Marine Manufacturer Cuts Hours of Rework on Aluminum Welds

Marine Manufacturer Cuts Hours of Rework on Aluminum Welds

G.G. Schmitt was established in 1951 out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have this location that
we’re at here today in Sarasota, and we also just started a new facility up in Summerville, South Carolina. Our primary market is the marine industry throughout the United States. We service all the OEM boat builders, the customers that are building anywhere from 100 units a year to
maybe 5,000 units a year. We’re certainly known for high-quality stainless steel and aluminum hardware. That’s who we are. That’s what we produce. That’s what we deliver. We have a full design and
engineering department, which does make us a little
unique to our competition. That’s certainly another added value that we offer our customer base. Between our engineering
group and our prototype guys, both in aluminum and stainless, we have a really strong
prototype presence. And so we’re working hard
with the boat manufacturer to develop and design unique
product to set them apart. Depending on the project, it could start with a CNC laser operation, or it could start with
a vending operation, a weld operation, fabrication or polishing. We’re running anywhere between 800 and 900 jobs any given day. On-time delivery is critical. More customers are becoming
more JIT or just-in-time, controlling their inventory levels. Quick turnaround time seems to be something we fight with all the time. Everyone’s on a short
development cycle now. There’s been a very substantial
growth over the years. We are continuing to build the team to sustain more growth moving forward. We had multiple meetings
on how to grow the company with all the expansion
projects that we have and looking to buy all new welders. And we did multiple testings of machines, and the Miller Dynasty 400 was the choice that GG Schmitt picked and went with for stainless steel and aluminum. In the marine industry, it’s a little bit difficult. The welders are a lot
of times on their back, on their knees, standing up, ladder and you start going back-and-forth. Time becomes a factor. Instead of adjusting their amperage, it’s a push of a button now, and it’s a huge advantage. In some of the stuff we kind of mix a little bit of mill finish with anodize. You can mix any metal there
and it’s gonna be the same. It don’t really matter. I mean, it’s nice and smooth. And I mean, it doesn’t make no difference. Mostly it’s
cosmetics is our big thing. Our customers like the quality
and the look of the weld. Having the Dynasty 400 I mean, you’re always gonna get the best results. Your welds are gonna look
good and it makes it great.

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  1. Looks like you weld all your parts twice.. one to weld and the other to pulse over the top…your fired!

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