Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier – 2016 Edition

Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier – 2016 Edition

Luigi: Hmm. A-HAA!!! (Sighs) HELP! (screams) Combine: STOP!! Combine: You violated the law! (screams) Police: AW SHIT!! POLICE!! Hold it, idiot!! (Guns Loading) Piece of Garbage! (screaming) Half of these assholes are drug addicts… HEEELP!! Civilian #1: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!! Civilian #2: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! Niko: You know what? Niko: I ain’t even got a license. Luigi: Yahoo!! (car starting-up) (car starting-up) Combine: AAAHH!! Luigi: MARIO!! Uh oh! Niko: YELLOW CAR!! No! No! NOOOOO!!! Luigi: (screaming) Mario: Sweet! Mario: Whoa! Luigi: (sighs) Mario: Hey, Lui- ;D Luigi: Whew! Mamma Mia! Luigi: Mario!! Luigi: Mamma Mia… Luigi: Yikes! (screaming) Mario: Oh…Man… Mario: HOLY SHIT!! Luigi: Hey?! Mario: Go! Luigi: Yes! Combine: Contact confirmed, prosecuting. Combine: Overwatch, request reserve activation. Combine: SHIT!! Engineer: Well! I guess that’ll do! Engineer: Aw hell… Luigi: Got it! Mario: Wow! Mario: Mamma!! (screaming) Niko: Some friends of mine are pissed off with you! Cheat activated: Spawned a Pegassi Ruffian… Luigi: Whahaha!! Luigi: (screaming) Combine: AAH!!! (civilians screaming) Mario: Noo!! Combine: (Roaring) Combine: (Screaming) Mario: Mamma Mia! Luigi: Mamma Mia… (Crowd cheering) Luigi & Mario: (laughing) Mario: Hey! Whehee! Subtitles made possible by Mariotravel209 (Adrian Lopez Valle) [07/21/2016]

100 thoughts on “Luigi Meets A Combine Soldier – 2016 Edition

  1. You should do what happen before the Combine meet Luigi! btw this is really cool! Cause you know i like Mario Bros

  2. the combine would win tho because they are useing a half life/gmod map there is more than one combine then! make a version that the combine wins

  3. Oi, Mariotravel. Remember the video I mentioned seeing you long ago?

    This was that video. You are phenominal. Truly. Like, your animations make my life that much better to live.

    Excellent work, you talented plumber!

  4. why dident luigi ask egad or engie to make that half life three box into a wacum so it traps the combine like the ghosts he trapped

  5. S T O P ! Y O U V I O L A T E D T H E L A W. P A Y T H E C O U R T A F I N E O R S E R V E Y O U R S E N T E N C E. Y O U R S T O L E N G O O D S A R E N O W F O R F E I T.

  6. This looks like a masterous film.

    If you said this came from hollywood I would believe it.

    Keep up the good work man.

  7. I Found This Video From IMDB Because Niko Bellics Voice Actor Was In This

    (I’m Pretty Sure They Just Used His Scream So IMDB Listed It R.I.P)

    Edit: The Game Character Niko Is In This So Maybe That’s Why

  8. This Is Literally The Funniest Thing Ever It Actually Is Funny Unlike Other SFM Vids Where Random Garry’s Mod Shit Happens

    It’s Like Random Garry’s Mod Shit Happens Except It’s Well Animated And Actually Has Funny Well Thought Out Jokes

    Literally Everything About This Is Amazing From The Jokes To The Animations To The Fights

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