Liquid Metal in a MacBook Pro: No More Throttling!

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  1. Published this video in a 2:1 aspect ratio as an experiment. Looks pretty awesome on iPhone X and other ultra-wide displays. Should I keep publishing like this or go back to good ‘ol 16:9?

  2. With 9.6K likes in this video that is so on point to highlighting on Apples poor thermal cooling system this shouldn't just be a informational highlight. Yeah, I think its awesome that know what can help us all improve the problems we all suffer with when using a Mac Computer. Though Should we really have to go to all this effort and work after we spent thousands of dollars on a machine that was designed so poorly! TO be quite frank it was a rhetorical question, lol, so NO we shouldn't. I feel we all need to take a stand against apple to get (force) them to for once design a thermal system that can prevent thermal throttling and handle all the intensive applications we use on a daily basis. Because frankly for the sake of wallets in spending anywhere from $3500 to $13,000. Its not just the MacBook Pro;s that have this issue the iMac Pro does as well; which is horrifyingly disappointing and unacceptable. We paid for a machine that does not function properly to handle this applications it was marketed and intended on being used for: seriously on apples website for MacBook Pro that market its use for Apple Pro Apps and even games like Tomb Raider or Fornite which will almost within minutes take the temps to 100C degrees and higher on a constant; which fans on max doesn't even help. Its just not acceptable for apple to get away with this any longer. Personally, I'm tired of it! So if WE all want to have that Mac computer someday that has top notch cooling then We’re going to need to put some consumer pressure on them. we need to Keep up the advocacy, and call your legislator!!!! put in the effort and we can all reap the reward.

  3. That's really cool but I def am not confident enough to do something like that – sticking to thermal paste for now. Great vid.

  4. When you were applying the liquid metal, was thinking the stroke method resembled Michael Angelo’s, and the you said his name.!

  5. Make sure if you coat with nail polish dont use ones that have toluene as it will destroy the pcb other wise its perfectly safe have it on my gpu and cpu

  6. How is the MacBook getting so hot? I own a 2018 Razer Blade 15 and after 4 hours of gaming, the aluminium of the chassis gets very hot, but CPU ID tells me that both the CPU and GPU are about 70°C, maybe 72°C.

  7. Can i change 2017 13" base model ssd. In your video i see that it's not permanently sotterd. Is it possible?

  8. Why not to put a drop of liquid metal in the middle and the paste around it ? Just to be on the safe side, so that we are 100% sure the liquid will not get outside and create a mess …

  9. No, no, no,… my rule is: don’t fix what isn’t broken. But I like to see others risk on their own stuff.

  10. The cpu manufacturers should build a barrier to keep that stuff in for people that are going to do it if it reaches with copper i see them not recommending it but i mean copper oxidizes on its own and that does bot apper to be an issue

  11. MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
    Is it safe to apply Liquid Metal ?
    What material of my MacBook Heat sink ?
    Is it Aluminium ?

  12. Macbook Pro has a 1 out of 10 iFixIt repair-ability rating. Unless you are rich enough to replace your laptop whenever a what would be a minor fix for another brand happens, stay away from Macbook Pros.

  13. I hope Apple watched this, and got the idea to use this in future MacBook's. Great video, and I watched it on my 17 Inch Laptop.

  14. Mr-How-(NOT)-to-Build-a-PC-Guide from The Verge would not like how little thermal paste you applied on that thing. Look at his application, it was like putting peanut butter and jelly on bread.

  15. Hey Snazzy Labs! Do you still use this laptop, is it still liquid metaled, and how's it doing? I am thinking of doing this to my gf's 2018 MacBook Pro. Thanks!

  16. You know manufacturers should really stop cutting corners on thermal paste. If replacing stock paste always nets better thermals, why bother using cheap stuff at all. It is truly not that much of a cost savings to have the proper past in the first place.

  17. just did this on my 2016 13" with touchbar

    did multiple yes tests in terminal and it didn't even reach 80 degrees

    although it only went as high as 3.1ghz even though the max turbo was 3.3…not exactly sure why

  18. hello sir, I’m wondering is it a must to have conformal coating around cpu/gpu if I’m applying liquid metal to a laptop?? (I bought kapton tape already not sure if that’s enough)

  19. I just ended scraping dried out grizzly liquid metal with razerblade
    from my cpu radiator just after 6 months after application. I trusted
    youtube videos praising its performance, nobody said it dry out and stop
    working altogether after three months. Repasting usually takes 10
    minutes, this took over an hour. Highly NOT recommended.

  20. I just ended scraping dried out grizzly liquid metal with razerblade
    from my cpu radiator just after 6 months after application. I trusted
    youtube videos praising its performance, nobody said it dry out and stop
    working altogether after three months. Repasting usually takes 10
    minutes, this took over an hour. Highly NOT recommended.

  21. Thanks for your great video. because of this video, I successfully applied liquid metal on my rMBP 2015 with confidence. There is one thing I should call out basing on my experience, after applying the liquid metal, please do a Cinebench test or other CPU intense program. this will build a lot of heat on cpu which help the liquid metal fill the gap.

  22. I recently replaced the stock paste with Gelid GC Extreme on my 2014 MacBook Pro 15 2.8 i7 Nvidia 750m. 16% improvement in benchmarks and it never gets above 120F while sitting flat on a table. Just like a 4th gen MacBook Pro, liquid metal isn’t worth it.

  23. Why? Liquid metal will degrade the copper over a couple of years? That coupled with the risk of this stuff shifting around and making contact with something you don't want it to contact, and I really don't understand why people use it. It just doesn't seem like it's worth it over the more premium non-conductive thermal past that won't eat up your copper, and won't shift around touching things you don't want it to touch.

  24. I wanna do this to my iMac, but… so much stress! (Also, could I put a fatter heat sink in the iMac? (Little more room than a MacBook.)

  25. 13% improvement, quieter fans, lower temps.
    If Apple done that with a hardware refresh we'd be all singing their praises.

  26. Drill speed holes in the bottom cover of the case where the fans are to improve air flow to the fans. This will improve temperatures more than the risky liquid metal thermal paste. You can drill on a duplicate case cover bought from Amazon if you want to keep the original case cover pristine.

  27. If I can use the baking/heating method revive my early 2011 15” i7 MacBook Pro which has just suffered its second GPU failure…do you think this might help it survive a while longer?
    Or am I just dreaming?

    By the way, the 2:1 format looks good to me on my iPhone X ?

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