Let’s Play: Bugs in the Kitchen | Ep. #3

100 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Bugs in the Kitchen | Ep. #3

  1. In Malaca they sold bugs,I tried a piece of the the grasshopper wing.it was crunchy and tasteless

  2. How this channel went from advertising products to advertising the funnier then advertising them by play games with them

  3. Vat19 I have that game and the bug you do want 5 of the bug tokens but you do not want the bug in yours but in an other one and everyone except the one who got the bug in will NOT get one just so ya know read the rules

  4. This made me unsubscribe from vat19 because shes an ugly girl thats not even supposed to be at vat 19 no wonder no one likes her

  5. Hey uh bugs are actually healthy and tasty but since they look so bad, we trick ourselves into thinking it tastes super bad

  6. It's wierd, you watch them risk having to eat bugs a board game with their colleagues, then, at the very end, you see one of the other workers got to play with children for fun.

  7. "The loser will have to eat bugs!" Me, who's had multiple ant lollipops, and they're delicious: *licks lips*

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