Mercedes AMG – Masina care merge singura

Mercedes  AMG – Masina care merge singura

I do not even a proper face for this car, you know? We started with this huge vessel. Tit, tit The car drives itself… All right, let’s see if the car will break Look, I got my legs up Lets hope we dont make an accident now.. See, look how it puts the brake, the brake, the brake It turns the wheel Did you see how it turned the wheel? Yes To put me right in her center Yeah, it’s so cool And now accelerate, be careful! So, look how I stand with my feet The only one goes, of course 3 2 1 And! You like… Dear friends, it is Andy Popescu, and today we make a vlog With ?.. George Criveanu George Criveanu Mercedes S 400 Diesel With 3l engine 2 turbines 2 turbines With 340 horses How long have you had this car? I have about 3 and a half months Also from the showroom From the showroom? Pretty expensive Expensive How much was it? Approximately $144,000 144? Yes A good apartment would say Yes With 3 rooms even How cool the seat swelled You took the curve and my seat swelled It’s on level 1 Active seats? Yes That’s what I had That’s 2 levels: level 1 and level 2 I also had CL Old, that’s an old car Since 2007 And so did my seat, so you know? CL-500 V8 Yes, the CL-500 V8 Exact And I had an S for this, but the old model, you know? From 2014 3L, had only 235 horses. You Know the model? But this one has Instead of the 235 she had Because they put him an extra turbine, he has 340 horses Which is cool With a couple of 700 Newtons 700 Newtoni Metri Distronic I suspect Yes Which … stops if the one in front brakes But be careful: the system must be activated If it’s not activated, you’re in that front Are you using this system intensely? I’m using it, yeah And he has it This system takes the curve alone That’s a video on the net With one who had an S d that Okay, that’s about 3-4 years Yes And he got on backseat on the highway at 140 km / h God, what mad people do you realize? Unconsciousness Even as unconscious, that is .. Rely on the car That you can steal it, you realize that .. The computers still make mistakes Neither Tesla can rely on 100% Yes Tesla being a bit … advanced Tesla is smarter, yeah I, besides Jaguar, never took a new car Why.. You would prefer to take a new car This car, if you want to sell it more than $100,000 you cant get for it. That is, in three months you lost $40,000 It devaluates very quickly A new car generally devaluates very quickly Yes But, I think a new car is a new car You took it from the beginning, you made it run Yes It’s important The first 1500 kilometers to go normal with her Not to … No shame, but not overly shaky No shock in the engine Yes No shock in the engine No shock in the engine, like this is a car of She walked nice with her, diesel .. Yes It’s a limousine, and … You have to take care of her Especially having 5 meters Approximately length Many people are asking me: what do I prefer between the last Mercedes And the last BMW, you know? And … na .. The BMW is more sporty The Mercedes is more comfort-oriented That’s exactly the difference That’s the main difference And now it depends on you what you prefer .. As a human Some prefer Mercedes, others prefer BMW N / A I like everything Yes If I can not have it all .. na I initially had to get my 7 Series But you saw that they pulled out the 7th Series and made their kidneys (front grille) too big Yes Indeed, everyone … It’s a little maric How old are you ? I am 21 years old 21 years, so you have 3 years of license I’ve been driving since 16 years I also had a 16-year-old car Oh, goodbye Yeah, I had a B1 card It helped me a lot It initiates you in traffic. It gives you more safety and more experience My parents at age 18 They told me that if I do not drink, I do not smoke and do not use drugs I’ll take my car But… I have a sister who is 30 years old She also has 2 children And I preferred to take her car Rather than taking me because I am at the beginning I preferred to take her car It has an Audi A3 And they get something new to him A family car She took a GLC A family car Very cool Nice gesture on your part, not many would say this thing at the age of 18 “Daddy, buy me an M5” To shock the engine It’s not like that, you have to take it gradually This shows that you have received a very good education, so I say That, you can have the required maturity at the age of 18 Say: Man, Take the car to my sister, my sister needs more than I do And .. you can not get a very expensive and luxurious car from 18 years old Because.. Next car, what are you going to take, plane? I mean, that’s a point of view Do you know how many times I try to explain this to people and I can not? It is good to gradually take it You’re saying it in vain Maybe, and for me, I’m 21 years old to have this car, but … I tried to take it gradually At 19 I half took a Passat I set it up in the showroom in Constanta Now I’ve taken the step How many kilometers do you have with your car? Now it has 5000 kilometers of car We’re going 140,000 euros on the street On wheels I have this car … 2 years Even if it was the 2014 model and that’s 2018 But, it’s all the same outside the wheel, you know? And then, that’s why I feel so familiar with this car That… This thing comes in that you get bored Know.. It’s a really cool car It’s economic If you need to, you get stuck in the chair If you want to go to consumption, go to consumption It has mixed consumption of 5.8, so You realize Do you know what I really liked about this car? Brothers LCDs So the LCDs for me I find it very important, that I’m bored with things And I want to change the clock These are… They look like some .. We have 3 modes here Ala that looks like Tesla That Sport And with that normal It normally has red watches That has … Has the white red clocks That would be the classic one And we still have progressive You watch your videos on Youtube Especially the M5 Through Bucharest And, yes, yes But, you know what the problem is there? As I walked a bit hard you know … and … One when it’s an Entertainment, and one is when you give a negative example I, when I did it I said, ‘What interests me?’ But Meanwhile, I became responsible And I thought that people can die for me Because people want to do the same thing as me And kills other people. You know, and then I became responsible Going over it was a cool and funny material It’s this thing, and I’ve learned from this stuff and do not give it to me … I’m not going through 100 through town, you know. Yes, and behind us is … Andre backpacker and Ionut, you know And Ionut, yes You realize you eat here … 6%, and I use 15% Almost triple I want to thank you for … The gift you brought me You know some people ask me: Andy .. How much does it cost me to appear in your vlog? I mean, it does not cost you anything The fact that you wanted to make me a gift, right. I’m pleasantly surprised, but it really was not necessary I’m happy that you liked it And, what do you do? I’m currently in business On the medical side With ophthalmology, and glasses I have some centers in Constanta I’m working day after day … I work, I behave like a normal man Starting from cleaning in the morning Until sales, assembly Frames, glasses Do everything you need in the company. I’m doing everything I need because … That seems normal to me Did you see how many things I did today at the company? Yes You’re a pretty busy man Well, people do not understand if I tell them “Who Andy? he doesnt work ” Even if you have money Do not be so defiant to other people, you know? Do not overpower, do not believe yourself superior That’s it! It matters a lot, do you know? I’m not saying this just for the rooms, you know? I’m really like that And those who know me outside the room know this thing I think you have received a very good education like this .. from the first … From what I talked to you My parents And especially my sister And I always stayed With older people That’s where you learn You matured faster because you stayed with people Look, you’ve got a good car at 20 years old Do you know what’s going on? There’s a truth buck on it Like me when I got this car, so he told me “What have you done to me, have you got your mature man car already?” You put tinted windows on it and… Tell me about your business … As I said, I have an ophthalmology Please, some centers … Yes Yes.. So you see? Actually, you’re a 20-year-old businessman. And that thing I think you’re responsible for. You guys? You mean you’re not like many, like many at the age of 20 know what they want? Women, cars, drugs .. Many would say that at this age you have to live your life … saddle…. In college, in hostels, in … But not necessarily … I mean, I preferred to work and to do business. Yes. And … I actually dropped out of Bucharest for this job. Aham .. I did Polytechnic 1 year ago and I quit to come to Constanta to get the job done. And I do not think many would do that Generally it’s hard to get a business on the line, you know? Then be self sustaining. If you run your own business, it’s easier than that … that until I have to come home with money. Why did you get it? Honestly? No, not honest … I do not want to be honest! Do not be honest, remember me In December I was in … I was in Turkey. Aham, where? In Istanbul. I was at Cappadocia, I flew with the balloon. So, day .. And … I had an airport transfer, I chose to go with the S Class, round-trip. Mom, what a pity! And… Many would say that. And… I was spotted … Aham. And 2-3 weeks later, I was at the representative and .. And I signed .. for this car. What do you like and do not like? Unfortunately, it has a manufacturing defect .. the paddle here, uh … does not work … Not at all? Not at all. Did not I ever go? It never went .. I … I heard about this trap and on Thursday I got the appointment at the office and it’s gonna change, it’ll change the module. How much do you have to guarantee the car? 2 years.. Yes.. And … with the possibility of expansion. I’m happy with her. Another fault I have not found at the moment … What I like … These active seats seem brilliant. Yes… When the chair swoops to keep you … The car is the long version as I said … Yes… It has a comfort package with front and rear massages Yes… Ventilated seats, heated seats everywhere. Look, I’m starting my massage now … activating massage. Let him work a little. Yes… Why did you choose diesel and not gasoline? Honestly …. uh … Not sincerely! Not sincerely! Okay. It seemed to me enough, especially since it is not the basic version … the engine is not S-350 is the S-400 So … Yes, with two turbines, so stronger. Do diesel have other advantages besides low consumption? That’s all. Instead of gasoline, it seems to me that it is much more reliable. Well, you do not know, it’s diesel. Look, do not drive the engine … ‘ There is also an advantage for diesel: when you step on it in 2000, let’s go bro … Yes. 700 newotn meters. what helps you, you know? Diesel is more demanding, you know? There’s more, it’s more …. And the particle filter … More damaging. Yes. And the particle filter does not say. It’s still up to us. Yeah. Andy Popescu … at … You know that’s what I’m doing with the particle filter. You know not? Carbonization and particle filter. I saw you … Yeah. Well, today we cleaned 2-3 filters. We work with the whole country, you know? Now I’m advertising myself. When somebody gets caught in the particle filter and does not drive anymore, she sends me the courier filter … we clean it, we send the tax bill through the post, and when the clean filter returns, it frees us money, you know? Yes. Which is very ok, people are very happy with this, you know? Now I hate: “Don, make money!” That seems to me to be a package … specially, AMG or is it standard? Yes, it’s the AMG package. It’s not as standard. So it’s AMG package, so it seemed to me. The one I had the Eum S … did not have … it does not look so cool, it really looks cool car. and it’s pretty low … It’s low, huh? Yes, he can raise up from the button. Yeah … Those with this window here, that means they have a dystonic. Yes Yes. That’s right, right? Yes, there are safety systems. Sucking systems. And in the windshield would be those for … Aha. And you put ‘EYE’ ‘in numbers to take care of … That’s what I do. ophthalmology. Yes to ophthalmology. 3 lines here indicate the S. 1 line indicates the C and 2 lines indicate the E. Correct? Is that Ionut? Yes, I did The hottest thing about this car …
I liked the headlights Because the headlights are incredibly powerful at night That is, you see night like the day, so to speak I was pleasantly impressed with those from the septar The laser ones With LED, not laser With ice The ones in the septum are laser Okay, you have to make your choice Here’s the parktronic, the parking sensors But it does not have fog lights, huh? Yes It’s integrated in … It’s integrated into this Yes ok Let’s look at … The discs are quite large for a diesel Drilled … Drilling and big enough for a diesel Tires 245, quite wide They’re comfortable, are not they? Yes Enough I see they are summer tires I also have a winter set, all AMG So .. AMG Jant originals And on the back there are other dimensions Let’s see your back We have 245 on the front and 275 on the back Not? Yes See? Although they are new, they do not seem to have much meat Take pictures, Ionut Not? Is not that what you think? Really They seem to be blunt, but they actually only have 5000 km They’re new, this is the model What brand is it? Pirelli P Zero? Yes Yes, I have all of this See? That’s how they are That’s what they are, yes 4MATIC 4MATIC, so the car is 4×4 Please, it’s not 4×4, it’s All-Wheel drive You know there is a difference between 4×4 and All-Wheel drive Who is? Oh, Fred is calling Girls in the disease Yes? Vaaai, how beautiful it is! Do not … So the first thing: Soft Close on the doors. Yes? Has Soft Close, yes bang Good What I like about this car with the S that I had It’s the steering wheel, that’s different. Know? Like everything else was okay here But the steering wheel … AMG Performance is the steering wheel The one on the S63 proper We started by boat Very comfortable car So that’s it … Who’s taking a car this one She wants to be very comfortable on her It also has the option of double and ionized windows With greenishness They look very nice from outside If you’re a mobster and you do not want to see … It also has electric back curtains. Look, the blinds go, see? So just press … for the rear window Press once, open … and then the window Yes And on the left you can turn right Yes You mean you can open the shutter on the back. Know? Yes Okay. Same for the back This ambient light package is a dream So, that’s the night you put in the head any bitch Really Yes? It has far more colors than the previous version Yes?
It’s 64 colors, unless I’m mistaken. Ahaaa. Loud I do not know exactly the number. Those touchs are like the phone. Know? The one on the left is for the board and the one on the right is for this display here Okay, so here Pac, look left Right … I understand And this one is for the board And so is class E, it’s the same thing They put 3 home buttons See?
Really Look, Home, Home, Home I mean … It’s cool to have touchs, but it’s cool to have special buttons too When I want to go to the chairs, push the chairs directly Yes Yes I do not have to go to the menu and hit the chairs, you know? And this thing is that the car is very technological and maybe for a bigger person yeah Which may not be so good with technology Older, they have money He prefers to use the buttons as much as possible Especially since these old ones do not take them out of theirs They are accustomed in a way, they are not like us young And that’s the car for people over 40+ Exactly, yes. That’s what surprised me that you wanted I told you, you matured very fast Yes Because you stayed with older people because you borrowed from their “software” As I say …
Really Stop and put it in …
Let’s go for it a little Anyway, I suspect it’s limiting you. You can not make it big, do you? Up to 4000 can, however … Yeah … At 4000 it’s limiting I will approximate it for about six seconds Aaaa … 5.2 Yes?
It’s very fast! Just do not feel the speed Should I give him 0-100? We can get it A Focus RS with 450 horses makes 0-100 in 4.8 seconds or 4.7. Yeah, but that’s super sport I mean, that’s the limousine and she’s strong However, it does not have launch control, it is not necessary to launch control So I take the foot off the brake and … rev And the sport Not? Yes Anyway, if you turn it a little So now it’s not all, it’s not all it can do. 100 Yeah, it’s about five seconds A cool car Shoot You just do not feel it Yeah, you do not feel anything Do not feel motor shock as you feel at M6 At M6 … There is the box … And, being sucked in, the engine has the reaction … How did you iron it, how did it go Yes, of course. It’s bad for you Yes, I like it. Others might not like it It’s cool this steering wheel. So I told you, the wheel I like a lot. It’s something… Because it’s your car interface, the steering wheel It’s cool, it’s good to feel it in your hand. And it’s the AMG steering wheel, that’s … Yes, and the AMG steering wheel, and the external AMG kit. Yeah, that makes her a cool car, this kit Be elegant, but at the same time sporty That’s what I like about the septar That’s the pack of M And that matters a lot, that is, a seventh without the M package does not seem like who knows what Really These are laser cuts here Yes? Yes I know by 2013, when I’m doing this model Besides this option, there is a Burmester 3D Which has a lot more speakers, and it’s really great Somewhere at 7,000 euros I know that is the option You give 7000 euros only on the audio system But it sounds like a concert inside See? We now only use 16 horsepower Yes To drive the car with 75 KM / H Look, the pits. Pac, pac It takes them well, that is, they do not feel Yeah, it’s a little stiffer, though Like the 20’s, the summer ones The winter choirs have the bigger ball And they are more comfortable This is one of Mercedes’s finest cars I would like it very much In the near future Let me pick up an AMG A V8, I’ve always liked a V8 engine How is it, hmm It’s a sensation and a sound … You know Ovidiu Pop said if he had one car The Mercedes like this, like gasoline, the S500 was among the hottest cars Because he had power, he was comfortable That’s why I like S8 so much Because you have power too You have comfort Because it has air cushions You also have brakes because it has ceramic brakes I also had this Mercedes model And I had the model before, a W221 like it And what I’ve noticed and what exactly the information I want to convey is that when you drive this car, even if you are driving a hundred kilometers away you do not feel tired In 2010, it seems to me, I got an S Oh, and I went by plane to Cluj I went back to Bucharest And we were fresh after so many hours Because, walking comfortably, you put on your massage, these suspensions in the air Do not feel the pits You do not feel tired and if you’re in a bad car you’re very focused to see With this you have great headlights, see the night as day It pays off all that stuff Go with this car, you make hundreds of miles and do not feel like “Mom, brother, I made 400 km” It seems to me in the 7th Series, in my opinion, the interior is pretty simple It has a stripped line like that It has that screen and so much Okay, but instead, let’s look at the benefits That does not have the Touchscreen Ala has Touchscreen Yes indeed You have a tablet from where you control the whole car Look, a 7th Series passed by us as we were talking This car does not have a tablet I mean, we’re just Fairplay, right? I have TVs in the back with a remote You can control it in front Yes, but it’s better to have a tablet and …
Yes, to the tablet really. Siii, besides that It’s much more sporty Do you want to be so maniacal? Pac, you gave the sport. Feel the neve, feel like it is … You hear, I’m not biast I’m not a BMW fan For me, BMW and Mercedes are the same thing Just like, mnah, they say exactly what they think The car sounds great That’s yes, it’s quieter than in a Series 7 last model That’s why it’s good to say everything that car has And man, according to his needs, to choose his car They do not choose the car that I recommend Really It was dark outside, I with sunglasses I’m very sensitive to light and I have photophobia That’s why I like to protect my eyes Very good! That’s what I learned because That’s what I’m doing Exact And I advise them all Especially since the warm season is coming now And there’s a lot of radiation It’s good to use protective lenses Or polarized sunglasses That’s clear And I want to get some glasses, I like polarized ones I’m waiting for you in Constanta to make the best choice Do you have a site too? Criveanu Optic is called Criveanu Optic, to show up here What do people find on the site? In principle, people can make a programming appointment That we have 5-6 doctors we work with See how he puts the brake?
The only one is going Well, look, I do not use anything And now it accelerates because the front car accelerates Really But I’m ready to brake now And make sure you and the steering wheel are green Yes Yes Yes That’s what we’re saying to be careful, to put a hand on the wheel to see that we still … Exact! Look, look at the wheel! Pac, pac. I hope to see this camera See? I’m now supervising the car See how does the left-right steering wheel? And although I have nothing, I have no car interface But I’m ready You give her so much, so I did to Tesla Tesla is the same At Tesla, as far as I know, it’s a bit longer when … Yeah, it leaves you more Eh, and here I leave you 15 seconds to see See? We are spectators But be careful, she is not green because she no longer sees the bands and she really has to … Yeah, he’s not tagged Say what you said, I interrupted you On this site, Criveanu Optic Indeed, the world can make an online appointment We have 5-6 doctors we work with And … more information, in principle, in the store with us In the clinic We’re dealing with glasses, we’re consulting With slow contact fitting We can stop …
let me put my glasses down not to say the world is a cocalar Where is it? In the trunk? In the trunk, yes They also have a mirror on the outside with an anti-reflex on the inside some madness See how cool here is that the trunk is open and the door open? At Rolls Royce you have a button Press the button and close the door Do not be forced to close the door by hand microphone What did they say? “Look at it, oh, night with sunglasses. Cocalarulee” Immediately arguing people, brother! You can activate the Sronic at 20 KM / h Which is very cool So in principle he would be from 30 KM / h Yes, but look at it at 20 KM / h Look, we have no hands, no legs, we have nothing So the car that goes alone ok And look, put the brake I trust her Anyway, I was ready to brake if she did not brake We have to be on the way whatever it is The first time I made a clip like this I said, “But what interests me what other people think?” And, likewise, you have to be responsible Oh, I’m interested, that there’s a bull coming out and that’s what she says “I saw Andy Popescu”, and he stays like that and looks at you and makes an accident And she can die because of you And here you are interested in being responsible How can I get tired of the man? How can I get him tired? I’m talking to you, I do not have a car thing The car goes alone, takes the curve alone I mean, how can you get tired of this car? Do you know how this system works? So it has a radar plus camera system meaning It has to work, give both (fault) both To get in that front Mom, and he started on his own You see, Mercedes did not do this now They stopped And they were not going alone You understand? You had to give it a boost Yeah, you see And I’m bothering about this thing Because every time I had to be careful, when I left that one I had to leave Now the only car leaves Which is very loud Very cool! Bravo, Mercedes! I like when I have a problem with a car And then I see the problem corrected Look, I’m standing so … Do not think I’m doing something I do not do anything, look how the car left What this woman looks at me says she’s crazy about that boy Look, you see? The pedestrian does not see him I have to put the brake on Okay, but it was not the case So, though, we need to be careful That’s clear! I’m really glad you say that Let’s see how comfortable the reaction time is and in sports mode 3 2 1 And! A lag of About a second I would say The sport must be the smallest lag She’s ready … for … It was a bit shorter, but I did not have time to put this in front This green thing here means that detects bands Now he does not detect them anymore But he probably sees other cars That she can see the bands, or she can see the cars And depending on how the cars are so he knows that’s the band Okay, that’s what I saw at Tesla So here’s how he’s moving the steering wheel alone At 30 KM / h Let’s get 40 KM / h 40 km / h You saw? She took a little left that she saw she was not well centered Is there a sport? Yes it is 3 2 1 bang She’s gone away, have you noticed? And she draws like this … That’s why you do not feel the speed m6 pulls them aggressively, BUF But at BMW you are thundering Yeah, but be careful here If it grits you, it means he does not limit it Now that he pulls it linearly he limits his power Just do not bother you I, for example, if I were in the back And I want to read a book, I do not want to brush up Look, pants, cute I stayed a little … no talk as long as I … Let’s get back All right, let’s see if he puts the brake Look, I got my legs up Do not do a direct accident See? Here’s how it puts the brake, the brake, the brake, the brake At the wheel Did you see how he got the wheel? To put me right in her center Yeah, it’s so cool! And now accelerate, be careful! So here’s how I stand with my feet So, very cool feeling to know that the car is smart and goes alone in the Bucharest traffic The world may say that this is a boring vlog But the car is a limousine and you have nothing to get out of it than to remove her fine parts and to show the luxury that it offers ok This was the vlog Leave us a comment Tell us how you looked Give us a follow on Instagram Give it a like Or a dislike Leave a comment But eventually everyone will express their opinion civilized This is the essence, to be civilized And with arguments That’s not possible If I took the engine from your S and I would put that on Almost the same way Because it does not matter like this the transmission of those horses How is power distributed to wheels? Yeah, through a manual box and software is not limited I tell you, it’s dangerous I mean, I sold my first M5 because I was afraid to die Many asked, “Why, why did you sell it? Oh, I was afraid of dying I mean, I did not feel so bad so able to limit myself And I said “ba, because I do not feel able to limit myself, then I prefer to sell it so I will not die” For my protection Now I feel able to limit myself You saw? When I say nothing means it’s …. Is that what you expected? I did not expect that anyway It gives you a sensation … V10 gives me the feeling … I have a friend who has Gallardo Spyder And convertible And with that V10 already at 3000 rpm starts the evacuation begins to sound What’s the difference between this and Lamborghini? That’s more brutal than Lamborghini It makes me feel more brutal It scared me, that scares me That’s fine Shoot really hard You realize, Lamborghini A? How is it? That’s not possible Just nonsense you put on my head That’s not possible So how did you look like this M6 vs. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder I find It’s very brutal That gives me more satisfaction than I do Another pleasure I do not know… drumming And smile! You’re just smile on your lips How much did you pay Andy to smile so much? All the money in the world What a pleasure a car gives you out of it. You do not need anything I told you Let’s count I mean, if you did not know how to count if you did not know how to limit yourself you can kill the world you can kill yourself you can stay paralyzed think like a second we are now, we laugh joking and in a second we can be dead with the scattered brain or we can not go any further without legs not to say paralyzed, like such as being paralyzed on a hospital bed you can not even shake hands meaning this is a real thing God forbid You have to think about that stuff because those protect you from Many people do not consider it No, of course, that’s cool feeling But not so, go with 200 km / h … No, then you can not put your brakes anymore Here at 60 KM / h I put the brake you see, it’s not the problem Yes, it is normal for the world to say the world can say “What are you doing in town?” But now that’s it I did not … You saw Did you seem to endanger your life?
Not I did it pretty safe, with the limit Exactly, it was with the limit For example, headlights are more damaging to this than S Ma, you have to see a car for what it is Take it without sensation S offers comfort It’s a limo You feel like a smart car To what? That does not know Distronic, he does not know That’s a legend In fact
Yes Yes V10-le legendar I have a very good opinion about it For what it offers And it does that well You like And smile It’s another sensation The car that smiles on your lips You saw? Ready Okay, that’s gonna be a radar And you did not give it to me, did you see? Do you like the cottage? coop That’s how you got it I would love to have a cotet like this Take the police We welcome the Romanian Police That was the vlog Leave us a comment Thank you, Andy! With pleasure! I’m waiting for you in Bucharest Tomorrow you get a phone as I got my M6

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  7. Mama frate ce aperi cotetu de BMW :))).Am glumit dar de fiecare data cand testezi o masina mereu spui ca Bmw e tare.Cum ai spus acum are tableta frate.Salut si te respect

  8. Mă bucur că aveți încredere în tehnologia modernă dar când veți face accident sau doamne ferește veți muri sa nu vă întrebați de ce

  9. S class-u nu mi se pare o mașină de "mosnegi" are un design genial mai ales pe interior mai degrabă ar fi o mașină de tineret un băiat tânăr stie sa se "bucure" alt fel de o mașină de genul arată destul de revoluționar nu este ceva clasic cum găsești in aproape toate mașinile parerea mea este ca nu este o mașină de mosnegi. Dar fiecare om indiferent de varsta are o preferință la masini unii preferă o mașină cu un motor puternic si cu un design mai "inapoiat" care accelerează foarte bine pe cand alți preferă o mașină de lux cu un design premium si comfort
    Super fain vlogul continua cu masini de genul?

  10. Nu ca sunt hater sau ceva.. Dar frate cum poti spune ca ai pornit de jos cu o masina mai ieftina cand Passat ul ala valoreaza si el 40-50k de euro ?


  12. Da boss copilu are bani dar nu are bani facuti de el, el doar a preluat de la parinti.Deci practic tot parintii i-au dat bani.Pt ca logic la 21de ani nu ai cum sa ai bani sa iti faci singur oftalmologie si ce mai zicea … ce dracu doar nu a muncit de la 5luni de cand aa nascut ??

  13. am 20 de ani si prima masina fiind golf4 ,urmatoarea vreau sa fie un golf 6 si mi se pare avion … ce sa mai zici de una de 140 000 …

  14. Respect pt parintii lui…educatia pe care i au dat o este high class ,la fel ca masina pe care o conduce…si nu tine neaparat de situatia financiara…vad altceva la copii de 17-23 ani in general acum. Romania are o sansa cu ei?

  15. Tot pui accent, am observat, pe faptul ca te uraste lumea; ei bine ei nu te urasc, te apreciez pt aceste carvloguri la care chiar ma uit cu placere, dar esti ft arogant si mistocar frate! Adica sa am o masina tare si sa vii tu sa faci misto de mine in masina mea, fii serios! Vorbesti maxim de enervant :))) dar bafta in continuare :)) PS: nu e "hate", i-ao ca pe un compliment, sunt fan!

  16. Parintii baiatului is ceva rude cu psd? Is curios cum au avansat firmele lui la asa nivel si in Amertica si nevoie 2-3 generatii ca firmele sa iti aduca un succes prin munca cinstita sa iti permiti o masina de 140.000 euro la un pusti de 21 ani.
    Bmw 320 2016 cu active cruise control pune farana si accelereaza dupa masina din fata si costa sub 20k

  17. Masina asta este intr-un videoclip 5gang-Vip, ce dracu vi le inchiriati de la unu la altu, sau o aveti inchiriata din acelasi loc?

  18. 20:35 ai zis ca luat un s si dus cu avionul pana la cluj si intors inapoi si erai "fresh" avion te refereai la masina ?

  19. Ptr anvelope recomand Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (suv)…aceeasi problema, cu uzura pe lateral am avut-o cu anvelopele Continental Contisport – R21 pe un ML 2014 ( am luat masina in 2016 echipata cu Continental – anvelopele erau tocite pe lateral si am crezut ca a condus soferul de dinaintea mea mai sportiv …am schimbat in aprilie 2018 anvelopele tot cu continental – luate din reprezentanta Mercedes si dupa un sezon-jumate erau tocite am facut maxim 20.000 km , apr 2018 – oct 2018 si apr 2019 – iulie 2019). M-am dus la un magazin specializat si mi-au recomadat Michelin Pilot sport 4 ptr suv au partile laterale dintr-un strat mai gros , ajuta chiar si in sensurile giratorii (acolo se uzeaza foarte tare cauciucurile pe lateral) – ptr ca masina are peste 2 tone . Acum dupa 7000 km cauciucurile arata foarte bine. Eu am facut greseala sa merg in reprezentanta Mercedes sa-mi cumpar anvelope – in loc sa merg la un magazin specializat care vinde anvelope ….poate ajuta pe cineva aceasta experienta traita de mine

  20. Acum cateva luni am avut ocazia sa merg cu o jucărie ca asta pe care ți-am trimis o in link-ul de mai sus Deci ce pot spune Dacă ai putea sa faci un car blog cu masina pe care ți-am trimis o in link-ul de mai sus este un avion cu reactie sa mor eu e o bestie….

  21. Am deschis acest canal pentru a oferi și împărtăși experiențele mele acumulate până acum. Orice like/share mă ajută.

  22. Masina noua este masina NOUA dar nu as cumpara una noua nici daca as avea banii :)))) din principiu ma duc la mercedes si intreb : aveti o masina noua FOLOSITA ?

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