Klutch two tier welding cart from northern tool

Klutch two tier welding cart from northern tool

well here’s my new welding cart the
chair let’s beat up and it looks like it’s been opened and then taped shut
hope it ain’t missing any parts and let me get it out get a look at it this is
what it’s supposed to look like and there are no instructions no
instructions anywhere and look at the amount of nuts and bolts so I’m just
gonna have to try to make it look like this picture and there’s like three four
different sizes lengths of nuts and bolts so it’s gonna be a real real
pleasure trying to figure out who goes where all right well get get to working
on it what I like about this is my welders gonna go up on top and my
pleasure my cutter will go under here so that’s gonna free up another cart in my
storage room there’s a lot of parts here is a dog the dog is in my way you got to
get out of the way okay gotta go away no I’ll tell you this was a this was a
little complicated not complicated but uh I both did these of casters on before
I put the side on and then I realized that I had to put these bolts through
the side so I had to take the casters back off but it’s coming together it’s
all gonna work out well it was a Nuttall not hard but just time-consuming is when
you put things like this together you can’t tighten any of the bolts up
until you get it all together and then you go back and tighten all the bolts up
and now this probably took me with all the interruptions the dog interruptions
had a friend drop by that’s not a problem and the dog interruptions aren’t
a problem but if I were to close the doors and to have assembled this
non-stop without any interruptions that copy what it took
me Oh about an hour hour and a half hour and a quarter you know what not bad I
don’t think it would have been any easier with instructions it’s pretty
self-explanatory and there’s a good picture on the cover so uh the door down
here nice little welding car tomorrow I’m going to mount my welder and then
I’ll my plasma cutter and this will stay on this side of my shop from now on not
not over there where I have a wood floor all right I’ll show you what it looks
like tomorrow when I get everything mounted on it all right it’s Annette
today I’m fixing a mount back up here but if you’ll notice this lip here is
about a inch and a quarter deep and this is about when you take these little nubs
that it sets on into account between the nub and this is about an inch and I need
to make sure this door opens so I get to my wire and everything so I’m gonna cut
a piece of a 3/4 and mount that here first and then put my welder on top of
that so the so the door will open pass this lip all right that’s gonna work so I’m going to screw this to this and
then this to this and then I’ll put my plasma cutter down there
and we’ll be ready to make something alright got that on I had to take the
cabinet apart in order to get to the inside and bolt it to the car here
that’s what that looks like now I got my plasma cutter out here and I’m fixing a
problem I don’t know if I’m gonna bolt it down or not I’m gonna set it up there
and see how easy it is or hard it is I’ll probably have to take the cabinet
off of that too to bolt it down and I’ll see I’m gonna set it up there and see if
it slides around yeah I’m not gonna bolt it down it’s heavy enough oh and uh it’s
got rubber feet so it’s not gonna be sliding around this is a really nice
well-built carp it’s good and solid mild on a scale of 1 to 10 as far as pain in
the butt to assemble probably a four not bad that wouldn’t have been any problem
at all if it had it did have some instructions
but they were microscopic I mean that the writing was so small you would have
had to read them with a magnifying glass it’s pretty self-explanatory it went
together pretty easy I made one mistake the bottom tray there
I had it flipped over by mistake so I had to take the wheels off and put them
on the right side that’s the only mistake I made let me turn it around and
this is for future reference if somebody wants to know what this looks like this
is the clutch it came from northern Freight I ordered it it was 80 bucks and
I think it was like 28 bucks to ship it to me all right I haven’t sold my Lincoln yet
and I think what I’m gonna do is get out some metal and do a three-inch pass with
my flux core wire welder and this shielded gas shielding gas why our
welder MIG alright thanks for watching yeah you know you got life by the
bullets when you got a dog in your lap a cup of coffee by your side and your wife
is on lawnmower yeah it doesn’t get any good doesn’t get any better than that

27 thoughts on “Klutch two tier welding cart from northern tool

  1. I thought you didn't like instructions.
    Cart looks great.
    Nice talking with you the other day.
    Have a Jesus filled day
    Greg in Michigan

  2. Looks just what I need. I'd like it to carry 4 gas bottles and 3 welders though. Glad to see you painted the ply black, it's the finishing touches that count,

  3. The biggest problem I run into with assembly instructions is when they call for special tools like roman numeral wrenches. Just messes up a guys rhythm especially if ya haven't had the proper dose of coffee.

  4. No instructions? You must have been right at home! 😉 All of my welding gear is on an old plastic food service cart, I'm cheap, and too lazy to assemble stuff……. 😉 Edit: Oh, and we are welder blood brothers now, I have a 140, its a great machine!

  5. Northern Tool is a pretty cool store, lots of cool stuff. Wonder if they still sell those special left-handed metric screwdrivers. 😜 Looks like a really nice welding cart!

  6. thanks for the in debth review i just bought it….btw…its now only 73 dollars on northern tool website…15 dollar savings

  7. You got your wife on the mower??? Master please teach me. I can’t even get the wife to do the laundry.
    How’s the cart holding up? I was going to order the miller cart for my miller 211(way too overpriced!), but like this one better to store my expensive speedglas welding helmet.

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