Liquid Metal vs Dry Ice

Liquid Metal vs Dry Ice

Quick reminder guys Check the description for a link to our self made seminar It’s a three day hands on training event where we are going to teach you how to make a living making videos at home Hey guys I’m Nate welcome back to the King of random Today we’re gonna be trying an experiment that a lot of you have asked to see we’re gonna see what happens if we pour molten aluminum Onto dry ice and the opposite and see what happens if you drop some dry ice into some molten aluminum We’ve got our furnace ready to go and we’ve got a large block of dry ice so let’s get some aluminum Melting and prep our dry ice to see what will happen This is some of the same aluminum cable that we’ve used in a previous video. It’s a pretty cheap source of fairly high-grade aluminum Now while our furnace is heating up I said I also want to prep our block of dry ice and what I’m going to do is take this drill bit and Try and drill a sort of core hole out of the center of it I don’t want to pour the aluminum on and have it all just flow right off I really want it to stay in contact with the dry ice So hopefully I’ll be able to make a small well in our block of dry ice that our liquid aluminum can sit in Let’s give it a shot. I’ve never tried drilling into dry ice before Hmm it’s not quick All right, I think that is a pretty good Well that will hold our liquid aluminum nicely And it’s still at least an inch thick below where I’ve drilled out So we should have a good insulating layer still our drill bit got nice and cold drilling into our block of dry ice Looks like our aluminum is just starting to melt inside the crucible now I think our aluminum is now pretty well molten and before I take it and pour it into our block of dry ice I also Want to try breaking off a small piece of the dry ice and dropping it down into that aluminum? I’m not sure how much if at all it will react I know that regular ice and molten aluminum can have a sort of explosive effect And I am a little concerned about that with the dry ice as well although I don’t think we’ll have that violent of a reaction so our small-scale test of dropping a small piece of dry ice in will involve Me being able to be away having some containing walls, so if it does splash I’m not in as much danger and overall. I think it’ll just be safer to test it out on that scale first I’ve got a small chunk of dry ice let’s see what happens if I start by just dropping this little piece into our aluminum alright dry ice being dropped into molten aluminum 3 2 1 It’s just kind of floating on top of it, I’ve got a few more tiny pieces, I’ll drop those in too I think we are seeing the leidenfrost frost effect in full force Splash, let’s try this with a slightly larger chunk to see if it makes any difference Well it dropped it and it fell in, I dropped from high enough that it actually fell into the aluminum instead of just sitting on top and it made just sort of one big bubble Sitting on the surface of the aluminum. It’s not really going anywhere or doing anything But it looks funny, now I’m gonna poke it. Oh, it just collapsed it was sort of like an aluminum foil bubble and when I poked it it all just disappeared Can still see it just floating on the surface there there we go there’s our first test seeing what happens if we put a small chunk of dry ice into the molten aluminum Now I think it’s time. We scale it up and pour a bunch of that molten aluminum down inside our dry ice block What do you think is gonna happen? And three two one That’s a cool like weird bubble on top of the dry ice thing I like that We get a lot more emotion pouring the aluminum into the dry ice and then dropping the dry ice into the aluminum That is bubbling and spurting and splashing all over. I kind of like that Well, it’s cool It’s just kind of floating in there now I think it’s Formed like a very smooth barrier layer between the two Alright I’m not gonna touch it, but I’m gonna put my hand near it to see if I can feel the heat
If there is any heat coming it yeah, there is plenty of heat coming off of that Wow that is toasty in fact I mean the dry ice obviously is freezing cold, but right here. There’s a lot of warmth coming off of it See if it would burn this stick at all or anything yep Touch this stick to it and it starts smoking pretty quick it might be hard to see in all the fumes and vapors from the dry ice but Touch the stick to it, and it starts burning still Still a lot of warmth coming off that though That’s so weird to have my hand this close to dry ice and have it be warming up instead of cooling down I put her right here I can feel how cold it is, if I put her right here though. They’re still warmth just Coming up off of that aluminum oh There we go there’s our aluminum ingot that we’ve now cast in dry ice Still very toasty, it’s been sitting in the dry ice For several minutes, but it’s still hot enough that it’s not safe to touch you can actually see that it’s starting to bury its way into the block of dry ice – Doesn’t like that Well we’ve still got a divot in our dry ice and we’ve still got more aluminum in the crucible I say we do it again Three two one Whoa, that’s exciting That was cool for a second as I poured it in. It was still glowing orange. Oh Fun bubbles It kind of reminds me of in Star Wars Episode seven when Rey makes her little powdered food She like adds the water to it and stir it with her finger and like that muffin grows out of it It looks kind of like that Bloop Oh snap We’ve got our camera just the tiny, tiniest bit So weird it looks like it’s solidified But if I poke it it’s still soft the tongs are still able to just stab right down into it It’s like a an Aluminum paste, but just because it’s so hot still All right, we’ve still got a little bit of aluminum left in our crucible So now let’s just pour we have left on top of the aluminum. That’s already in the dry ice here goes Hmm, it’s not as exciting when it’s not in contact with the dry-ice on all sides So now it’s resting on a bed of warm aluminum instead of touching the dry ice directly, and it’s just not very reactive now I’m gonna pop the bubble now Wasn’t really popping it was more of just crushing it heh It’s sort of puddled out as it went down into the dry ice so now our ingot is just stuck In the block of dry ice Oh! We’ve actually managed to go all the way through There it is, ha! So here is our ingot of aluminum that we poured on top of more aluminum nice curved round edges to that And then our dry ice brick Which we’ve just melted a hole right through with our aluminum There we have it a little bit of dry ice dropped into molten aluminum, which wasn’t very reactive But the molten aluminum poured into the dry ice I thought looked really cool We had a nice little well that I drilled into the dry ice block and that did a really good job of containing the molten Aluminum I think all of that cold fighting with all of that heat was pretty fun We had a lot of really good bubbling action it seemed like the aluminum would bubble up And then maybe it would just get too hot and collapse back down or get too thin walled and just break But we had a lot of rising and falling of the bubbles in the aluminum, which looked really cool And we managed to melt a hole all the way through our block of dry ice We’ve got a couple of aluminum ingots that we managed to pour into the dry ice block overall this was pretty fun I didn’t know what to expect I’ve never poured liquid metal into a block of dry ice before but it turned out pretty well And it splashed and splattered a little bit but it wasn’t an explosive super dangerous amount of reaction for the most part it just Spurred it a little bit and I was wearing thick leather gloves ahead my glasses on I would have long sleeves on and I was able to back away as Soon as I poured it in so I felt pretty safe the whole time even though a little tiny splash of aluminum Did jump up and stick to the front of one of our cameras This was a really fun idea and we tried it because there were a ton of different people who requested it down in the comments So if you’ve got a cool experiment you want to see us do let us know down in the comments And we might just film it Thanks for joining us for this video today and remember to come gear yourself up with products and merch at See you there Kind of stuck Somehow we have managed to fuse aluminum To its steel Pan. I don’t think that’s going out quick reminder There is a link down in the description to sign up for our self-made training event if you’ve been wanting to build a career From making videos at home doing the things that you love this is how you get started

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  5. try it again but put a cap of dry ice on top so that it solidify everywhere at the same time and it wont jump around

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