Making Damascus with Alec Steele!

Making Damascus with Alec Steele!

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the
workshop that’s my intro so today we’re gonna be forging a blade for our 3d
printed knife handles with Alec so Alec how are we gonna do this first thing that
we’re gonna do is we need to make a cool Damascus pattern raindrop Damascus
gotta get the forge hot, we’re gonna get you guys running the power hammer and
makeing some sparks you guys ever stick welded? we’ve only MIG welded. awesome. we’re gonna be stacking up two
different alloys of steel we got a quick lesson in Damascus steel and step one
was to weld up the layers that give you those cool striations when you mash them
all together what’s this all polished and it’s putting the acid nickel steel
will end up showing up bright because it doesn’t corrode the carbon steel
corrodes so we’re gonna make one of these and then this is what we’re gonna
weld up tap to spark the arc up. come back down. next step we need to put it in the fire. so i’ll work on my piece give you a little demonstration you’re gonna come out of the fire. You’re gonna shove it into the dies. Full contact on the dies. Bam bam bam bam bam bam. five blows turn it around. bam bam bam bam bam bam. okay so we may look really calm and
collected here but we were actually kind of freaking out because the power hammer
was a little intimidating and the first step where you forge weld all the layers
together is really important luckily Alec had prepped an extra piece
so we could see him do it first so the heat and pressure here is
actually enough to bond the atoms of these metals together which is kind of
crazy before we got the middle hot enough to
bond atoms though we power hammered any gaps away and applied some flux to
prevent oxidation which can ruin the bond under pressure you forget how to count. i know ahhhh it’s going! No that was great. when you started hitting it harder you knocked the hammer off
onto the ground and I was like okay that’s probably a good sign after Forge welding next up was drawing
the material out to size in between power hammerings we showed
Alec the 3d printed steel knife handles in person for the first time you can
check out his reaction in his video about the project and you can see how we
designed and prototyped these scales in our last video we also took apart the
kits and strategized a few changes we wanted to make oh yeah that’s there’s
like a few thou of play so now we have So we could tighten it up on the one we’re making we’ll be able to make it even better than that alright so now we have forged welded all of the layers of steel
together to make a nice little Damascus sandwich then we’re going to cut them
into pieces we’re gonna flatten it out cut them into pieces and we’re gonna
stick those pieces on top of each other forged weld it again and then we’re
gonna mess with it to try to get some real interesting patterns They call this raindrop pattern. this is something that I haven’t done before. the less surface area the more aggressive
is this scale is like a Rockwell 55-plus to get through that aggressive angle
go start a little bit low and I’ll ramp it up until it seems right so here we’re grinding the steel flat so
that when we cut it and stack it up for the next Forge weld there won’t be much
of an air gap I think i can go a lot faster now i think i was playing it safe. so we’re gonna cut this big piece into a
bunch of little pieces I’m gonna cut it off and cut two at a time 35 take away five divided by… alright so we’ve measured the stock that we made
and we can cut it into 10 pieces so we’re gonna turn our 25 layers into 250
layers Haha what’s that I didn’t get a single thing in shot nooooo! next up was forge welding the new stack
together by this point power hammer was more fun than scary but we still weren’t
the fastest soon enough though we asked out to take over and speed things up
because we had a lot of important thingsto accomplish so guys we already know that we have way too much footage to fit into one little youtube video so we’re gonna be posting
a full rough cut of this video and our after-show on patreon where we talk
about behind the scenes stuff that went wrong all that fun stuff I’ll be there too it’s gonna be a special aftershow and you can
find it at patreon dot com slash Evan and Katelyn will have a link below ok so
back to the project we cleaned up our piece one more time so we had a nice
surface to grip and drill into which is the next step Hey Alec check out my grind pretty good
right bingo-bango chap that’s a jolly good job so what we’re doing right now is we’re
drilling a whole bunch of holes in this beautiful layered steel and then we’re
gonna heat it up smash it flat and then it’s going to create this raindrop
pattern I think I’ve never done it actually this here this is a roughing
carbide end mill this is the safest way but it’s not like
speedy yeah I’m thinking put it in the vice and hand drill it so he can go
zz zz zz zz quick and random we’ve got to make sure that there’s a system for the
randomness yeah yeah we need a grid i’ve got a spreadsheet more! haha yeah! lots of hard work here in the shop all right it is day two yesterday we
finished making this awesome piece of what is called raindrop Damascus Alec
explains it really well in his video and today we’re gonna surface grind it? surface grind
it and then turn it into a knife wooo! shim a-roonie. shim shim a-roonie. I just happened to be recording noooo! real life alec steele is just random songs it’s just like real life evan and katelyn! we can take one more pass we’re gonna get through it all. i think we have enough material by the way all this work so far and we
have no idea how it’s gonna look yet we are ready for zee etch. zee etch! we’ve got it
surface ground up yeah ferric chloride this is the moment of truth
are we ready okay okay how long do you wait oh I dropped it no haha i’m joking we’ve got it. duh duh duh duh ok and into the bicarbonate soda THIS IS SO COOL! THAT LOOKS MAGICAL!! that is amazing! getting the beauty shots yeah work it! okay so we’re gonna take this deal and
turn it into this knife and I’m really excited about that though I shouldn’t be super excited with
this knife out SO EXCITED next time on Evan and Katelyn kinda scary, very fun ain’t never far from Texas when you’re with Alec Steele and now we need pliers! haha it was good but at one part i wanted to take it but you held onto it you’re holding it like this and i’m like no! done and done bingo bango. you can’t start saying that. that’s no. what have you done sorry bad influence bingo bango and all

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  1. i love you videos because of the high energy and mood lifting ability then i saw alec at makers central on stage and realized he had the same high energy mood boosting ability also so started watching his video. so all 3 of you together its like super hyper drive energy boosting.. stay awesome guys.

  2. joli travail pour une première! Alec, attention, KATELYN va prendre ta place!!!
    en résumé: j'adore!!!

  3. Sooo, you and Alex have put up a few of these videos on the knife build the past couple of weeks. Not once did any of you mention that The Man, the myth, the legend… Jimmy D was hanging out for a while. I guess no big deal now huh? He did put a shout out to the three of you in his clog, you know, if you even care… Lol. Kidding. Still can't wait to see the gold frame with the blade all finished. Alex's looks great. But he probably had his posted the day before he finished it. Since he stopped sleeping in 2015 he's able to get a lot more done in a day..

  4. You need to get enough lens so you can keep your DSLR out of the line of fire. (Trust me. I know how expensive they are.) It beats getting welding spatter on the front element.

  5. love the colabs,especially with people i already follow ,bob from ilms and now alec , you guys make it look really fun to watch you do new things and are not afraid to try it too,keep doing so 👍🏻

  6. So glad you guys did this collaboration! I've been following Alec for a while… and as you might have noticed by now, I've been harassing him to get some women in the shop of his for a while! The only downside is that now I have yet another youtube channel to go through old videos to catch up!

  7. AAAAAAAA!!! So awesome! Hey, I'm going to England next month, think Alec will let me stop by his shop? 🙂

  8. One more thing. It makes me nervous to see long hair uncontrolled in the shop. Ashley Harwood even with a ponytail makes me nervous. A metal shop is a little different that a woodshop or the mixed stuff y'all do, but still consider a tight scrunchie a bit of PPE. It's not as photogenic, but would keep my heart rate down. I keep waiting to hear a report on Matt Cremona that he's had a huge log eat him or something.

  9. Same workshop, same people, same project. It's so interesting to see the differences between your two cinematography styles. Nice job.

  10. I'm a subscriber to you and Alec's for long before your collaboration, a lot of fun watching the three of you making an awesome project and had a lot of laughs!
    Lots of love from Egypt

  11. You are all as nutty as a large slab of old grannies fruit cake but it is delightful to see the three of you having so much fun doing something so special.

  12. I'm quite sure that wasn't as easy as you guys made it seem but that was totally awesome! And omg Katelyn doing Evan and Alec's voices! That pattern is absolutely gorgeous! And this video was fandarntastic!! I can't wait for the next episode for the rest of the build!!! More exclamation points!!!!!!

  13. That looks like it was so much fun!

    I'd love to do blacksmithing for a few days at some point in the future!

  14. soo much fun. I bet it was a blast. Alec can be such a clown. I must say You two make such a cute couple too.keep up the vids

  15. Wow, this is so dope. The slowmo shots look super cinematic. When I try that it doesn’t look that good, how did you do that?

  16. That was a long wait and build up for the finish, but damn, I was impressed. What a great effect all that work created. The teardrop steel looks great – the knife is going to be awesome!

  17. I sent Alec a mesaage several days ago telling him that I'd like to make him a custom induction forge for free. Except he hasn't gotten back to me.

    What do you guys think? Should I still make it and then ship it to him?

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  20. For some reason, I haven’t been getting notifications even though I have the bell icon pressed

  21. @6:18 – actually no… You are grinding off the "scale" so that you have a clean surface to weld with. The Scale will not weld. (Or, if it does weld, will have massive lines through the pattern.) Also, it is easier to cut – scale is harder…

  22. The synnergy (crossover) between channels on this channel kind of makes me sick. Comes across as product placement.

    Sorry. Still watching.

  23. @8:43 — Oh my fucking gods, I damn near lost it at that. — Your impression of Alec is fucking amazeballs, Katelyn. XD

  24. Great stuff guys! Really interesting. Alec's skill and your enthusiasm created a wonderfully fun video with some really cool "learnin's". Beautiful result on the steel too. Subbed to both channels for a while now, but it's fantastic to see you all working together. Keep up the great work!! I'm off to check out part 2, can't wait to see how this turns out…

  25. And that folks, is how not to use a surface grinder. He should've grabbed it in the vice, face milled both sides in his bridgeport manual mill and then ground only 0.005-0.006" per side.

  26. an Axe head in that raindrop damascus would be really cool, especially with those tigerstripes towards the edge of the workpiece as the actual sharp edge, following the curve of the pattern…

  27. Found you guys 'cause of Alec, and this collaboration is awesome! You guys and Alec have the same sort of goofy enthusiasm, and are excited to learn (and screw up!) new things. You work so well together and are such fun to watch! I love your channel, too! — the variety of projects you guys do is astounding, and really appeals to my jack-of-all-trades nature (or maybe more likely my inability to stick to something :p) on a deep level.

  28. My grandpa taught me Damascus and one of his mottos was "Don't ask yourself, 'What if I use to much' but ask 'What if I didn't use enough'"

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  30. I love how you blended elements of Alec's style of video with your own (I've noticed some of this blending with your other collabs too) it shows some real appreciation and interest while adding your own brand of wonderful in these co-projects, wonderful video, thank you.

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