– Who is the drummer?
Oh my– ♪ (heavy metal) ♪ – I have never seen
a band that crazy in my whole
entire seven years life. ♪ (playful music) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we are going to have you listen to a band,
a band that was really popular back in the ’80s. – That was even before I was born. – (FBE) The band
is called Mötley Crüe. – Okay, never heard of it. – Never heard of ’em. – Weird name. – My dad listens to Jack FM
and I think I’ve heard of ’em because I’ve
seen their title before. – (FBE) So now, usually
when we do these type of episodes, we have you just listen
to the music, but today, we’ve also
got the music videos for you. – Yes! ♪ (heavy metal riff) ♪ – What is going on? – The torches really make
it look caveman style. ♪ (singer screaming) ♪ – I’m already terrified. – ♪ Now listen up ♪ – Okay, I’m confused.
Is it a boy or a girl? – ♪ She’s got the looks that kill ♪ – Oh, I’ve heard
their songs before. – ♪ That kill ♪ – They are really looking
like they’re rock people. – It kind of looks
like a rip-off KISS. – ♪ She’s got the looks… ♪
– What? – ♪ She’s got the looks that kill ♪ – This is already really weird. – It’s not my style. – It looks like Wonder Woman. – Is that Wonder Woman
or something? ♪ (guitar solo) ♪ – I have no idea what’s going on
in the music video. – They’re doing
a good solo right now. ♪ (shredding guitar) ♪ – I definitely did not like that. – I’m just not a fan
of this kind of music. – I did not understand
the music video, did not understand anything. – It was hardcore intense,
and I like hardcore intense. – They sound like a boy,
but they look like a girl. I’m just confused. ♪ (keyboard playing) ♪ – ♪ You know I’m a dreamer ♪ – I know this song. – ♪ But my heart’s of gold ♪
– I may have heard this song before. – ♪ I have run away ♪
– I don’t know the band, but I know the song. – ♪ So I wouldn’t come home low ♪ – It’s a little better
than the last one, but I still don’t like it. – ♪ …sweet home ♪
– This is really ’80s, like with all the hair. – I feel like they’re wearing wigs,
but I don’t think they are. – ♪ Just set me free ♪ ♪ Home sweet home ♪
– Not as good as the last one, but it’s okay. ♪ (guitar solo) ♪ – Gosh, what are they doing? – ♪ Sweet home ♪ – I don’t think that’s safe, dude. – Probably– I don’t know,
my dad probably loves them. – It wasn’t hardcore intense,
but it was more of that slow kind of rock. – It looks entertaining. The way they dress
is very different (laughing) and their hair
is really kinda cool, actually. ♪ (metal music) ♪ – Okay, I like this song. The song is really good this time. – ♪ Kneel down ye sinners
to streetwise religion ♪ ♪ Greed’s… ♪ – They’re definitely interesting. – ♪ Take a ride on the wild side ♪ – Put on a shirt
next time, drummer. – ♪ Wild side ♪ ♪ (thrashing drums) ♪ – Oh my gosh! Wow. – Wait, where’s the drummer? Oh my– – Why’s the drummer spinning? – He’s going upside down. – I find it kind of cool
how he’s turning in the air. – ♪ Doing time on the wild side ♪ – Again, amazing. The drummer, when
he was drumming the drums, that was actually really nice. – This one was probably the best. – I definitely think that
if you’re into their music, you go to a concert
and have a really good time. – I have never seen
a band that crazy in my whole entire
seven years life. ♪ (upbeat heavy metal) ♪ – Are they getting in a car crash? – ♪ When I get high ♪ ♪ I get high on speed ♪ ♪ Top fuel’s funny car ♪ – There’s a lot going on
in this music video. – The visuals, um, are fast. – This video might have given
some people epileptic seizures. – ♪ Ooh, yeah ♪ – Are they skydiving? – ♪ Ooh, yeah ♪
– Are you kidding me? This is crazy!
I don’t understand. – ♪ Ooh, yeah ♪
– Nice flips. – ♪ …baby ♪
– He’s, like, wearing makeup. – ♪ Ooh, yeah ♪ ♪ Kickstart my heart ♪
– The song’s good. – It’s actually pretty
good right now. – ♪ …all this to rock ♪ – I mean, they definitely look
like they’re having a great time. – I feel nostalgic, even though
I wasn’t born in 1980. – Wow, that was an experience. – I’d listen to it if I was trying
to get hyped up for something, but just to listen to every day,
that would be a bit much. – (FBE) So the next two songs,
they have videos, however, we’re not going
to play them for you because they are a little too
inappropriate for kids. – Okay, too high of a level of rock. ♪ (heavy metal music) ♪ – I’ve heard this song. ♪ (heavy metal music) ♪ – I’m betting that
this is more recent. – ♪ Rat-tailed Jimmy
is a second hand hood ♪ – It’s nice. – It sounds really weird. – I don’t like it either. And they all sound the same to me. – ♪ He’s the one
they call Dr. Feelgood ♪ ♪ He’s the one that
makes ya feel alright ♪ ♪ He’s the one
they call Dr. Feelgood ♪ ♪ (upbeat heavy metal) ♪ – This one definitely seems
like it’s something you would hear in the ’80s,
but I really like it. – ♪ Dr. Feelgood ♪ ♪ He’s the one
that makes ya feel good ♪ ♪ He’s the one that… ♪
– I need a second to understand this. – ♪ He’s the one
they call Dr. Feelgood ♪ ♪ He’s gonna be your Frankenstein ♪ ♪ (guitar solo) ♪ – Whoever plays the guitar
is really good. – Like, classical,
but at the same time, very hard rock metal. ♪ (guitar solo) ♪ – That was probably one
of the better ones. – I like that it’s fast-paced,
but not too fast that I can’t hear the lyrics. – It’s just not interesting. It all sounds the same
and just sounds like scream, scream,
scream, scream, scream. – The guitarist is very good.
The drummer’s awesome. But (laughing) it’s just a bit,
you know, crazy for me. – ♪ Friday night and I need a fight ♪ ♪ My motorcycle
and a switchblade knife ♪ – This song’s different, finally. I feel like I’ve heard it. – ♪ But what I need to make
me tight are those ♪ ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ – Oh, I know this one. – Yeah, I think I’ve
heard this one before. – ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ – I hear this on the radio a lot.
It’s a really famous song. – ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ – This one’s really repetitive. – ♪ Red lips… ♪ – “Red lips, finger…”–
(laughing) what? I can imagine why you
wouldn’t want to show this video. – I can see why the visuals
for this would be bad. (giggling) – ♪ …remember romance ♪ ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪
– (singing softly) Girls are awesome! – (singing along)
♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ – ♪ Tropicana’s… ♪
– This sucks. – ♪ …where I lost my heart ♪ ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ – (giggling) Just sounds so stupid because they’re literally
just saying, “Girls, girls, girls” over and over again. – I don’t like it,
but it’s a little better than all the other ones. – I’m not into rock music that much,
but, I mean, it’s okay. – I just love metal and this
one really captures the metal feel. I like music like this. Like, Metallica,
Guns N’ Roses, are amazing. – I could kind of tell
why people like them, just because their
showmanship is so crazy, and during the ’80s,
people loved that. – (FBE) So, over the course
of Mötley Crüe’s career, they sold over
100 million records worldwide, making them one
of the world’s bestselling bands of all time.
– What?! – That’s good for them. – I’m surprised of that because
I’ve never heard their name before. – (FBE) Mötley Crüe
is considered by some to be one of the pioneering bands
of glam metal, where rock stars would
often wear flashy clothes and wear makeup. Do you think if a band
was like this today, people would still like them?
– Yes, because it’s still good music. – With today’s generation
of teenagers, probably not because most teenagers
just are Snapchat dog filter girls. – They would definitely be noticed,
but I don’t know if they would like them
as much today because people
don’t do that as often. – It’s just completely different
from what we’re used to, and what we like at the moment. – People would hate it. People have changed. I mean, some people still like rock,
but it’s more pop now. – Thanks for watching
another episode of Kids React. – If you don’t want
to miss another episode, then hit that notification bell
and subscribe. – Hi, everyone, it’s Morgan
and it’s my last episode of Kids React. It’s been so much fun.
Thank you all for watching, and check me
out on Teens React. Bye! (giggling)

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  2. okay when I was 11 and 12 ALL I listened to was crue and ozzy, halen, king kobra, etc. What IS WRONG with these boys. They are gonna grow up wussified lol

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