Living In Alaska – Day in the Life as a Welder: Clifford M. Tulsa Welding School Graduate True Story

Living In Alaska – Day in the Life as a Welder: Clifford M. Tulsa Welding School Graduate True Story

welding does give you a lot of freedom and I mean it gives you tons of freedom you’re looking at your world through a two-by-four window and time honestly has no place once you drop your hood once you drop hood you are in your own place working working in Alaska’s on the North slope in particular it’s a different world it’s an awesome job I absolutely love it by far the best job I’ve ever had before working in Alaska I spent most of my time running my own personal rig traveling from job to job which didn’t afford me the time to be home the way that my job in Alaska does what his career bring to the family is it’s a state of stability job stability which I think is extremely important I have three weeks on and three weeks off and three weeks off that RNR I enjoy it home I’m able to be at home more who he is hard work is important to him and that’s that’s his life he wants to work hard to make sure that his loved ones are provided for and I saw that right away outside of college and Tulsa Welding School I don’t think I would have had a career like this not at all when I’m not welded and i’m at home relaxing i just like to ride my bike I love the sound I love the sound and that is there when i’m riding is a incredible sense of freedom that feeling of freedom working the way i do with a career that I have working when I’m ready to make upgrades I don’t have to wait you know if I wanted to go out change the color paint it I can do it welding allows me to save money it allows me to to comfortably pay my expenses and to take care of my family the way and you know someone the way your family is supposed to be taken care i’m prepared for the unexpected the adventure and the reward you know the adventure and the reward and I say adventure because I honestly don’t believe I would have ever seen Africa or Paris or Germany if it wasn’t for welding if you’re willing to work hard if you’re willing to put in the time then the reward is well worth it I honestly and strongly feel that I would not be where I am in my life and my career it wasn’t for Tulsa Welding School it is the best decision I ever made I’m Clifford Moses and i’m a Tulsa Welding School graduate

41 thoughts on “Living In Alaska – Day in the Life as a Welder: Clifford M. Tulsa Welding School Graduate True Story

  1. That's my dawg, D . Moses I'm proud of you bro. You've come a long way from back in the day, our hay day(you know what i'm talking about) LOL wishing you the best. I'll see you when you get back in town.

  2. How much do they pay do a pipe.line welder in alaska ? How much for an hour for gods sake ??? I have been asking this for mounths and getting no amswer?
    Anybody knows ?

  3. Personally idk because im from a welding school in Alaska and everyone is saying all the welders at the slopes are all getting laid of right now

  4. Love seeing stuff like this, I think not enough people pursue the blue collar jobs, the type of jobs that made america what it is.

  5. To the people asking how much do they pay a pipeline welder…. it's not a set pay for all. Each job site, each company pays different. But most likely, it's good pay. More than enough to support a family on.

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