Merge Plane Gameplay #9 – WAR THUNDER EVENT! – Walkthrough Android – GPV247

Merge Plane Gameplay #9 – WAR THUNDER EVENT! –  Walkthrough Android – GPV247

hi everyone gameplay vids 24/7 here
welcome back to my merge playing gameplay walkthrough series for the PC
days and German we are back here on merch plane or do you hope you’re all
having a wonderful doubt there thank you all so much for tuning in to another
episode so apparently there is a war Thunder event on right now I’ve got no
idea what that means but yeah sure war thunder let’s have a look offline
earnings you’ve an 4.10 for em okay no worries game i’ll take that right now
large amount of money there by the way so what what’s this war thunder all
about let’s have a look okay is this a whole new area is it all what probably
I’m on a 27 minute timer though Plus dart for free no I want to buy a plane
okay let’s merge these two planes together the Redeemer okay I’m just
buying these two planes together here bladders double two parking space and
airline speed okay this must be a whole new event everyone pretty cool really
cool so I buy these weaker planes and merge them just together or what maybe
we’ll do that now merge the floor to the dome age of 3 into a 4
Avengers stalker okay no worries I merge these two together three
absolutely wasting my money away as you guys can see there that’s okay
we’ll merge both the fours into the five and we’ll make a vanguard
hoplites is it no worries we’ll click on that quickly make it go even faster
they’re pretty much I just have to let the planes do their thing right now
guess I’ll come back to in a second find those gems or whatever hell they are $20,000 as well better to shop I can buy
a pirate straight away I have to watch the video though I got the Redeemer now
at least we shop for thousand dollars each though quite expensive if you ask
me that’s alright we’ll make sure to choose together their level up cool more
parking space and airline space next to learn awesome I’m ranked 159 apparently
in the world by the way let me spin the wheel here as well gonna watch a video
now that we were spinning everyone here we go 150 second speed increased I think I
will take that it is a speeding crazy there’s these two together cool another
ad straight away by the way got a love marriage playing their ad seriously
games crazy now return back to normal well again
because I’m a huge amount of money hey by the way okay where’s that annoying
together there the right now I have a 16 everyone right I just know what the hell
to do this 16 another try emerges somehow with the right to here as well
purchase a couple of the right twos all right
the 12 turn to a 13 any problem is I’m trying to waste all my money on the
level of sevens all you can suck up your money real quick if you do it that way
thunder mother’s purchase 212 that’s where you need us to purchase 12 is
everyone straight out seriously got a 14 there now I’m gonna merge the four teens
together merge that 15 together and make a 17 for the first time on camera this
is my first 17 I’ve ever got everyone the Cobra excellent put all my finds in the field quickly
they’re excellent that sang for the 13 there is well good
a night the problem is we’ve got this 60 hour sitting here doing nothing so i’ma
go check out war Thunder again quickly and $5,000 apparently no worries game
still not enough to really buy any proper planes that’s okay the way a
whole bunch of the level ones quickly no worries gonna three now in a two three
four five gonna major six now for the first time on camera for me Vanguard
warden there we go all right shut that warden on the field and quick enough to
make you go faster just remember that it’s alone on level 38 in the world
apparently for this this event sure thing game sure thing check this
out in here and about 15 right now cool buy more of
the eight there by the way just really try to merge everything together here
and show you the most income that I can always earn a million dollars a second
that’s the sweet spot you want to try and hit on guys but it’s just a bit hard
you know I mean there are things are looking pretty decent right now Lee’s
6997 rank right now in the world just really not that bad at all pretty happy
with that to be honest that’s the f2a in the fives got a 5 there dick stop vibes
useless really I’m even bothered really purchasing that at all
don’t nobody adhere book tink is really pushing their ads this time around
aren’t they games always held but they’re still coming out with AD tucking
all these planes down the fields got away for another six now should not
hopefully take us too long they’re back to war thunder here enough to buy a
plane yet the Redeemer that’s about it screw that redeem around the field speaking on those planes make them go
faster just remember guys if you click on the planes you can go faster in this
game but something you have to remember about only two of the ones okay merge
that into three there we go great new level 32 though Oh rank 32 in the world
for the event one of my blames I gotta get through here though aren’t they don’t very well all right well no
worries that’s the warthunder event anyway everyone I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen it before I’ve never really seen the warthunder event myself
personally art is pretty cool though definitely just bought our plane though
quickly very nice ranked 28th now things looking
really well for us on money Jay’s definitely cannot complain it all
right now pretty stoked actually when it comes down to it boost things along here
as much as I can to three or nice did you are there as well we won’t worry
about that for now congratulations no worries okay long as I can keep this grind up which
should be okay theoretically he’ll cut what’s this gang car mojo okay
car merger no worries answer this how’s the head with that awesome all right
we’re gonna wrap it up here everyone thank you all very much for watching
that’s it for today’s episode of merge blame doing some pretty good progression
as always just continuing the grind things are looking up for us with a
first level 17 plane all right we’ll catch you all around speak to you soon
please a show you they like to drive right if you enjoyed see around everyone

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