Melt Shaving Soap to Fit Your Bowl

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy for Shave Nation Shaving Supplies, Did you drop your shaving puck into your
mug and have it be too small? Where it just spins around in a circle? you go to spin your brush into the soap and it just moves the puck all over the bottom of
the mug. I hate when that happens! Or the other alternative, you drop your puck, large-size puck in and it doesn’t go all
the way down. It’s too large I already have one video that shows how to solve the problem when your puck is too large. I’ll put a link to that. You can do that, But
this will help you whether the puck is too small or too large. And I’m going to give you an example right now! I’ll use this, this is a Shave Nation shaving bowl and
I’ll take this large Puck, which is actually a puck of, this
is a Colonel Conk shaving soap you can do it with this soap, no problem. So I will just take that and push it up from the bottom and drop
it into the Shave Nation bwll and you can see you can see how much larger the bowl is than the puck. You can’t do this with all types of shaving
soaps but you can do it with a few different types. It’s best to check with your
manufacturer, see if it’s OK. Here can see how much larger the puck is
than the Shave Nation Bowl. So what we’ll do is just put into the
microwave, we’ll pop it in there for about 15 seconds. Depending on the strength
of your microwave you may want to vary it. But I think mine will do it in about 15. So I will put it directly into the microwave. Here’s the view from the inside! 🙂 I’ll just start it at thirty seconds
and I’ll take it out after 15 seconds. (Microwave Beeps on) microwave whirring… You can see it’s not fully melted yet so I will put in for a little bit longer.
We’ll let it run for the remaining fifteen
seconds. (microwave beeps on) microwave whirring…This is not the most powerful microwave in the world so it’s gonna take about 30 seconds. Al Right Now! Lets See! There you go! Check it out! You can see
that the soap is thoroughly melted after 30 seconds. And if you just let it sit it will fully solidify and lock itself
in place in the bowl! It doesn’t matter what size bowl you have. You can do this with it Help I’m trapped inside the microwave! 🙂 I
would just check with your soap company just make sure that it’s okay to do it with
their soap. But as I said, you can do this with
several different companies’ brands of soaps. You can do this easily
with the Colonel Conk brand of soaps. and a few others. It also works with the
Parker Sandalwood Soaps. So we let it sit. All right let’s take a look! Here’s the bowl, and here’s the soap! Still Colonel Conk Bay Rum. Smells like
bay rum and it’s conformed perfectly to the
interior shape of the bowl! That’s the best thing about this is that
just about any size bowl, any shape bowl, you can drop your puck in there, “Nuke It”
melt it down for thirty seconds, fifteen to thirty seconds should do it.
And it will conform perfectly to the size of that bowl! So it’s pretty sweet! This way in the
morning just grab your brush, let’s lather it up, let’s see what it does.
Let’s make sure it’ll still mix a lather! I’ve got my brush, lets lather it up a
little bit. Oh Yeah! No problem. Look at that! Mmmm, It still smells like that Luscious Bay Rum, that Colonel Conk. And I mean just 20-30 seconds… I haven’t even added any water or anything, there you go its already spilling over the side! And its building thicker lather coming out over the sides more… Scoop that up, and drive it back in. The Colonel Conk is a glycerine based soap so it’s really good with a straight razor it lets it glide, provides a nice cushion so. I haven’t shaved yet today. What I’ll do
right now, I’m gonna put this lather to work! Thanks
for watching! I hope that helps, at least now you know
how to melt down your shaving soap and get it to conform to just about any
size apothecary style mug, or this is an old throwback mug. The Apothecary is the um, this kind: with the handle on the side that’s apothecary style. Or, your Shave Nation mug your Shave Nation Bowl. This comes in all
different colors anyway. blue-black-white-green-pink-red, all
different colors. So you can choose the one you want. Or
any type of bowl you might have. Cereal bowl, soup mug, whatever! Alright I hope this video helped you! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to
my YouTube channel so you can check out all my other shaving videos. There’s lots of ’em! I’m Geofatboy for Have A Great Shave, Have A Great Day!

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