Melting Me Softly » Dong Chan + Mi Ran ► I like me better [HUMOR]

Melting Me Softly » Dong Chan + Mi Ran ► I like me better [HUMOR]

Hey, where is she? Are you sure this is the park? – Stop! – Mi Ran! Hey, Mi Ran! I’ll persuade her. Will she be persuaded? Of course not. She can’t drink. Do you think variety shows are a joke? Of course, variety shows have to be funny. That’s not what I mean. What is she doing? Oh, gosh. Why aren’t you coming? Where? The police station? Mi Ran. Why in variety of all places? Because my life was ruined thanks to a variety team director. And stop smiling in front of men. Don’t look cute in any way. – All right. – Good. Gosh. My goodness. Have you ever flirted with anyone? What’s that? It’s my way of getting over the trauma. I’m going to fight face to face. This isn’t my first time seeing you beat up a guy. Is it your hobby? It’s the same guy. – Where are you right now? – “Carbonara”. What country? You’re probably the only woman in this world… who’d apologize after kissing a man. All right. Try it then. You’ll have to try it to see… if you’ll fight off your trauma or grow it. – He’s my ex-boyfriend. That good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend. He kept hitting on me. He asked me to date him again and make up for our lost time. While we’re on that, I’ll give you a 1.5 million-dollar discount. No, I wasn’t talking to you. Hey, I… Is she crazy? Hey, come back here. Hey! “Okay. I’ll wait for your text.” but aren’t they young enough to be your sons? If I had anything sharp, I would’ve stabbed him. Hey, you did the right thing. Why don’t you kiss me 10 times… and give me a 15 million-dollar discount? It’s better to be rude than to collapse due to a fever. Do you understand my point? – Yes. – Good. What are you saying? I’m 24 years old. I didn’t live those 20 years, so don’t add them to my age. You’re here. Yes. You should’ve told me earlier. I’m glad you hit him. He really deserved a good beating. I’m glad you hit him. You should’ve beaten him to a pulp. I’m worried when she’s quiet and when she calls. She’s the essence of my worries. Hey! Hey, Mi Ran. You little… Don’t you think I might have a talent for it? Not at all. What a complete jerk. Where is that punk? What’s wrong with him? Does he have hormonal problems or something? Not only are you handsome, but you’re also nice. Not you, Mr. Ma. At least he had a girlfriend before he got frozen. What about me?

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  1. I really prefer to see him when his sth like healer or k2 on screen I know him better that way
    And waiting for him to take a role like that

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