Magicsee iron+ Android 6.0 4K TV Box

Welcome viewers once again to another presentation. During 2016 an even into 2017, I have seen
lots of TV boxes carry the same hardware and benchmarks all fighting to claim their spot
as the number one TV box for streaming. However, some of them performed pretty good,
and some of them just failed to deliver, sighting poor quality hardware an optimized programming. Some of them were even a pain just to look
at, with poor housing design and little or no aesthetics. With that said. I feature a TV box crafted unlike any box
you have seen on the market, with a design and aesthetics to impress any TV box enthusiast,
it is Made from hard metal, it is made from some of the best Amlogic hardware in the industry,
and it’s inspired by the iron man action figure. Presenting, the Magicsee iron+, Android 6.0
4K TV Box. This is an introduction video, and after the
break, we’ll have an overview of its hardware and features, and we will see what the Magicsee
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information. Welcome back. Magicsee technology company ltd, is a high
tech enterprise combined with research, development, production and sales. They specialize in VR glasses, 360° cameras,
and smart gear, and In this latest venture, they released the Magicsee iron+, which promises
to deliver movies and entertainment for the whole family. Let’s start with its design. The Magicsee iron+ is made of exactly what
it says it’s made from, Its housing is made from a strong metal alloy, crafted into a
unique hexagon shape. At the top, you have a diamond cut pattern,
nicely separated by a tree point LED power light, that adds a sort of a glowing neon
type effect, representing magicsee’s blue signature brand. At the back, you have 1 HDMI Port, 1 RJ45
Ethernet LAN port, you have 1 optical audio port, 1 audio video Port, and the DC power
input. To the sides, you have 3 USB 2.0 ports plus
an SD card slot. Below the box you have ventilation holes,
along with two additional holes for hanging the box on a wall in a vertical position. Let’s take a look at its hardware. The Magicsee iron+, runs on the Amlogic S912
64bit octa core CPU, running up to 2.0 GHz. We have all come to know this CPU from the
many TV boxes that uses it, it’s a solid CPU, and some providers have learned to optimize
their operating system on it effectively, and others have fallen short when it came
to benchmarks an user experience. However, Magicsee has put their best effort
into this latest release, and guarantees users the best movie streaming experience ever. The iron+ display, is powered by the Mali
T820 tri core GPU, running up to 750 MHz. This GPU in previous benchmarks has proven
itself to be effective in this environment, providing quality 3D graphics and 4K video
playback at 60 fps, with support for H.265 HEVC, and VP9 decoding. What is a good display without quality sound
to complement it. The Magicsee iron+, has support for 5.1 surround
sound audio pass-through via the HDMI port, and digital audio via the optical audio port. When it comes to memory, the Magicsee iron+
comes with 3GB of DDR4 RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, with a max extended capacity of 128GB
via convertible storage, that popular feature which is supported by the Android 6.0 operating
system and later versions. There is also a 16GB model featured on the
same site for a couple dollars less. Internet and Bluetooth connectivity is very
important. and the iron+ is equipped with the latest
in wireless technology. It comes with 802.11 dual band 2.4 + 5.8GHz
WiFi, together with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. If you prefer to connect via cables, the Magicsee
iron+ comes with Ethernet LAN connection with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps for fast streaming
an downloading of apps. The Magicsee iron+, uses OTA wireless updates,
to keep your TV box synchronize with the latest firmware. Entertainment experience is most important,
and when it comes to software, the Magicsee iron+ runs on Android 6.0 operating system,
and it uses a customized user interface, optimized to deliver the best entertainment user experience
ever. If you are into streaming free movies an TV
shows, the Magicsee iron+ has support for applications like Netflix Kodi and others. If you like to cast content from your mobile
device, the iron+ comes with DLNA and Miracast, for watching content from your mobile device
in real time directly to your TV. If you are into Android games, you have full
access to the google playstore with thousands of free apps and games for your enjoyment. Download any large app or game, with 32GB
of internal storage, and convertible storage up to 128GB via the SD card slot. You can connect any Bluetooth air mouse remote
control, touch-pad keyboard, or Bluetooth gamepad for better navigation and gaming experience. This was an overview of the Magicsee iron+
android 6.0 4K TV box, a full review with benchmarks will soon follow. If you are interested in this box, see the
link in the description area for more information. Thanks for watching, remember to like this
video if you found it informative, share it with your friends, and subscribe to this channel
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