Laying Down the LAW – Battlefield 4 (BF4) MBT LAW Launcher Tips

Laying Down the LAW – Battlefield 4 (BF4) MBT LAW Launcher Tips

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Today I’m playing with probably one of the
most underappreciated rocket launchers in the game: the MBT LAW. For the engineer, it’s
the very first rocket launcher in the game, and most players graduate to the RPG, SMAW,
or SRAW. By chance I recently started playing with this rocket launcher again, and I have
to say it’s quite a bit better than I remember it — but it still has its limitations. For starters, I want to talk about some of
the changes that this launcher has undergone in the last few patches. The range and targeting
cone at which the LAW locks onto targets has become much more forgiving. The LAW can reach
out pretty far and is basically a homing missile for ground vehicles. This set of changes altered
the weapon from being a short-range fire-and-forget rocket launcher to a launcher with real long-range
potential, especially against fast targets on the move. And fast targets on the move are probably
my favorite targets with the LAW. The LAW will one-shot any quad, motorcycle, or snowmobile
— and because there is pretty much no warning, it’s a guaranteed kill. This is probably
the most satisfying and appealing use for the LAW. I highly recommend the MBT LAW on
large maps like Silk Road, Giants of Karelia, or Operation Whiteout. The other relatively useful capability of
the law is to peek, fire, duck, and reload in quick succession. This can really provide
some withering fire against tanks, and it can be relatively hard to discover the location
of the soldier firing the LAW if they are well hidden. But you’re not going to bring
down a lot of tanks this way, especially if they have support. At three-point-three seconds to reload, it’s
one of the faster-firing launchers, but it’s still outclassed by the SRAW at two-point-eight
seconds. Like the SRAW, it has the ability to lock onto lased targets, but unlike the
SRAW it does decreased damage against those targets. Rather than a full fifty percent
damage against lased armored targets, the LAW will only do thirty percent damage. Keep
in mind that the critical threshold against armor is twenty-nine percent if it doesn’t
have reactive armor, and thirty-nine percent if it does. So that tank could just keep on
coming at you. One final advantage of the LAW is that it
is incredibly fast. It travels at 125 meters-per-second (compared to the SMAW with 110 meters-per-second).
This makes it the fastest of the direct-fired launchers, so it can be useful as a fun surprise
against unsuspecting infantry. That’s really where the benefits of the
MBT LAW run out. It has a limited ammo supply and very low damage. Because it is a top-attack
and homing weapon, the LAW always does 21 damage, no matter the angle it was fired.
So you can’t get the benefit from attacking rear angles on tanks. Because soldiers typically
only carry 5 rockets, this means you have to land every rocket on your target in quick
succession to get a kill. Now you can mitigate this weakness somewhat if you’re running
the anti-tank field upgrade, or if you’re near an ammo supply. But for the most part,
if you so much as waste one rocket, you won’t be able to take out any IFVs or tanks. Another downside of the low damage model is
that the MBT LAW will never disable a tank or IFV. This is why you have to be sneaky
about using the LAW. If the armored vehicle discovers you on the first or second shot,
you’re going to have to deal with a vehicle that has full mobility and is gunning for
you. It’s like trying to stop a charging rhino with a pea-shooter. Yet another downside is that the MBT LAW does
decreased splash damage against infantry — sixty-seven percent of normal — so if you’re trying
to snipe with this rocket, you’ve got to be fairly accurate. I’ve had the most success
with infantry that are facing off against me. Finally, the only way that the MBT LAW will
track onto a target is if you fire the launcher while aiming down sights. The field-of-view
for the launcher is quite small, and if you’re trying to hit a fast-moving target (like a
helicopter) that the launcher does not track, you’re pretty much better off firing from
the hip. And I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty awesome when you manage to land that shot. So what did I learn from my time with the
MBT LAW? It really feels like a novelty weapon. You’re trading your ability to disable and
kill armor for the ability to pick away at it from relative safety and range. There’s
the added perk that you’ll be able to one-shot light vehicles, but you could realistically
just do that with small arms fire. However, it’s far more satisfyingly hilarious to
watch them explode from a well-timed shot. I’d definitely only use this weapon on large
maps with light vehicles and long lines of sight. That’s it for this video about the MBT LAW.
Have you played with the LAW lately, or do you have another preferred launcher? Let me
know in the comments below. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time,

44 thoughts on “Laying Down the LAW – Battlefield 4 (BF4) MBT LAW Launcher Tips

  1. I was watching some competative rounds and at some point (cant find the video) one team spawned in, shot out a wall with a rocket and then the second rocket hit the enemy team killing all of them at once. I thought the LAW was used for this tactic but turns out this one does low splash damage. What rocket was used there? Do you know the clip I'm talking about?

  2. I'm sorry, tank drivers, but I'm a javelin man. I love using it, especially when someone on my team happens to be lazing targets. Though if a lot of air targets are constantly bombing a location, I'll switch to the IGLA. On QCB maps that have some vehicles, I'm a simple RPG user though.

  3. trying to get the weapon mastery tag for this right now you forgot to mention 1 positive and 1 negative the positive is lack of drop off and sniping from a distance and the negative is you cannot destroy a scout or attack heli with 1 direct shot. Other wise great video darth!!!!!

  4. This is the most annoying launcher in the game, second is the Stinger. More often than not it goes through APS, has a much faster reload than the RPG and SMAW, almost never misses, and has crazy range. The low damage doesn't make up for it.

    People spam this thing like crazy because it just never misses, not to mentionn you get no warning. It's more annoying that Stingers because you don't even get a warning it's coming

  5. As a tanker, I encounter that thing all the time (from high level players), so I wouldn't call it under appreciated. It's quite annoying actually that people can simply headglitch for a second, then fire at me and the way it works, it allows them to be far less precise they would have to be with other weapons. I feel like in certain situations, it's one of the strongest launchers in game and I try to eliminate people playing with it first.

  6. Thanks Darth, this is very timely, as I'm trying to use PDWs again, and I'm trying to find a launcher to fit my play style.

  7. what i found weird is that i've always believed the law to have the biggest splash radius and damage and for this reason this rocket launcher is widely used even in competitive as an anti-infantry launcher. now it turns out it has less splash damage. i dont know what to think now

  8. Since they nerfed my bae the sraw, this baby is my primary launcher, it is epic for taking on most armor and excellent for countersniping.

  9. The MBT LAW is without a doubt the most irritating launcher in the game to be on the receiving end of. The inability to go 1v1 with a tank and have a chance makes this weapon obsolete. I much prefer using the RPG-7V2

  10. Thanks for the vid darth, i will remember to use it on maps with lots of weak land vehicles, and please more whining about it being a noob weapon those people are my primary target, I like to know who you are :p

  11. Thanks for the tip, brother. I had gotten so locked in with the SMAW because it traveled faster than the RPG, but I'm still such a noob at hitting moving targets..but this could be the ticket.

  12. MBT LAW is a great person-stopper, it is accurate and deadly if you score direct hit. I used to have a lot of fun using it in Locker map. (Although more than 50% of the servers now ban explosives in Locker) Using against tanks alone with MBT LAW is a bad idea, work with other engineers will increase your chance to kill the tank before it kills you.

  13. I prefer the RPG, mainly for its ability to deal extreme damage. You are able to deal 52 Damage (Critical Mobility Hit) with a decent rear-shot on a tank. Most tank drivers will even abandon their tanks after the first hit as they know another fatal shot is going to come in 5 seconds. This means that you can remove a tank from the battlefield in only 2 shots, or sometimes just one. It is far more powerful and shreds tanks to bits. The only real problem is that you need a direct shot from behind to be effective, and flanking a tank can be difficult if it has a gunner or FLIR.

  14. I was using the RPG for the longest time because it does the most direct damage, but when I started using the Law again, out of curiosity, I discovered the same things you did. On top of taking out dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and quads in one shot, it'll also take out Jet Skis in one shot. My favorite shot was a double kill from a scout helicopter on a jet ski traveling at full speed. My personal best was shooting down a jet as it banked away from me.

  15. 1:47 Man I wish snipers in my servers would help me take down those helo fuckers rather than fucking missed every single sniper rifle shot. Lock on with LAW pretty much silent lethal killer..

  16. i don't use the LAW a long time ago, but recently i saw an increase in its usage. i like the auto-lock feature, despite the low damage. Good video Darth

  17. love the mbtlaw, my fav choice to take out camping snipers. Being an engineer make it difficult to take out camping snipers, but….. with he mbtlaw its like having a sniper that fires rockets… love it

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