Mac Rant: Still Can’t Merge Folders in 2018! LAAAAME. – Jody Bruchon

Mac Rant: Still Can’t Merge Folders in 2018! LAAAAME. – Jody Bruchon

Hello, fellow computer users. This…this is a Mac. Let me tell you why…Macs…SUCK. This Mac with the little external hard drives that are hiding behind it? I’ve got three sets of pictures That I’m helping someone get merged together If you go to Finder on a Mac and you try to copy One set of pictures and then copy it into another folder with other folders with the same name What happens on Windows? Well, it merges the folders. What happens on Linux? It merges the folders. What happens on Mac OS? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! It offers to erase the folders that are already there and replace them. I’m not amused. This thing! This thing! I am going insane dealing with this thing Because I have to go to a command prompt and run the ditto command to merge folders. This thing is running…I think it’s running High Sierra, the most recent OS as of this recording And I’m very angry, because I shouldn’t have to do what I’m doing Why is it that Mac OS has been around for god knows how long and they still can’t do something as simple as combine two folders merging recursively Why? Macs suck. Macs just suck. I don’t like them because of dumb things like this they have so much potential But you can’t even merge two folders! Oh look! Look at that! It’s so disrespectful that now it’s shutting off the screen! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! See? I don’t like them. Macs suck. Macs suck. Not only can they not merge folders, but they turn off when you try to take video of them They are actively hostile to whatever you’re trying to do. Even if it’s not on the Mac. End rant! You

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  1. Apple is suffering a reverse evolution, they use to be the best gadget around but simple limitations makes me go berserk. They need to give thought to such issues rather than always trying to force customers onto their product with proprietory dirty tricks.

  2. I just discovered that I lost an unknown number of gigabytes (probably in the double digits) of files because I mainly use Windows but figured copying a bunch of folders using a Mac laptop would work the same way.

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