Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso Shares Big 2017 Plans | Fuse

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso Shares Big 2017 Plans | Fuse

What’s my biggest dream
for Marvel in 2017? Um, I think it’s to continue
what we’ve been doing, which is to
continue diversifying, allowing the writers who
are working on our books and the characters who
live in their world while also bringing back some
of our classic characters and putting them back center
stage where they belong. For people who think we don’t
care about them, you’re wrong. We’ve always
had our eye on them. It’s really hard to pick
favorites in the line. Is there is a specific book
I like? There’s plenty. What I can say is that
I love the approach that my editors are taking, which
is to find the right type of creative teams to tell
new stories for our characters. So I- I look for
exciting stories from a lot of our big characters
in the coming year. I would be remised
to say I’m not excited about the potential for
Captain America. Right now many people may know that
he’s gone to the dark side, he’s an agent of Hydra.
The question is, is there a redemption story
dug down deep in there? We’ll soon find out. What did I learn in 2016? Well, I always knew comic book
fans were a passionate breed, but I didn’t know
how passionate. I think what’s been interesting
is that we had plans. We knew that 2016 was gonna
be about diversity and change and blowing things up, bending
them, and even breaking them. So seeing people yell from both sides, the left and the right, the red states
and the blue states- seeing them react
to some of the, you know, controversial moves
we made has been interesting. Um, what I can say is
we’re playing the long game. 2017 will have people yelling
about very different things. Marvel Comics
reflects on the world. You know, it’s our
responsibility to tell stories about what’s going on
in the real world- as we’ve put it,
the world outside your window. So it’ll be an interesting
few years ahead. I mean, we’ve gone through
a big cultural shift; there’s a lot of opinions. But I think we’re not
a partisan organization. We’re not Republican
or Democrat. What we like to do is
speak to what’s going on, speak through metaphor,
speak potently. When we see injustice,
we like to confront it. We like to think that we’re on
the right side of history. That’s a tradition that
dates back to Stan Lee and all of his guys.
And I think that it’s important that we keep our
eyes open and we listen. Um, we listen to
both sides of the issue and we come up with
stories that we think say something about the world, um, that we can stand behind.

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  1. Axel Alonso sounds like a nice man. Everything I've read about him, have portrayed him as a friendly man who has the respect of the people who work for Marvel. But sadly, I think his creative instincts have brought disaster for Marvel Comics. Axel's creative instincts have brought the worst sales for Marvel since the crash years of the 1990s. They have the lowest sales in decades, and there really is no one to blame but Axel Alonso and the creative decisions he has made.

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