Making a Rail Anvil Stand

Making a Rail Anvil Stand

The rail gets traced here to establish a template The outline is cut using a bandsaw The template fits over the rail in both directions Strips of 1/2″ plywood are cut on the table saw Plywood squares are cut The template is used to trace the outline onto each square Holes are drilled to help cutting on the bandsaw The bandsaw is used to cut out most of the material The template is temporarily nailed to each square to finish shaping with the router A flush-cut router bit is used to follow the template, the bit has a bearing that rides on the template shape This process took a while, lots of sawdust Each layer gets a light sand All the squares are placed on the rail to check for fitment The table saw is used to cut off the top corners Each layer is glued and nailed together, screws are also used for additional strength I covered the rail in clear tape to ease glue clean-up The entire piece is clamped and left to dry A steel bar and sandpaper are used to sand the inside surfaces, a lot of dried glue to clean up The stand slides on easily in both directions The plywood is misaligned and needs flattening Guides are clamped on and the table saw is used to plane off excess wood Dangerous? Yes All sides have been flattened Sanding smooth and rounding off the hard edges Very nice Steel flat bar is used for brackets Some small tack welds to hold the layers of steel together Quick grinding to remove excess weld material Bracket bolt holes are drilled Holes are drilled in the stand to accept lag bolts This bracket is used to prevent the rail from sliding out during use Threaded studs are installed on the other side for removable bracket Water-based clearcoat Rail slides in very easily Plastic knobs allow quick removal of rail Finished product Like and subscribe!

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  1. I saw you working some copper at the end. But would this design hold up to some blacksmithing? I'm a beginner blacksmith, and know that this world be a stopgap measure until I know I'm interested enough to invest in a more get anvil. But, will this one hold up to making hundreds of things while u get my technique down?

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  6. You know if I was a craftmen, I would be completely, and utterly green with envy of this project. I subscribed. Now keep those videos coming!!

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  14. Been thinking about a railway anvil for a while. This could be really useful and nothing in this design stops a horn being put on it either. What I would change is those plastic knobs for some proper wing nuts.

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  16. I was hoping this would show how to make this in a big block of wood or stump, not a laminate of laminate. But thanks anyway

  17. I like the idea, but what most people miss is that rail doesn’t have much mass. Think of the hammer and anvil as two dies squishing the metal, a light weight die on the bottom side that isn’t strongly anchored to a lot of mass is going to be very inefficient. Standing it on end will help a lot if you want to move metal with it.

  18. I appreciate how you've provided a bit of each essential step, without needless amounts of grinding and cutting. Too many videos waste film on excess noise, but you've done well with this.

  19. What the hell did I just watch. This is not how to use a rail for a anvil. Wow dont quit your day job dude your going to need it

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