Merge Dragons Free Gems – Merge Dragons Hack

Merge Dragons Free Gems – Merge Dragons Hack

Welcome to MyTrickz Today I will show you how to get free Gems This is a just part of a proof… But let’s go step by step As you can see, we have only few Gems So, let’s go to MyTrickz to generate some resources! As you can see, generator is very simple and easy to use Just choose how much Gems you want to generate to your account Than click on GENERATE Here you have to write your e-mail And to choose your platform Than, simply, CONTINUE Wait a few seconds for the generator to find your data in the database Sometimes you will have to finish human verification because a lot of bots are trying to generate Gems for major sites But this is a really easy step, just make sure that you finished all steps In other case, if verification is not completed, resources can’t be generated As we can see, verification is successfully completed and resources are generated! Let’s get back to game to check how much resources we have! EASY! Now, let’s spend some to show that this are real resources

89 thoughts on “Merge Dragons Free Gems – Merge Dragons Hack

  1. I love dragons !! Who doesn't ? This game is perfect when sitting on the toilet ???. A easy tutorial to follow. Works perfect. Great video, great hack for me. Thx.

  2. This is absolutely one of the best hacks I have seen on the net that is really working fast and easy to apply. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome video about Merge Dragons Free Gems. You have described in detail about this hack. Very informative and interesting video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awesome video about how to get gems for absolutely free by using a hack on Merge Dragons. I tried this method and it really works perfectly for me. Thanks a lot!

  5. wow this is really amazing im not sure how you figured the loop for this but this is really really good work. bravo! And thank you for the time.

  6. Thanks for all the info, really useful, thanks for all the effort that you do to help us. I will be looking forward to see your next videos

  7. You know how to make people happy . Mesmerizing video for me, this is exactly what i was looking for. Everything worked perfectly, so glad.

  8. This is the video i have been looking for. You showed me the perfecta and practical way to get the Merge Dragons Free Gems. Thanks for sharing and keep up your good work.

  9. This hack is very precise and easy to perform, I like that it does not take long and after doing it, it remains with a permanent good effect! Thank you

  10. This is absolutely one of the best hacks I have seen on the net that is really working fast and easy to apply. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for the free gems!

    The hack works perfectly game, you deserve my like and you gain a new subscriber for your channel. Keep going up more hack 😉

    okay, this is some very interesting shit right there. to get the gems it tells you to do this human verification which normally can be done by captcha etc, but they ask here to give your phone number with the disclaimer that this means you subscribe to some offer for 4,99$ per month which you can cancel with a phone call that would cost you 0,20$.
    since the "live chat" was way too active for my taste i wrote something in it along the lines of "i only get offers that require a subscription" and instantly three people wrote @Rook messages dismissing me with stuff like "lol stop spamming and just use the generator" (i wrote one single message), "don't listen to him he just wants all the gems for himself" (??) and "is this your first time here? this is the best gem generator there is".
    wrote another test message only saying "bots" with an immediate response "@Rook we're not bots". despite the chat being so active there is not a single other @ message to anyone. so i guess it's full of bots programmed to praise this scam.
    if that doesn't scream danger then idk. i don't know if it really works or if even half the comments here are fake, but either way they just try to get your money.

  13. thanks for sharing! this is my favourite game and I play it everyday! your hack is working on my device! this is fantastic

  14. The updated hack is genuine and I have to go for the hack mentioned in the video. I hope I get positive result.

  15. How much did you pay to get the views and upvote? Was it a bot? Can u do tutorial on how to get views on youtube as well?

  16. the technique to perform this hack is the best I've seen, it works very well and it does not take long to do it, it's great.

  17. hello thanks for the information your method works! , my son loves this game and now he will be able to enjoy it in a better way, obtaining free gems. regards

  18. I did not had so much experience with the hacks and cheats before, but for this is enough just to follow the steps in the video.

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