Melt -10th anniversary mix- ♥ English Cover【rachie】メルト

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  1. This comment will probably never be read but I just want to point out some really important things. Rachie, your voice is so beautiful and you are so talented. I seriously could spend all my life just listening to it. Just listening to your songs gives me chills every time because I can hear the passion and power you put out. I don't care what other people might say about you, or how you might not be so big as other vocaloid english cover singers. I love your lyrics. I love your voice. I love your covers. I really love everything that you do. It would mean everything if you saw this comment. Everyone else supports you so much too! Hope school is going well, please don't strain yourself <3. Keep it up, Rachie owo!

  2. Got a perfect on this song on the hard mode in Project Diva… lord help me on the extreme, damn good cover

  3. I have a reccomendation for a song! (Srry For Bad Grammar) Could you possibly sing the song "Irony" :3 It's a sad song but really good! The cover is from Lizz Robinett :3 Srry If you did sing it before but yeh.. ;w;

  4. Your cover always make me shiver. Salut dah buat coverny,
    Biasa denger cover nya ito kashitaro tp skrg ad versi english nya dari sini , haha makin bagus trus nih coverny. Good job ka???

  5. As far as I've seen, you're the only person to nail those high notes in the chorus so perfectly! :"( And my heart… ah, that "yup" was so adorable my heart melted ; A ;

  6. This was the very first song I heard from Hatsune Miku, and the very first Vocaloid song I heard as well. This song was so important to me because ever since I heard Melt, I got introduced to Vocaloid and I fell in love with it. Listening to this song after 6 years felt so nostalgic, and hearing one of my favourite Vocaloid cover artist singing this song made me so happy. Happy (late) 10 years Rachie keep on doing what you love ilysm !!!

  7. Woooooooooow, friend told me about Reichi but watching this being first video from hers I'm an instant subscriber. I honestly prefer this over Choucho's version any day.

  8. I remember listening to the vocaloid version back in 2013 or something without lyrics just because i liked how it sounded, and now in English the same thing rings true.

  9. Holy shit…can I just say, I've been listening to your covers for a long, and you have improved SO much amazing!! Keep it up girl!

  10. Usually English covers are just embarrassing to listen to but you are actually doing the original justice. Well done.

  11. You gotta wonder though.
    Is this world is mine from the boy's perspective??
    Was miku thinking she's being demanding and a tsundere and owning everything but in reality he was like
    "Aw she's trying hard for me"

  12. Crushes never change with how they feel. I related to this song way back when I still was new to romance and all these new feelings.
    Here I am, almost 22, relating to this song and giggling /blushing at so many things my slow burn crush does.
    Sigh ^^;; hopeless is right
    No matter what happens, at least for now, I'll still listen to stuff like this and enjoy myself.

  13. 自分の好きな歌がこうやっていろんな人に愛されてると思うと、うれしいなぁ

  14. 最初の笑うところすごい好き?それにアカペラの部分で鳥肌がブワァッてw

  15. though it's for the first time that i listened to this, i became a big fun of you then instantly!
    sorry for my poor English skill and thank you for your brilliant cover!

  16. This is probably the best English cover of "Melt" i've ever heard it's very accurate…Props to the singer this is really good, one thing though the part "Oh, i can wait no more" should be "Oh, you take my breath away" just like in the Original.

    Reason being is that the phrase "Oh, i can wait no more" kind of like saying she wants to do something shameless while in public…While if we use the original "Oh, you take my breath away" it'll mean the pressure of being so near her crush makes her feel like her energy is being sucked away. So i think the original one sounded better than the change the uploader did.

    Aside from that, i didn't see any other problems with this cover :)…I hope u see this Uploader.

  17. Me

    This was literally me these last few years,
    Oh you’re cool… Several weeks to months later, yeah, I’m pretty sure I have a massive crush on this person
    Several days later… Failure X number of times

  18. Who would even dislike this? It's beautiful. My favorite dub of my favorite song that introduced me to vocaloid and to dubs. Thank you.

  19. this is good omg you really are great at making english lyrics and i can't believe you hit all those notes aaaaa

  20. Has it really been 10 plus years holy crap I remember hearing this song the first time when I was freshman in HS in 2011 and being pulled by it and now I'm a freshman in college ( 2019 ) and still being pulled by it holy crap! Good job!!

    Edit: When/if two people in Japan show an umbrella, it's called the "Ai-Ai-Gasa." It symbolises shared feelings, and is a romantic gesture.

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