Keep Melted Gummy In A Vacuum Chamber

Keep Melted Gummy In A Vacuum Chamber

Hey, whats up guys. Today we are back with our silicone brain molds And today is the day we’re making gummy brains. Now you remember in our last project we took silicone and poured it over real cows brains Then we ripped the molds open, removed the brain, and then we sterilized the mold in a solution of bleach and dish soap for twelve hours. Today our molds are clean, ready for use, and here’s what they look like now. Now you may be wondering how these molds smell after having cow brains in them, and I’m actually kind of wondering the same thing. *sniff sniff* Pleasantly enough, they smell like bleach. They smell very very clean, and I’ve actually run a couple of batches of water through here and froze it so that anything that leeched into the silicone as well. So these should be safe enough for casting, at least safe enough for my purposes. I also premade a batch of purple and green gummy, So all we have to do now is throw these things into the microwave to remelt them, pour them into the molds together; So we can make some kind of purpulish – green gummy zombie brain. At least that’s the idea Now we wait Alright, green is good, purple is next We’re going to throw that on for about two minutes. Oh yeah, purple is nice and molten. There’s still a little bit of a chunk there in the center, But there’s enough heat in the rest of the liquid that it should completely melt that. Let’s just let that sit out for a couple of minutes, And work on preparing our molds. If you look closely here, I think that as we were soaking these in the bleach, i think It actually kind of discolored the silicone. A little bit, we got purple tendencies on the edges of our mold. But that shouldn’t affect the way our molds turn out. Now because these molds are so thick, they pretty much themselves together, And if you look closely, when you push them together, almost all of the cracks and seams seem to line up perfectly, they almost virtually disappear. and thats a good thing. I’m just gonna use a little bit of electrical tap around the top here to hold everything together so that as we pour our syrup our molds will be gummy-tight and prevent anything from leaking out I pretty much use this stuff for everything and I think about two wraps is all we’re gonna need the cleaner our mold, the cleaner our cast there we go our mold is ready for pouring so our green’s been sitting out for a few minutes here and come check this out if you look at the top layer it’s actually start to cool and it forms a little bit of a skin so any of those imperfections that were on the top before we can skim right out of there and that leaves us with crystal clear gummy so that can be transferred to my mouth or the garbage or where ever else you want after right there will take the second cooldown approaching skim the top I thought now would be the perfect time to address the suggestion that comes out of the comments from Samhith Reddy V says keep melted gummy in a vacuum chamber and by that Samhith I assume you mean put melted gummy in the vacuum chamber and since we have melted gummy and vacuum right here i’m gonna put the two together for you right now so use a couple extra glasses and just took some samples of are gummy here you can see it’s already starting to harden up a little bit so I’m interested to see what effect that will do this is a little bit colder and more like jelly this is a little bit more liquid let’s put both of them inside our large glass vacuum chamber put a lid on and suck it up to 25 microns alright let’s do this there we go got me in a vacuum chamber what to do the green one over here is moving just a little bit got some bubbles rising at the top but it’s a lot harder syrup if I melt these things down a little bit we might see more bubbling oh here goes purple did you see that it just took off like came out of nowhere just see that erupted there goes again check that out oh wow you know what I’m just gonna let it bubble over what the heck why not look at all the bubbles coming from the bottom there the green ones starting to bubble little bit too so by now I think our gummy has solidified let’s just go ahead and open it up take it out take a look at it and look at this that is an interesting pattern that spray pattern all the side of the glass very interesting almost looks like modern art kingofrandom style random happens guys now be selling this on ebay to the higest bidder just joking I’m going to eat it instead I love my job alright two more glasses these are full ones just came out of the microwave for another 10 seconds let’s put them in the vacuum chamber and see how they react wow that is making a royal mess the purple is everywhere it’s completely covered the bottom of the vacuum chamber the green going crazy but it’s not frosting like the purple is you see the purple is just spilling stuff everywhere but the green all the bubbles are being extracted out and that’s looking really really good the purple I think we like lost half of our mixture all over the place there is foam everywhere it’s like purple bubble bath now that’s all the green I’ve got so I can’t waste that or it’s going to cause great problems later on so I think at this point I’m going to turn off the vacuum chamber what happens when you open it oh my goodness did you see the color change there it was kinda like when we did slime in the vacuum chamber all the color came back into it oh wow look down inside there like the bottom that was all bubbles has now just turned into a gelatinous blob of volcanic gummy eruption when I was watching things in the vacuum chamber just seems like the bubbles are like cycling up and down I didn’t really seen them popping too much and if we did get them to the point of foaming and frothing they just came out of the glass and make a mess everywhere Wow ok that’s cool simultaneously removing the heat and the bubbles oh look at that ok we had some success with that one ok so this is a little bit of a different experience using really hot gummy syrup we got a really nice reaction the bubble seamed to have come out that is crystal clear and not only that the surface is smooth and clear as well so molten like really hot demonstrated in a vacuum chamber is great and the cool thing is he pulled out some of the heat as well so this is cool down process brilliant idea let’s pour it here’s what I’m thinking let’s pour the green gummy and first and rotate to mold around in all different directions to coat the surface of the mold with green gummy after the green has solidified we can pour the purple gummy in when the whole thing set hopefully we’ll get some kind of eerie greenish purple gummi zombie brain they look awesome and taste even better all the gummy solidified to the surface it’s like silicon but you can eat it the best part that’s pretty much it guys are gummy brains are now completely poured and we’ve got gummy green and gummy purple combining to make some kind of awesomeness I hope how do you think our zombie brains gonna turn out we’re gonna find out in the next video because these things need to sit in the fridge for 24 hours in order to firm up properly but until then thanks for joining for this project today guys it was cool hanging out with you i’ll be looking for you in the next video. My gloves are so sticky I think I’m gonna take them off

100 thoughts on “Keep Melted Gummy In A Vacuum Chamber

  1. You LITTERLY just could have just poured silicone over a gummy brain or just used a gummy brain for it…

  2. Hey grant this videos kinda gave me an idea what would happen if u put that new playdoh sand that falls apart in the vacuum chamber and see if it hardens or not

  3. Dear Grant, putting different liquids under vacuum conditions you actually reduce the boiling temperature of the liquid. The results from the vacuum chamber will be the same, if you just heat the gummy long enought. Reducing the vaccum, the gummy is instantly harding because of the pressure and ajusting the boiling point to the usual "earth" conditions. 😉

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