Making Mecha Kingdoms | Behind the Scenes – League of Legends

Making Mecha Kingdoms | Behind the Scenes – League of Legends

We’re always looking for ways to do
new, fresh things especially around holiday themed skins. One of the approaches we decided to take
was Lunar Revel. We’ve tried a bunch of things in the past and so we wanted to try something wildly new, and bring something fresh to the table. So Mecha Kingdoms is a new idea for us,
that we’re exploring. It’s a different way of looking
at our League of Legends champions and presenting them as giant mechas
that are protecting the world. For Mecha Kingdoms, we wanted to
tap back into the fantasies of this Asian inspired mythology. Drawing a lot from history, such as
Three Kingdoms and Chinese history, but also incorporating this really cool
futuristic, scifi twist. So the story is that there’s these three kingdoms
and outer territories as well who fought to rule across the land. And suddenly, sort of these giant leviathans,
came up from the sea, and they were invading humanity. Just with their normal human armies, they weren’t
able to defeat these monsters and so, they were blessed with this technology that they’re not exactly sure where it came from. And with this, they’re able to construct
really immense, huge, towering mechs. And so, with all the kingdoms united, there’s these
mechs going into battle against these monsters. The mecha skinlines, traditionally, has been for
more creature type characters. Mecha Kingdoms are piloted robots but they’re not just robots,
like the Praetorian skins. So we want the pilots’ personalities to come through. We went through multiple rounds of iterations on
what’s the technology behind this, right? Like, what’s driving these things? Once we figure that out, then it locks in a direction
for how we can build the mechs around them. Aside from that, the actual visual language that we’re using, it’s a blend between the organic flowy shape that
we established in our previous line, Lunar Revel, layered into, not only the silhouette, but also the details
and filigree you see on the mechs themselves. Some of our biggest challenges were conveying
that sense of weight and scale. Because in League of Legends, you might be
coming into lane like a giant mecha, but then there’s a Teemo there, that’s tiny. And so, we were able to tackle some of those challenges
in the vfx or the animation. So a lot of it is marrying those elements that ground it
in the real world like dust and debris, that are kicked up by these huge mechs. “Nothing personal, haha.” For Jax, we went into a lot more detail. So for his recall, you see him landing in a
small little village and so we get to see what that town looks like. And same with when he respawns, he’s being carried in
by these little floating armada ships, that are literally delivering the mech there. When he’s running into battle,
the ships are flying with him as well, so all these tiny little details. Selling the size was the hardest thing. We can’t make something sound massive in League,
to the point where it pulls away from the gameplay because gameplay trumps all, even in our designing. Since we don’t an established sound of what this sounds like, it was kinda like let’s figure it out. It was a lot of experimenting with different types of metal sounds, and a lot of different types of heavy impacts and metal movements and stuff like that. One of the things, I kinda want to introduce to Mecha Kingdoms, is kinda like a magic influence, so when you toggle the Ultimate, you get the sparks and electricity and stuff,
but you still feel like there’s magic that’s kinda influencing the ability. That’s kind of what’s helping separate Mecha Kingdoms
from the regular mecha. Because this is such an anachronistic, unique sort of universe, we wanted to see how we can make the mechs feel that
they are empowering and fitting that mech fantasy, while making them feel like they were built in this period
that was inspired by East Asian mythology. We get to really invent this universe together. Artists are working with narrative, working with designers, and making sure this all feel like a cohesive package. I hope players feel like that this is something different and that they also feel a sense of scale and grandeur
with these big mechas. And they see that they’re not just mechas, but because
of the way they look, the way they move, that there’s something more.

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  1. Disculpen pero con esta nueva actualización se me bugeo el cliente, no me dan las piezas mecha que me gano, subo de nivel y no me dan las capsulas y no solo me pasa a mi por que en el foro hay muchas personas con el mismo problema.

    And he still hasn't gave us a downloadable version 😡

  3. I'm currently in school for digital art and seeing people working in the field really helps motivate me even more. more content like this pls

  4. lol por favor quita muchos de tus anuncios ya me canse de que siempre aparezcan ,tienes millones de jugadores y no necesitas tanta publicidad,yo juego calf of duty y encerio me canse de tus anuncios por favor betame de tus anuncios

  5. Mecha Kingdom we wanted to being something fresh to league.
    Totally. You brought like 20 different animes into league. Sick.

  6. The mechas concept of having them be larger than villages and mountains does not work….unless they start making champions to scale in size, they will always be seen as tiny, the same size as annie or yuumi…waste of effort here.

  7. more dream is to be a artist so i can work with league at this kinda of stuff animations and drawing sparkles like i love every little detail they add i just wish one day i get enough skill to join in their amazing teams

  8. I feel like the Mechan Kingdom storyline is inspire or is a reflection of ionian story of the Sky Giants vs mortals and the mecha blessings was the intervention of the Vastaya’shairai

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