Let There Be Light! – Ark Survival Evolved Guide – Electricity!

Let There Be Light! – Ark Survival Evolved Guide – Electricity!

hello survivors, CrydenGaming here and today
im going to show you guys how to get lit! so lets get started!
okay so here are the basics, you have the generator that makes energy, the wire that
transfers energy and you have the electric outlet that is connected to the wire and powers
any device that is close by. okay so now lets talk a bit more in detail.
First is the generator, its crafted at level 50 and its made using 25 metal ingots and
10 electronics which comes down to around 30 silica pearls and 70 metal. It uses gasoline
to run. (gasoline is made inside the refining forge, you get 5 gasoline for every 5 hide
and 3 oil) Its used up at the rate of 1 per 60 min in the generator and this is irrespective
of the number of things connected to it, so you could technically have something like
this…. and it still uses 1 per 60 min……..cause….. next is the wire, as i said they basically
just carry the power and there’s no limit to how far they can carry this power as long
as there’s wires connecting to them. There are totally 4 types of wires vertical,
intersection, horizontal and inclined. except for the horizontal one the rest of them unlock
at level 55. Using them in a combination basically lets you power things that are placed anywhere
in your base. okay now electric outlet, these are attached
to the wires. When there close enough to any device, they automatically connect to it.
Here you can see the range of the electric outlet.
okay so finally the device that you wanna get powered. now as i said before, there’s
no limit to how many you can have in one circuit , So go ahead put how many ever things you
want, but be careful if somebody destroys your generator then everything pretty much
stops working. okay so I hope you guys have understood everything
and tell me guys, where are you going to hide your generator??
comment below along with any other questions that you guys wanna ask me or anything you
wanna talk about! Once again, this is CrydenGaming and if you
guys wanna stay in touch, click on that subscribe button

50 thoughts on “Let There Be Light! – Ark Survival Evolved Guide – Electricity!

  1. clear and concise. thank you. all other electricity videos are just 30 minutes of rambling and watching someone's silly base design…

  2. Hey thanks a lot I just reached electricity in ark and this helped a lot short and simple just what I needed?

  3. Good video, i think it was the best i saw. it was short and helpful. The other vids were long and i couldn't understand anything… Thanks.
    PD:Sorry if i have a bad english, im learning… 😛

  4. You deserve some subs 😉
    You're not begging for anything and guides you're making are short and easy to understand.

  5. bro you should have way more subscribers, you're video is just what I needed, short and informative. it helped a lot! thanks man!!!

  6. This how all tutorial or how-to videos should be. Tired of the whole “welcome everyone to ARKKKK!!!! it’s your boi youngweezzfbaby here with another video yeah that’s right another video!!! oh wait, what are you doing, a dodo, kill it hahaha anyways guys, before going on make sure you smash that LIKE button and subscribe if you liked any of this. Today we are going to set up the lighting in our base, wait another dodo, where do all these come from lol…” (21:34 mins later) anyways thanks for the quick guide!

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