Magnetic Welding Torch and Grinder Holders | JIMBO’S GARAGE

Welcome Jimbo’s garage Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to Jimbo’s garage. Well. I’m really excited to show you guys my new line of torch holders here I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m fabricating here in the shop I always had a problem with my torch sitting down my MIG torch or my TIG torch or Laying my angle grinder down and just no room for that and so I thought I would design These torch holders right here now There are a couple of them out on the market, and I have I happen to have a few those But they never really worked the way that I was hoping they would all five of these are handmade and Designed by me right here in my shop and available on my website at Jimbo’s garage comm they’re also available In a couple of stores and might be in a store near you. Thanks for watching Don’t forget to rate comment subscribe for more videos. See you next time

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