Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Tutorial Over 40s Gals nicqui madden

Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Tutorial Over 40s Gals nicqui madden

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel.
Ooooh! Only took five days to arrive from the States. So the “Modern Love” Collection
from MELT. Gosh I played with this today and I’ve come up with this eye look
and I’ve used one of the glosses on my lips. The box itself (I feel like want to
keep everything in the box) – it’s embossed and it looks like suede. But it’s not practical. So I’m gonna just pull everything out. So I want to show you
inside. So it comes like this. There’s a little card in there from the girls. So
there’s the pink looks that they came up with for the promotion. And then there’s
the grey and dark looks – which are so good! So there’s the palette “Millennial Pinx”
and then you’ve got two gel eyeliners. I’ve use the silver today and this is more
like a rose gold. And then there’s four lip glosses. I’ve used this one today. And
I’ve swatched the others – they’re absolutely gorgeous. So I will use them in
some videos to come. I’ll show you the palette first up. So it’s very very
pretty. So you’ve got some dark greys on the end here. This one here – it’s not a
black and it’s not a grey and it’s not a brown. So it’s really quite a unique
colour. I really do like it and I’ve used it on the outer corner here today. And
then this is obviously a little bit of a lighter grey there. You’ve got silvers,
champagne; so there’s beautiful shimmer colours here and here. And then this pink
is stunning – love that colour. I love pink. So I’ve used that today to come up with
this eye look. So let’s get into it. So I’m going in first up with “Pink Leather”
which is the very very light pink colour there on a Sigma E40 brush (a large
blending brush). I’m just (oop bit of flyaway there). A little bit of kick up in the pan here
as well. That’s all good. So I’m just gonna go in and pat that in
first up just so I can get that pigment in on that semi-wet base (I haven’t
set that P.Louise). That’s a beautiful light pink colour – one
of my favourite colours – a very light pink like this. So I’m going right out; blowing it
right out today. Ok going in with “Flamingo Dream” which
is a darker pink, muted dusky pink (a dusty pink) on a Morphe 507. I just want
to go into the socket area and deepen up the crease. That’s a nice pink as well. They go together really quite well. I’m going into the socket and just above. As I do have hooded eyes so I’ve got to actually be able to see this colour (I want to be able
to see this colour). I’m just going to go to a around about
there. So not right down into the inner corner today. And then I’ll get a
little bit deeper or a darker at the outer corner here (or a little bit more
colour I should say; a little bit more product). I’m just blending that away into that
light pink on the inner corner here. I’m just turning my brush more on the side
and holding it right at the end here and just blending that upwards into that light
pink colour. So I’m going into “Modern Love” which is a darker dusty pink; very dark, almost verging on brown there. And then on the same
brush – the Morphe 507 – I’m just going to place a little bit of this in the
outer corner in some swirly circular motions just to deepen that up. I’m just gonna grab my NARS 42 and go
over the edge there of that darker colour. It’s darkened it up a little bit. I feel
like my eyes are starting to water as well; so if you get water on your eyelids
nothing’s gonna blend. So I’m going in with “Mixed Emotions” which is a shimmer pink on a Makeup For Ever 240 brush. And I’m just gonna pop that
shimmer on the inner corner here, right over into the middle section. Just going back over with “Modern Love”
and just blending that into the shimmer. So I want to try a little bit of the
dark grey. So I’m going in with the “GF” on a 221. I only want a tiny
little bit of this just to deepen this up just a little bit more on the outer corner here. My eyes are starting to water. Just bringing that up into the crease
just a touch. Grabbing a little bit more of that lighter pink and just sort of blending over the edge here just to blend the shimmer
into the dark grey. Just want to try this “Moon Glow” which is the really bright silver there. And I’m gonna try it on a Sigma E21 – just a tiny little brush. I just wanna
pop a little bit of that in the inner corner. I might bring that up just a little
bit on top of that light pink shimmer. Alright so onto some mascara. So
I’m using my MCo Beauty. I think this is Sophie Monk’s brand. I bought it at Woolworths in Australia. It’s very very cheap (cheap). It goes on so easily, it does not transfer up into my crease. Now I have hooded eyes so if anything’s going
to transfer, it it will transfer on me. And this doesn’t. So I love it for my top
lashes. You can see how easily that just went on. I’m just popping some Marc Jacobs “Blacquer” in the tight line area. Now I’m just looking at that dark grey –
once it’s mixed with that pink, it’s gone a little bit purple. So I want to deepen that up just a little bit more. So this is called “Euphoria”. It’s not black, it’s
like a real charcoal dark brown – black! So I’m just gonna pop – on the 221 – just the tiniest little bit on the outer corner here. And then just very very lightly blend that with the same brush. It just deepens it up a little bit more. And then back into that pink just over
the top of that just to blend again. It’s not a great idea to be doing this
once you put your lashes on cuz you don’t want any fallout on top of your
lashes. Ok so I did go and put some eyeliner on as well. I had a little
bit of a lash glue problem so I just wanted to cover that up so I’ve gone in with
some eyeliner. I just want to make sure that I’ve got no black in this area here
because I want to go in with the silver gel liner and see how that works. So
a tiny little 315 liner brush. See if I can get this in. I will set it with that silver colour as well. And my eyes are semi-watering so I don’t
know if this was a great idea! So I’m gonna go straight in with a
silver shadow on a Too Faced liner brush and just set that. Alright so that’s dried. So I’m just
gonna go in – I feel like I want a little bit more silver in the corner. So I’m
gonna pop a little bit of the gel down first up. And then I’m just gonna set
that with that silver shadow. Ok on a Smudger brush – I’m just gonna pop a little bit of that dark charcoal black / brown. It’s hard to describe the colour.
It’s definitely not black and it’s not brown – just on the outer edge there. And just
with that 221 I’m going to go into both pinks and just pop a little bit
of that underneath there. I might go the lighter pink in through here. Brighten that up a bit. And the darker
pink just underneath the black there. Alright so I’m gonna go in with some MAC Extended Play “Gigablack Lash” which is great for my bottom lashes. It’s a
small wand. And you can get right there into the inner corner. And it doesn’t smudge
on me … or transfer! So I’m just using a
Too Faced nude colour. I’ll pop all the colours in the “Description Bar” for you. So no lipliner. And then I want to use this gloss this is called “Sucker” out of the
four. It looks really quite silvery / white. I’ll see what it’s like. Don’t
forget to wipe off before you put it back in the tube. So it’s got a little bit of a pinky tinge to
it. To me it seems really quite subtle. I can see that there’s little tiny bits of
shimmer in there. I’m hoping that comes out on camera. All of MELT’s lipsticks and glosses
smell like lollies / candy. Yeah so it’s a pinky sort of shimmer colour. I’m hoping that’s coming out on camera
because it is actually really quite beautiful.
Ok guys – so that’s my look with the MELT “Modern Love” Collection. I absolutely adore it. I like the look that I turned out with. I love that gloss. So I’ll be
interested to see what the other ones are like. I’m not doing any swatches or
anything like that in this video, but I will be using them in videos to come. So
if you like the look today, don’t forget to give me a huge “like” – big “thumb’s up” and subscribe (click the button just below) and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye x

6 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection Tutorial Over 40s Gals nicqui madden

  1. Hey Nicqui! Pinks are stunning on you, absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving your hair too, so fresh and modern. You’re very creative 💕

  2. 5 days! That’s good Nicqui I am yet to try any of their eyeshadows, I really wanted the browns /rustic stack . Beautiful eye look but I’m done with pinks for now lol xx p.s I’m glad they put dark contrast shades in there 😘

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