Matisyahu – Watch The Walls Melt Down (Official Lyric Video)

Matisyahu – Watch The Walls Melt Down (Official Lyric Video)

I watch the walls melt down
Watch them fade away Throw my hands to the sky I watch the walls melt down
Watch them fade away I took my freedom back
I packed up the knapsack I’m not cracked yet. Today is my day
I turned 34 I live by the moon
In the shade for real Left side
Victory is near Broken circles
Incomplete dreams In the box
Out the box Covered in tar
But I’ll always be your Chassidic reggae super star Breaking out
Listening close Dancing on tables
With my hands in the air Initials MM
Lead from with in In a box in the sky
Flying over the night Coast to coast
Continents small world End of the world
Or maybe I’m trippin Flashing lights
Wings spread I don’t want your answers anymore
I’m headed for the door I live for the core I watch the walls melt down
Watch them fade away Throw my hands to the sky
I watch the walls melt down Watch them fade away
I took my freedom back I packed up the knapsack
I’m not cracked yet. I watch the walls melt down
Watch them fade away Throw my hands to the sky
I watch the walls melt down Watch them fade away
I took my freedom back I packed up the knapsack I’m on a night walk where talk is cheap
The reapers close the the willows weap And they wail try and fail you will win one
day If I may raise my soul from purgatory
And go dance on a wave While the people wave and the mountains raise
Speak the truth must come from a slave Smoked more trees then a forest fire till
that ish got tired now I let the ish retire gettin higher then a mountain climber lower
then a lawn mower chopping down the cypher circle up its circle time
Stiff neck with aches in my spine weak from the smoke and I’m tired from the wine energy
come back to me now come back take time what’s mine claim my place and my name
Moonlight shines in your eyes I watch the walls melt down
Watch them fade away Throw my hands to the sky
I watch the walls melt down Watch them fade away
I took my freedom back I packed up the knapsack
I’m not cracked yet. I watch the walls melt down
Watch them fade away Throw my hands to the sky
I watch the walls melt down Watch them fade away
I took my freedom back I packed up the knapsack

100 thoughts on “Matisyahu – Watch The Walls Melt Down (Official Lyric Video)

  1. As artists grow and explore themselves, they need the freedom and support of their fans (new and old) to do so. I don't think you're a sellout, nor do I think you have lost your religion. Like the great masters of the world, you have begun to burn away the chaff and see things in a less crystallized way – just as the late Rabbi Kook predicted as the effect of atheism on the religious of the world.

  2. Wow im disappointed, this is way different than what i heard from 2006 but man, the verse just….wack. The rapper doesnt seem to stay on track with the words.

  3. This is Hot!!! I went to Israel 2 yrs ago and that was the first time hearing about this incredible talent. He should be bigger than Macklemore, in my opinion. I'm hoping I can perform with this legend soon! Much continued success bro @Matisyahu

  4. Respect to anyone who has had such a massive spiritual journey so publicly and still come out the other side with music from the soul to share.

  5. The lyrics of their songs are neither shadow of what it was with all due respect, you all admired as Religious Jew even those who had nothing to do with culture or religion pitifully lost everything, sorry we love in spite of that but back to your roots you'll be fine there.

  6. Desire drives us crazy we consume, we feel trapped, we feel that the success and fame we remove this thirst, we are all human beings so you and I are so like every human being is equal in this trait hurt …. when you're a Real Jew Gentile respect you

  7. I love Matisyahu. You're music is growing with you and that's the way it should be. Keep it up and hope you come to Meadowbrook in NH!! Definitely buying this CD too. Hugz

  8. This album is starting to grow on me.  At first I was not feeling it, but I knew like the last album, if I gave it a chance it would rub in.  Same with live live at stubbs 2005 album, it sounded good, but it didn't rub in until after a few times.  He definitely is my favorite artist.

  9. I can relate to him.  I was born in crown heights, I came back to the observance when I was 22, now at 28, I'm agnostic but still very spirtual, embracing pantheistic ways.

  10. Weakness,Used 2 B more original now U sound like U ran out of ideas and you are using the same melodies from previous material.

  11. new music will always disappoint so long as ya listen with an ear full of expectations. 
    incredibly enough, while an artist flows naturally through inevitable evolution, older releases can be played repeatedly for those with stagnant earing.

  12. 'I watch Matis go down
    Watch him become more gay'

    that, more or less, should be the right horus beginning.

  13. Been A Long Time Fan.
    And I've loved everything I've heard from this new album, can't wait for the rest of it!!!! 

  14. Just not feeling any of your new stuff
    Sad really I can listen to "youth" over and over without skipping any songs they are that good and resonate something deep inside

    "Light" I started to skip songs with only 2-3songs that had that effect
    Now your new albums and singles leave me cold
    And craving the warmth of tunes like Jerusalem and
    king without a crown.

    I wonder what dose matiyahu feel when he hears,sees or performs
    his older stuff
    Not ever had the joy of seeing him live
    I wonder if he can still deliver the warmth an soul of it
    Or does the new style take over

  15. Matisyahu was amazing, every album he put out was worse than the other, it sucks to say he lost it, the beauty was tarnished by fame, or he just got worn out, i dont know but this song doesnt compare to "got no water", or any songs  from shake off the dust, Arise

  16. no matter what this man puts out you all will mostly hate, but listen to the jams in a couple months again you will love it.

  17. Matisyahu is on point just being himself…for the people who want him to be somebody else, find love in yourself first!! Go Matisyahu – my man and friend through music

  18. Everyone that has a rude comment about his music or how hes a "sell out" just fucking leave. It's honestly so annoying. Just cause it's changing doesn't mean hes a sell out. He doesn't wanna do the same stuff for 10 years and more. There could be things hes going through that none of you no about and you all just criticize him. Just leave if you're going to leave a rude comment. Nobody wants to see it. 

  19. I love your music as you know !!!:) however on this album I like a set few….and this is defiantly one of them….LOVE IT!!!:)

  20. He's got real meaning.  I've not heard anything from him that doesn't leave me close to awe.  His words have got such a spiritual depth.  

  21. it's ok to feel that way, to like the old stuff more, but he is a different person from the young matis we fell in love with.    we can't expect him to stay the same.   i love the music he does no matter what

  22. Glad to see Matisyahu keeping it fresh and not putting out the same stuff album after album. If one can bear through the chorus, this song is awesome. Took a few listens, but it surely grew on me. Also glad to see him having fun.


  24. Progress folks… This is a wonderful album. I can't stop listening to it. It has touched me deeply. Thank you, Matisyahu.

  25. Hes not a Reggae Chassid anymore man! This is Rap. Reggae is a lifestyle I, Fyah bun pon that lie. Rasta I have a beard, and living for Jah Law, not man ways of Babylon!

  26. Please go back to your beginnings? Sometimes change is good. But most of the time it is not needed. Look at the world.and it's current state. Look what change has brought us. I am not talking about discoveries for those who wont understand my comment. I am talk about; If it works, why fix it?

  27. matitiau q hora es donde estas estas torrando entiendo poco tu idioma la cultural inglesa y el strafor me enseñaron ni mierda pero bueno sos un hombre muy lindo me hago la croqueta con conocerte y date la mano y admirarte desde la tribuna jajajaj sin tirarte la bombachoa obio solo apreciarte sos muy lindo y me gustas tanto pero tanto q no puedo diccimular tu pelo ahora se parece al de la luna te veo en videos y no lo puedo crere q humilde sos re pata sucia como yo y me suta bobo marley y los ortodoxos y me re gustria besarte pero buno pido mucho jajaj me hablas en castllano o ingle o hebreo y lo tradusco en t¡el traductor google cuantos años tenes yo 33 beso

  28. I love Mati, but I have to wonder what ever happened to him?? he went from dressing like a Rabi to shaving his beard, dying his hair and dressing like a total homo. Did he sell his soul to the illuminati?? I pray to G-d that he opens his eyes and turns back before it is too late. Because what's it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?? 

  29. Been listening to mat for ever i love when he makes music vids in brooklyn it reminds how beautiful williamsburg looks especially the jewish comumunity i miss brooklyn

  30. Some of this is my interpretation through analyzing some of Akeda. But to all the doubters and naysayers: 

    Matisyahu has evolved spiritually. He wrote a public letter about it actually. Basically strict Judaism was a tool he used because he didn't know himself and felt he couldn't resist the worldly temptations and stay true on his path to God. He no longer feels that he needs all that to keep on on his path, in fact, it is probably holding him back from growing as a human being now. He has not sold out at all. Akeda is a great CD dripping with spirituality. He is just on a different walk of his path now and his messages aren't exactly the same. If you really analyze Broken Car you'll see how he feels about (I believe) the religious system (a human system) being broken just like human beings are broken and their relationship with God is broken. Perspective guys. He's 35 and has a different perspective now from his life experience. What I love about Matisyahu is he openly puts his spiritual life journey on display for everyone to learn from.

  31. Hope to get you an Epic Bus, needed,so you could take the break needed ,between-gigs. Have lotto ticket,yea.

  32. People change … and so do artist becouse in the end they are people like all of us.
    And if an artist change he need to deside becouse changing your music may scare your fan off-true artist change and their music too and true fans keep on loving their loved artist …those who dont change their music as they change or make cheap music or scare of losing their fans.. Love you Matisyahu,this is great to hear music that show a procces long as 5 years ….

  33. I wish I knew how many times matisyahu has gotten me through rough periods of life and great ones as well. Thank you

  34. wow. "smoked more trees than a forest fire"….what happened to "Jerusalem if I forget you"…sounds like someone forgot.

  35. I saw him perform this live at the Reggae fest in Lakeworth FLA. I was the guy up in the tree watching because I couldn't afford to get in… if your reading this Matisyahu lol.

  36. Thank you Matisyahu, I worship YHWH, through all of your songs. These are not just jams to me, they are love songs I sing too Meshiac.

  37. I got electric boogaloo-shocktastic chills all over when I had the privilege of hearing this song for the first time & danced so hard during it that the floorboards almost cracked the kitchen ceiling drywall – Woohoo!

  38. When will you be in Clearwater, Tampa, or Brandon, my whole family would love to see you live, it's my dream to see the great artist you are….I live in Hope

  39. As a daughter of immigrants in the 50th, many Jew in Brooklyn where just like me and my family, some make it out, some never leave the corner, some are not here anymore. I can't even say I know how a Jew child raised in there would feel about a world that all they have done is kill them. The war is real, we see this in Matisyahu the artist. he is different and one of a kind, his music will be around for a long time, even when some of us are gone….

  40. A lot of people cannot even comprehend what he's saying.. the message is powerful and this song is magic

  41. I love him nobody raises my souls vibrations like him he's so amazing like a latter day prophet and no I'm not talking Mormon I'm talking one of God's true prophets love him

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