London’s Most Exciting Restaurant is a Metal Blasting, Meat Haven — The Meat Show

London’s Most Exciting Restaurant is a Metal Blasting, Meat Haven — The Meat Show

(rock music) – [Nick] Heavy
metal at maximum decibels and phallic imagery are not
what you expect to welcome you at one of London’s most
important restaurants. Yet that’s exactly what you’re gonna get at Black Axe Mangal. Literally every chef I
spoke to in this city told me I had to try this place. Chef Lee Tiernan has worked and trained at some of the city’s
most acclaimed kitchens, but now at Black Axe, he’s
highlighting the multiculturalism of this vibrant international city. He does this by leaning on his passion for British cooking tradition, using native ingredients, but incorporating the
influences of the immigrants that have made London what it is today. The result is a menu that
could only really exist right here in London town. (rock music) Let’s talk about the decor in here. You got skateboards, Kiss on the oven, brightly colored floral… – There’s dicks all over the floor. – There’s penises all over the place. – It’s pretty much a desperate
bid for attention, I think. – (laughing) You got
this geezer right here. – This was all just fun, and I think the thing
I’m most concerned about when people come to Black Axe
Mangal is, are they having fun? If they’re gonna come and
spend some money with us, I want them to have a
(beep)ing great time. – How would you describe the menu here? – Just spicy, interesting,
quite salty, smoky. – Meaty. – Meaty; it’s a product of
London’s multiculturalism. We get tails, tongue, kidneys, heart, and we incorporate that
into the menu over the week. The lamb offal is baked on flatbread, smoked potatoes inside. We pipe lamb offal on the top. Liver, heart, balls, kidney fat, some of the mince from the belly, and any off-cuts from
the lambs that we get in, cumin, black pepper,
coriander, fennel, caraway. And then we top that
with yogurt, chili sauce, sumac, shallots, and flat-leaf parsley. – What about the ox heart? ‘Cause that’s something that actually you get a lot of in England. You really don’t see
it in America too much. – It’s one of my favorite
things to prep and cook. Very lean meat; there’s no
fat in ox heart whatsoever. We marinate it in fish
sauce, garlic, some oil. Sometimes put a little bit
of vinegar in there as well. – When an order comes in,
you’re just searing it. – Yep, sear it. We serve it with a range of things. Like, today I’m gonna serve
it in an iceberg lettuce cup with some AO leaves and tahini, some Mission Chinese wing spice, and some chili hot dog onions. (rock music) The fun dish is smoked pig cheek. We salt spice that up, and then we smoke ’em for about six hours, chill it down, take the skin off, then slice it so you get
nice, defined slices. And then usually pan fry that, because a lot of fat comes out of it. You pop it in the oven as well. It’s like cooking it in a jet engine; it really cooks quickly. – And what does that come served with? – A little XO slaw, white
cabbage, pickled carrots, coriander, spring onions, chili garlic, dried shrimps, and Shaoxing wine. – Alright, well listen, can’t hear this much about
food and not eat food. Let’s get in the kitchen. (exciting music) So I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in this restaurant, and what I have here is food that you really can’t pigeonhole. I mean, it doesn’t really fit
any particular vernacular. I’m gonna start with the heart, because it seems the most appetizer-y sort of salad-ly kind of thing. If nothing else, this
dish has heart, right? Okay, here we go. Mmmm. It’s a bit messy, but quite delicious. What I’m really getting is a really nice tangy rich
creaminess from the sauce. Nice snap and crunch from the pickle. But then you get the
flavor of the heart itself, and it is a very lean muscle, but you know by conscientiously
cooking it and slicing it, it can become tender. I mean, it’s never gonna be filet mignon, but it’s gonna have a lot more flavor. It’s a perfect thing
to start the meal with because it just puts your
taste buds on, like, 11. It’s so filled with, like, things that stimulate your senses. The pig cheeks. (boisterous music) Mmmm. This is better than 98% of pork chops that anyone’s ever eaten. I mean, you love the flavor,
you love the succulence. I mean, this is much darker meat. It’s cooked a bit more than you probably want in a pork chop, but it’s completely balanced out by this lovely striated
fat and meat in here. And, actually, let’s get in there and try that little bit
of gland, down the bottom. It’s a very interesting texture. Very gelatinous. But it’s not like fat. It’s meaty, but so soft that
it just wilts on the mouth. Right, just kinda
dissolves almost instantly. This is really amped up, this slaw. The flavors are so… It’s hard to really pigeonhole them. I mean, ostensibly you would consider them predominantly Asian, because
there’s a lot of chilis and star anise in a lot of this. I mean, this pork is so British-tasting. All the great pork comes from Britain. The original breeds of pig that
we eat throughout the world, just like beef, originates
in the British Isles, and this is just world-class pork. The lamb offal. So, look, classic flatbread. I mean, really, if you think about it, one of the first things that humans probably ever evolved
to cooking was a bread, and then somebody
probably made a flatbread, and then threw something on it. And it was probably animal. – I’d just fold it up and
start (bleep)ing eating it. There you go. (exciting music) – Mmmm. Ah, it’s (bleep)ing great. What I really think sort of
denotes, like, high cooking, really advanced techniques,
is transformation. Like, it hits you with one thing, but that thing changes,
and then changes again. You get these sort of
waves, or undulations. And this is like a perfect example. The first thing that hits
you is that hot sauce. It’s really acidic, it’s
bright, it excites the palate. Then you get that wave of
richness from the offal. And it’s, like, mineral-y
and it’s tangy and funky. And then the cilantro and the onions, the sweetness from that, the tang from the bread itself, those all sort of come on, building this sort of
multidimensional layered experience, which I’m gonna stop talking
about, and have again. The lamb offal flatbread,
it is utterly sensational. But, you know, honestly you can’t go wrong with whatever you get here. It’s just really unexpectedly
vibrant, bright food. And just a really fun environment. And if you order the whole menu, they’ll get you drunk for free. So, thank you so much for watching. Click here for the next episode. So, if you’ve watched
the Meat Show before, you’re probably sick of me talking about how wonderful I find the
cap of the rib steak, which is the Spinalis Dorsi muscle. But for the new guys… (music tone)

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