Making a Jacob’s Ladder to Celebrate a Million Subs!

Making a Jacob’s Ladder to Celebrate a Million Subs!

Hi. Shh. (Trying to focus.) Y-YEAH!! ((slap hands)) ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! {{burst-open party horn noise}} {{plop}} Well, this calls for two things. First, I’d like to make a celebration candle, which I’ll make out of a Jacob’s ladder; And second, …I’m gonna *give away four* of these Lulzbot mini to you, my viewers and patrons, at the end of the video. Thank you for helping me get there. Now let’s make a Ladder. #{middle eastern cinematic music} ##
According to historians, …Jacob used this special ladder to ascend to heavens. #(–)# Well, naturally, of course, if you were too unfortunate to touch this ladder, you’ll die. Because it’s made of very high power, high voltage, low frequency, across two metal rods. But unlike the legend, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll go to heaven. ##
Unless you have lead an honest life, have been good to your neighbours,– #(–)# Fine! I don’t *know* why they call it a ^Jacob’s ladder^, and I don’t care. We need high voltage, and I can create it with my [heaves] microwave oven transformer. It creates over 2000 volts. Now we need to shape two wires, and connect them to the transformer. Hey. I just came back from future to warn you *one last time*: You are *banned* to do this high voltage experiment at home. It is more dangerous than having an agitated cobra around your neck. At least the venom takes a while to kill you, but this doesn’t(!) In a Jacob’s Ladder, we have two wires like this connected to high voltage. The arc is created from the shortest gap and ri-i-ises all the way up. The reason is that the arc so all the hot air pushes the arc up. I have connected my wires to my transformer so we can see the arc. {{switch, buzzing}} Oh(!) I think the gap between the wires is a little bit too wide for the 2kV to jump across. {{slams table}} Ah-owww! (I almost killed myself(!)) But I was saved with sheer luck(!) See, my right hand touched the wire first, which shocked me back to my senses. If both my hands touched the wires at the same time, now you would be watching a few hours of my corpse cooking to perfection. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t meet YouTube guidelines either. (Maybe I could have posted it on LiveLeak.) So, never get too comfortable around high voltage and always wear protective gear(!) See, even though only one hand was touching the wire,- and fortunately I wasn’t touching earth or any other conductive surfaces – it still zapped me. Always remember, any conductor like your body has parasitic capacitances to the environment. So, if the voltage is high enough, there will be (a) high enough current to zap you. Let me show you. See, this probe is not connected anywhere. But when I bring it close
({{switch, buzzing}}) to this wire,… {buzzing…} it’ll arc. {buzzing…}
{{very quiet zapping}} You hear it? Uh, maybe if I make the room dark, you can even see the arcs. {{very quiet zapping}} You see them? The probe is still not connected anywhere. If it was, the arcs would be huge. For around 2 kV, I need around 1 mm for the arc to (jump)(–) {{walls shake from drilling}}
For around 2 kV, I need around 1 mm for the arc to (jump)(–) {{walls shake from consistent drilling}} {{walls shake from consistent drilling}}
((sniggers)) Anyways, for around 2 kVs, I need around 1 mm of air gap for the arc to jump. Let’s try it. {{buzzing}} {{loud arc rises and cuts}} Ooh, sh*t. {{switch}} ((sniggers)) My puny wires melted,– I need thicker wires, like this, so they won’t melt. Let’s give it a try. {{switch, buzzing, arcing}} Come on. {{loud mechanical snap}}
F***(!) The breaker popped(!) Dammit, I just want to celebrate! Apparently, the 1mm air gap is too short for the arc to rise. I need to widen the gap. But then that means that I have to have to have much higher voltage. Which I could make using a simple circuit like this, to increase the *output* voltage peak to double. The problem is that the capacitor that I scavenged from my microwave oven is broken, and all I have are these 100pF high voltage capacitors which limit the output power a lot. Let me show you. {buzzing}
Here I have a single capacitor, series with my power supply, and you can see that a-around-d 1 mm… {{zapping}} the arcs start jumping. Now, all I did is that I added the diode I talked about earlier, and… we can see that the… {{louder zapping}}
arcs … can jump from a much further distance. This is too weak for (a) Jacob’s ladder though. ‘Cause as soon as I open the gap, it stops going. {{intermittent zapping}} We need more power to be able to stretch the arcs. See? {{rising arc noise}} {{rising arc noise}} For a wider arc, we need more power to create and maintain a longer ionised air channel. So, I guess I can keep the gap wide and then stretch an arc across it manually, like this. {{electric arc noise}} {{electric arc noise}} {{electric arc noise, flare}} Uh, some … manual Jacob’s ladder. I think it still need more pizazz. What if I put a capacitor between the rods, so that when the arcs reach them, the capacitor blows up for some firework effects! Here’s a capacitor. Ready? {{electric arc noise}} {{electric arc noise}} {{electric arc noise}} {{electric arc noise, rising buzz, cut}} [high pitched] Ah, sh**! {buzz stops} The capacitor legs melted but the capacitor didn’t blow up? Is anything gonna work today?! So much power melted the legs, but the capacitor is not even bulged. Let me check something. ((sighs)) *That’s* why. It seems like the high voltage dead-shorted the capacitor internally before it even had a chance to heat up and blow up. Worst celebration candle ever. Hey, what if I put some matches between them so at least *they* set on fire(!) I’m holding a match there. Let’s give it a try. {{arcing and snapping}}
Whoah, whoah, WHOAH, WHOAH, WH– {{loud mechanical snap}}
–oh sh**(!) F***ing breaker! ((blows)) Fire! ((blows)) Fire creates plasma! {buzzing}
Let me introduce you to fire!
{{triggers lighter}} {{arcing}}
((laughs)) We don’t need high voltage after all. {{cascading snap}} F***ing breaker! And what if I add some sparklers to it? It’s getting there! {{lighter, arc}} {{humming, bubbly snapping}} Oh my– GOD!! Oh F***! Sh**!
{{tumbling}} [almost insincere] Yay! Let’s make it fancier. I designed a stand for my fancy Jacob’s ladder, and I’ll print it. So, I will be giving away this Lulzbot Mini 3D printer. {robotic noises in background to voiceover}
It’s a pretty solid printer. I’ve had it for over a year now, and printed a few things with it. Very useful tool to have. It is a two-piece part which I’ll glue together like this. And I’ll drill the burrs out of the holes. And so, we have a shrine. Hmmmmm– I’ll leave a link to my 3D model in my website in case you need it for “spiritual reasons”. Of course, you didn’t think I was gonna use these tiny sparklers, eh? ((giggles)) Say hellow to my 28″ sparkler(!) Put them in,– Let’s add a bunch of more tiny sparklers to it. Let’s start the mayhem. {{arcing}} {{arcing intensifies and pulses}} {{snap}} (What) the hell? {{arcing, candle holder bubbles loudly and drains}} {{snap}}, (What the hell?) Why (do) bad things happen to good people?! Go! {{arc}} Oop– {{arc}} {{arc}} {{crack}}
Ahh f***!! F***! Sheer luck! Thanks to my flimsy wire connections to the transformer that fell off quickly, …I only sustained some third degree burns! My stupid long sparklers made my structure topheavy, which, of all people, fell right on top of me. ((exhales)) I leave a bunch of safety tips on my website. But such experiments are not worth dying for. So don’t do it. Let’s just celebrate like normal people, with oversized sparklers. [insincere] Yay! #…{“I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, covered by Sadaghdar in Gibberish} [Gibberish] #(–)# #Giveaway Time!# Hey, I’ve survived one million subscribers, and hopefully I’ll survive another million too. And, to show my appreciation to everyone who made this happen, …I thought giving away a few 3D printers is in order. Lulzbot makes some top-of-the-line printers. I’ve had this Lulzbot Mini for a while now, and I’m pretty happy with it, and I thought you deserve the same. So I’ll give two of these to my patrons at who are automatically in the draw, and the other two go to the viewers. So, like last time, if you have a need for a 3D printer, leave a comment so I know you need it. Something like… I don’t know, be creative. Bring smile to my face. And I thank you again. #{{beatboxing}}#

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