metal framing will last till the restaurant isn’t t there anymore. The polyurethane won’t last a year though Jimbo! If you go back and scuff sand it it and throw some spar urethane on it (3-4 coats) the wood will get 3-4. Using this finish will also help protect the zinc coated carriage bolts, washers, and nuts you used so they don’t rust. Now, can you teach me how to weld cuz I am bad!

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  27. Most of your projects are described as being Heavy duty , in a positive way.
    But then you use terms like “overkill” and “nuts” in a disparaging manner and claim it is the architect and or designers specifications and you just build it .
    True, but the OWNER is the one that agrees with the designer and signs off on the design, so your derogatory comment ends up inadvertently arriving at the ears of the owner who is paying you. Not a good idea.

  28. Hey jimbo I’ve got a question for you. I’m cutting about 270 cuts in 2×2 angle iron and I’m finding that my blades are going dull after about 25 cuts unless I only cut into the metal on the thinnest portion. I’m having to do a down cut, then flip piece so my blade never comes in contact with the material on a thick portion. Already used 5 blades and wondering if you have any suggestions

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