Melting & Molding Soap : Loofah Scrubby Soap

Melting & Molding Soap : Loofah Scrubby Soap

Here’s a soap that makes a great gift, or
just a special treat for yourself. These are called “loofah scrubby soaps”. And we’re going
to start by using this natural loofah here, that has been soaking in water for about five
minutes, and then dried off. We’re going to use a serrated knife, and we’re going to cut
a slice that’s about one and a quarter inch thick. This is really simple to do once it
has soaked. We’re going to made a little mold for that by putting it in a piece of parchment
paper, and before we wrap it up, we’re going to spritz it with rubbing alcohol. Whenever
you layer your soaps, or embed something in soap, the rubbing alcohol is a necessary step.
It will help the soap adhere to it. Once it’s in the center here, we’re going to just bring
up the sides, and we’re going to use rubber bands to hold this paper up in place, just
like that. We’ll set that aside. And in this measure cup I have the clear olive oil soap
base and there are six ounces in there, precut, and I’m going to melt that in the microwave.
Okay, so we’ll check that, give it a stir. And I have here a seafoam green coloring and
I’m just going to put a drop or two to my liking in there, and I’m also going to add
my fragrance which is a stress relief formula. It smells really citrusy. Give that a stir
up. I’m going to add one more green. And then we’re just going to bring our form over that
we have formed earlier. I made sure that the rubber band is right up to the very top of
that loofah that’s inside, and one down lower holding onto it. And we’re going to pour our
soap right in the center, covering the loofah. Just keep pouring and you can see all the
holes filling up, until the soap comes and completely covers it, at the very top. That
looks good right there. It’s hot, I don’t know if you can see much of it in there, but
it comes right up to the top, and we’re going to let that set up. Alright, and to finish
off our loofah scrubby, we have had it sitting out, and it feels set up. You can even put
these in the refrigerator to set up if you want to for a bit, before you pop them out
of their molds. But we’re just going to remove the rubber bands and gently peel off our parchment
paper. Smooth it out if you’ve got any little flakes hanging on, you can just smooth it
out. And there you have a loofah scrubby soap!

54 thoughts on “Melting & Molding Soap : Loofah Scrubby Soap

  1. well the loofa is like a natural wash cloth…i Think it's like sponge from the ocean, or either it's a synthetic version of sponge from the ocean, and it exfoliates the skin, so when you wash with this it's like rubbing the soap on the loofa or either pouring your liquid soap on it and washing you skin and getting the clean while you are getting the exfoliation…it looks really cool, i'm excited to try it.

  2. There is no "clear olive oil base" that you can melt in the microwaves. That was melt & pour soap, made of glycerin, which is by the way a derivative of petroleum.

  3. Glycerin is a by product of the saponification process (ex. olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) If olive oil was used in the process its natural glycerin not synthetic. not all glycerin is synthetic.

  4. @kahea2018
    the loofah is actually a dried vegetable ( looks a bit like a gourd). my wife makes a really nice fish and loofah curry!

  5. @Budkeywest u can either melt old soaps or go to a craft store and buy a block of glycerin which is soap but without the herbs and stuff

  6. U can get the clear soap base from Bramble Berry, an online shop. Just google it and you'll see it at the top of the list. It's pretty affordable too!

  7. @FireEthereal you buy special soap colours, if you use food colouring you could end up with the dye coming out and staining your skin

  8. Hi there this is so cool .can you please tell me where i could get the loofah from.
    cheers soap maker. michelle

  9. i'd pour just a liiiiitle bit more than it's needed to cover the loofah. and after it's set cut the excess with the sharp knife. that way both sides would be evenly straight :)) (I'm a non native speakers so if you'd bother to correct my mistakes – feel free to do so)

  10. When she put it in there I was like, "Uggh it's going waste my time." Then BOOM! 2 seconds later……it was melted…

  11. Hi, I now this video is a couple of years old, but… I just tried to make that cute scrubby soap and pouring my soap in the prepared loofah mold – just as demonstrated – the soap floated everywhere: through the parchment paper, over the board and over the kitchen counter. what did I do wrong? Loofah still a liiiitle bit damp? soap too warm – around 140 degrees? Please advise, i really like this scrubby

  12. I think your soap was too hot. Let it cool down a bit before you pour it in, but keep stirring. Good luck! 🙂

  13. That is so neat!  Thanks for sharing this.  I never would have thought of the parchment paper idea.  I've seen these done, but certainly not like this.  Excellent!  Wow, the soap completely permeates every nook and cranny in the loofa sponge.  So cool!  I love this!

  14. This video is fabulous! I've seen quite a few photo's and video's on how to make loofah soap, and your parchment paper trick is perfect! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us =)

  15. Really great video! We made some new molds with our FormBox recently and are looking for new things to make with them 🙂

  16. Loofah sponge set!
    Very good price USA shipping included!!!

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