Melt in your Mouth Maple Brown Sugar Cookies

Melt in your Mouth Maple Brown Sugar Cookies

Today on Sugar Spun Run I’ll be showing you how to make maple brown sugar cookies. Hey everyone! It’s Sam here
and today I’m sharing one of my all-time favorite cookie recipes. Now these maple
brown sugar cookies were actually the inspiration for my super popular worst
ever chocolate-chip cookies. They’re incredibly addictive. I love making them
the fall and for Christmastime. I think you’re really going to love this recipe.
Now the first thing that you’re going to need to get started is one cup of melted
unsalted butter. Now as usual whenever I have a recipe where you’re melting the
butter, you want to make sure that this butter has cooled before you add
anything else to the bowl. Now we can add our sugar and you are going to need one and a half cups of brown sugar for this recipe. Now a light brown sugar, or
dark brown sugar will work just fine. I like to use an even split of each. So 3/4
cup of dark brown and 3/4 cup of light brown sugar. We are also going to be
adding 1/3 cup of maple syrup. Now I have tried this recipe with both pure real
maple syrup, and that fake pancake syrup that you buy at the store. Honestly,
either will work but I kind of prefer the cheaper syrup. I am using Aunt Jemima
today just because it has a little bit more of that maple flavor to it.
Probably the non authentic maple flavor but I like using the fake stuff. You can
use whichever you prefer. This is 1/3 cup of maple syrup. I’m just gonna use a spatula to stir everything together until our ingredients are nicely combined Now we’ll add one large egg and ideally this should be at room temperature. I’m also going to add my flavoring at this point. I’m going to be
using one teaspoon of vanilla extract. And I’m also going to be adding about
3/4 teaspoon of maple extract. Now this is optional. If you leave it out the
cookies are still going to be really good but this really makes that maple
flavor shine through. We’ll everything together until that egg is
nicely beaten in there and our flavorings are as well. Now set your wet
ingredients aside and you’re going to need a separate bowl for your dry
ingredients. You’re going to need three cups of
all-purpose flour for this recipe. We’ll be adding two teaspoons of cornstarch,
and this is going to help make our cookies nice and soft and chewy without
drying them out. One teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Stir everything together so that all of your ingredients
are well combined. Now grab your butter mixture and we are going to gradually add the dry ingredients into that mixture, stirring until everything is
completely combined. As you can see this is a pretty soft dough. So once you have everything stirred together you’re going to want to cover your bowl with plastic
wrap. And we’re going to transfer this to a refrigerator where it’s going to need to chill for at least two hours though it can also chill overnight. About 20
minutes before you’re ready to bake your cookies, you’re going to want to pre-heat
your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your oven is preheated and your dough has been completely chilled we can go ahead and start scooping our cookies. And then just to make them look nice, I like to roll them between my palms to form a nice round ball. Now one other thing I love doing with these cookies is
I like to roll them through granulated sugar before baking them. Right here this
is a coarse granulated sugar, but regular granulated sugar will work just as well. Just roll your cookie feel and then place it on your baking sheet. Make sure to space your cookies at least 2 inches apart because they are going to spread some in the oven. Now lets take these cookies over to our 375 degree
fahrenheit preheated oven where they will need to bake for about 10 to 12
minutes. Once your cookies have finished baking they should have nice slightly
golden brown edges. The centers might look a little bit under baked too. That’s
fine you’re going to want to let these cookies cool completely on the baking
sheet before you remove them and the center’s will finish baking up there.
That’s going to give you nice a slightly crisp edges and
super soft interiors. Once your cookies have cooled completely, you are free to
enjoy. Now I really hope you guys enjoy today’s recipe. Let me know if you make
it for your Christmas cookie platter or for any other reason. Let me know if you
are as big of a fan as I am. Thank you guys so much for watching today’s recipe
and I will see you next time. Look at how soft these are. They are still a little warm too. These are good. Hey if you guys enjoyed today’s maple brown sugar cookie video, I would really appreciate it if you gave me a thumbs up. Make sure to subscribe, and hit that notification bell. Also, if you enjoyed today’s cookie recipe, here are a few others you might like as well.

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  1. Hi Sam, can you double recipe? Due to hurting hands, can i use mixer instead of stirring by hand? Trying your worst chocolate chip cookie recipe tomorrow. Still making Christmas cookies due to poor health, but those I give them to don't mind, as long as I make them, lol! Have a Happy New Year!

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