Melting COPPER in an Oil Burner – by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Melting COPPER in an Oil Burner – by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and I’m the
VegOilGuy. You may have seen my Home Made Veg Oil Burner Video or even my Home Made
High Temperature Foundry Vid. Well a question I keep being asked is how hot can my Oil Burner
go… and I really don’t know. So I set out on a mission to melt some Copper.
Stick around if you want to see what happens in this very short video. Hi again guys…
So, how hot can my Oil Burner go… I really can’t say. It has no problem melting Aluminium
(or Aluminum as or American friends like to say) and that has a melting temperature of
660 degrees Celsius (1220 F). But can it do more?
Well copper has a melting point of 1085 degrees Celsius (1985 F) and I had a few bits of scrap
to play with. Now I used all the goodies I’ve already shared
with you, the Burner, the Foundry and the Insulation around the foundry. But as it turned
out my timing was off. I stoked up my burner on a glorious sunny
morning, gave it half an hour until the Crucible was glowing red, then I fed in the copper.
Minutes later the weather changed. I know this sounds like a cop out folks, but
I became a little nervous. I work outdoors without cover and if you look closely at the
lid in this video you can see the beginnings of rain. I didn’t fancy the superheated steam
scenario, I pulled the plug on my test a few minutes earlier than I’d have ideally liked.
BUT I think we can call this a success nevertheless. If you look closely at these pieces of copper
tubing, you can see how they can actually melted together… they are bonded. They have
fused. There’s even evidence, if you look closely, of drips – like you’d see on
the side of a candle. I know some folks will disagree and poke holes
at my conclusion, but hear me out here guys. Firstly, I didn’t heat the copper as long
as I would have liked. It only had a few minutes. Secondly, the Foundry is only partially insulated.
The base has no insulation and critically neither does the lid. And as we all know,
heat rises, so I think a lot of energy was wasted in this trial.
Thirdly, I could have prepared the copper better. I think if I’d flattened it to remove
air gaps and maximise contact with the crucible the results would have been better again.
Given all this, I’m claiming a victory here. I believe this oil burner of mine could easily
generate the necessary heat to melt copper. With better insulation and a little more time,
the result would have proven it. So how hot can it go? I still don’t know
for sure, but I feel confident that this burner in a well-insulated foundry could easily top
the 1085°C necessary to melt this copper. And that’s it guys. A very short video I
know, but hopefully one that will answer at least partially a question I’ve been asked
a lot lately. If you enjoyed watching this video, please
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much for watching.

12 thoughts on “Melting COPPER in an Oil Burner – by VOG (VegOilGuy)

  1. Great video Geoff. I know for a fact that copper would melt in your furnace as my oil siphon nozzle can easily melt iron.

  2. I think trying to melt iron would really prove a lot. As some comments already are claiming it should possible perhaps invest some time in trying to melt iron on a good day. Cast iron should prove up to 1200 Celsius(2200 Fahrenheit) and wrought iron if you can get your hands on it should prove the temperature all the way up to 1500 Celsius(2732 Fahrenheit).

  3. Without insulation, with the crappy 2 part plaster paris/sand, with charcoal, with a hairdryer, we did our first copper melt last night just fine. It was bullet jackets. we collect lead from the shooting range. Melted copper just fine. Although it took 1.5 bags of coal to get 2 muffins lol. But yes… yours will melt copper..

  4. After 2 different designs on oil burner tips/nozzle/feeder. I have settled with your design. From watching Oil Burners videos and your videos I'm 100% sure I will be melting copper now. My last set up got it red raw and not far from melting point. Cheers for the great videos and love to see you do a copper melt with your waste oil.

  5. I agree with your conclusion that your furnace COULD melt copper. So sad about the rain, but is there any chance that you could construct a collapsible/foldable roof?

  6. I melted a bunch of cast iron with your burner design But I'm using proper refractory like 3 inches thick on walls and floor and lid at 5 inches thick. Works awesome. Thanks for the great ideas man. Keep them vids coming.

  7. Oooookoo i think yoy should do thisnagain now that summers here. Id love to see you make a copper ingt

  8. well broda your work is amazing as always and you share the diverse outcomes which infact are very informative. Keep up the good work.
    However you take too much risks. Safety comes first. With the temperatures like these, damage/accident can occur in less than a second because of insane level of heat transitions.

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