Melt In Your Mouth Vanilla Custard Cream Donuts Recipe !

Melt In Your Mouth Vanilla Custard Cream Donuts Recipe !

hi guys they were making these pillowy
soft melt-in-your-mouth custard donuts they’re delicious and comforting and
better than any store-bought donuts you’ll ever have I’m also going to show
you how to properly fill these Donuts so that they really ooze with custard with
every bite if you have yet to make fresh homemade doughnuts you will be in for
such a treat out of all the filled doughnuts
I think custard doughnuts are probably one of the most amazing they’re so
nostalgic and so comforting I’m using my stand mixer today if you don’t have one
I do have a video showing you how you can make donuts by hand I’m going to
combine the dry ingredients first including the numb Meg which adds only
think flavor if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and click that
notification bell I post new videos every week in this measuring cup I’ve
combined the milk melted butter eggs and yeast now I do want to address a
question I always get when making breads and dough’s and that’s why I don’t let
this mixture stand for 10 minutes why I don’t activate the yeast it’s not
necessary the yeast will activate just fine on its own the only time you want
to let this mixture sit is if you’re using yeast that’s maybe been laying
around for a long time and you’re not sure if it’s alive in that case do wait
you know until this foams up otherwise it’s not necessary
give your dry ingredients a quick toss and add the yeast mixture if you’re
making the dough by hand this could take up to 10 minutes to knead and come
together so be patient if you’re using a stand mixer start on low just to begin
with and then mix the dough on high for about 3 minutes this dough will be quite
sticky do not be tempted to add extra flour at the most you can add an
additional tablespoon of flour but keep in mind we’re looking for a soft dough
you’re going to transfer your dough into a greased Bowl I do always like to give
my dough somewhat of a shape and here you can really tell how smooth
and supple the Stosh should be if it’s not this soft and smooth keep kneading
ads for another minutes cover the dough and we’re going to set it aside to rise
while we make the custard you can make this custard up to three days in advance
and I know you may be thinking I’m already making donuts from scratch do I
really need to make the custard from scratch you do custard is one of the
easiest things to make it takes 10 minutes especially with this method I’m
showing you and it tastes phenomenal the easiest way to make custard is to
make a slushy with the cornstarch sugar and some milk and then add the remaining
milk and the whisk eggs right away this allows the eggs to come up to
temperature slowly with the milk so you’re tempering the eggs while you’re
heating the milk your flame should be a medium-low you never want to walk away
when you’re making custard keep stirring it especially around the sides of the
pan because that’s where the custard starts to thicken as soon as your
mixture starts to thicken wait for it to come to a simmer as soon as it comes to
a simmer it’s done turn off the stove give it one last stir and add the
vanilla now this cream needs to cool so you’re going to transfer it into a heat
proof safe bulb cover it with some plastic wrap pressing it directly onto
the crepe so it’s skin doesn’t form and you’re going to pop this cream into the
fridge until ready to use okay so fast-forward two hours later
your dose should have doubled in size you’re going to flour your work area
make sure you flour well remember this dough is soft so it will stick to your
board if you don’t flour it well now I did double the recipe this time so I’m
going to be getting lots of donuts today you do want to roll out this dough
pretty thinly I’d say to about half an inch thickness and I’m using you know
just a basic cookie cutter to cut out my donuts but even a glass is perfectly
fine to use now these may seem quite small you’ll see in a moment just how
small these will look however please keep in mind that these will puff up
quite a lot if you make these really big you’ll have one gigantic donuts floating
in your frying oil which sounds amazing but you’ll have a hard time cooking it
cover the donuts and your to let these rise again for another 30
minutes okay so moving on to frying these donuts you want to use a good
quality frying oil it’s crucial you allow the oil to come up to temperature
and the best temperature for frying doughnuts is around 160 degrees Celsius
or 320 330 Fahrenheit if you have a thermometer you may want to use it if
you don’t have one as long as your donuts are bubbling gently you’re good
cook three to four donuts at a time on each side do not overcrowd the pan or
the oil temperature will drop and you’ll know they’re ready because they’ve
become a beautiful golden brown you’re going to place these onto a wire rack or
some paper towels and while they’re still hot you’re going to toss them into
some sugar this is just plain granulated sugar if you want to add a dash of
cinnamon go ahead now I’m going to show you how to properly fill these Donuts
you want to take anything that’s um I want to say long and sharp I’m using
this piping tip but even a thin knife or top stick is spot you’re going to create
an opening and the doughnut and you want to make sure to swirl the nozzle around
this will create space for the custard if you don’t do this you’ll find you
won’t be able to fit as much custard in the doughnut as you’d like fill the
donuts until they become heavy that’s how you’ll know they’re perfectly filled
I’m going to immediately open this one up for you so you can see how amazing
these donuts are not only are these incredibly soft and melts in your mouth
but the custard just takes these to another level
listen it’s cold out it’s winter if you want to stay in one day make these
donuts and it will be the most amazing winter day

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