Katelyn wrecks Evan at welding (an outdoor grill cart!)

Katelyn wrecks Evan at welding (an outdoor grill cart!)

Scoot this way a tiny bit. How tall am I? I’m pretty good! Pretty good! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today
we’re making a grill cart slash stand slash extra table to hold things while we grill. Yeah ’cause spring is coming up, we’re gonna
be grilling more, we love this grill we got it 4 or 5 years ago from Lowe’s but we just
need a little bit more space so let’s go back to Lowe’s to get some metal. Also Lowe’s is sponsoring this video. Thanks Lowe’s! Ok so our design which is so clear from this
print out right here. Haha hey! It’s gonna be wooden shelves, a top one and
a middle one, and then a metal framework so that means we’re gonna be welding for the
first time without supervision. Well… Before we weld anything we need to cut things
down to size. Oh ho ho. Hahaha. Woo! Like a cutting butter with a hot knife. With a hot saw. Yeah. Ok so all of our pieces are cut. We were not the best at getting those 45’s
exactly right. Mmmmm… But if there’s anything we know about welding,
it’s that in involves much grinding. And that is what’s going to fix all of our
mistakes. That’s good enough for a test weld. Alright. I like how you were like “wait wait wait,
I gotta get this.” Hahaha it’s like cool but then you’re also
being like awkward. Hahaha! Ok. Oh it’s been a while. You ready? Ready. The most beautiful weld you’ve ever seen. It’s it’s so beautiful. Isn’t it, isn’t it nice? *silence* Maybe weld the corner? Yes that’ll fix it. We did a bunch of practice welds and then
ground them down to see what our finished piece might look like. Is it… is it good? I can’t see anything on camera. What’s the verdict? Haha I was able we were able to kind of salvage
it. Probably tomorrow we’ll get to the actual
final welding. Ok then let’s sign out for now. Alright, bye! Alright, it’s a new day, we are a little bit
wiser perhaps. We are gonna do 2 things a little bit differently
today. We’re gonna be cleaning up the, um, ends of
our metal so that they weld a little bit cleaner. We also learned that with our setup it’s a
lot easier to get an actual 45 degree angle by sanding it to 45 degrees rather than grinding
it to 45 degrees because our sander has a guide. So… there ya go. Alright now with all of those changes we’re
ready to weld. Everything’s all set up and we’re gonna try
not to mess it up now. Hahaha. Hey! That looks good! Alright so I have enough faith in these welds
to flip it. Definitely gonna need a shower after mine
because I’m not sure if I put on deodorant this morning- was that recording? Uh… yes. Ready for the welding tour? Yes welding tour! Ok alright so I think- Should we do this now
or should we do it when we’re done? I think let’s do it now. Hit me with those fresh thoughts. Ok so, you can tell that there’s been a lot
of learning within this one piece. Look at those welds, ugh. And a weld like this where it’s looking pretty
smooth. And same thing with like the inside corners
there’s this little snotty guy right there. Looks like boogers. And then there’s this nice and smooth guy
right there. I am excited to see how you do. Ohhh nice. I squiggled a little bit but I covered the
gap. That’s really good. Thanks! Alright baby! This is looking good. Kind of making me look bad here. Ah! Now we have two sides of our cart and soon
we’ll put it together and make an actual cart. And detour. Alright so we were about to weld these cross
beams but we need to add some holes right here to attach the wood later on. Let’s do that now. Yeah, good job Evan and Katelyn. Alright final welding. We’re gonna put this in Katelyn’s hands because
she’s a better welder. But look at this awesome rig you have, look
at all these clamps. Alright let’s do it. Well… we hit a bit of a snag. We were trying to figure it out and I think
we found the problem… we’re out of welding wire so back to Lowe’s. Ok we’re back at it. Hey Katelyn! Yeah? Oh my gosh. Looks so much better all cleaned up. You’ve covered all of our mistakes. So I think that next up is paint. Are you ok? I got something in my eye. Ok, test fit? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. So good! Oh I’m so glad that we have the black showing
on the sides but we have it nested. That’s such a cool design. Bow bow bow…. Oooo that is nice. Thirsty! I’m glad we’re finishing it it’s just such
a pretty color. It seems like a waste to have a woodworking
video and not finish it. What do you think the people came here for. Our personalities?! Hahaha. Oh man it really brings out the shine I know. Oh that is so pretty. Dang that is a huge difference between finished
and unfinished. And now time to fix this place up for the
after shots. Ok so as you guys know Lowe’s is sponsoring
this video and they have everything you could want for your spring needs. So we’re gonna get a couple of these guys
because we were told that they’re easy to keep alive. Oh don’t pick those up at once that makes
me nervous. You may have noticed that our patio also looks
terrible so while we’re here we’re gonna get some stuff to clean it and look what we found,
this is grill cleaner – ’cause our grill is also very dirty. So thanks again Lowe’s for sponsoring this
video, we’ll have links below to all the stuff we used to make our grill table. Look at that sludge over there. Oh wow! And all the stuff we used to to spruce up
our patio. Looks good. Ah that does look good. Ok, to the finish shots. Well I’m really happy with how this turned
out especially for our very first welding project. It’s like the first thing we made with intent,
with mmmmm metal glue. I mean we’ve done other stuff before but not
by ourselves. We thought about adding dowels or hooks to
the wood or to the metal so that we could hang things on it. Yeah to hang like grill stuff on it but we
don’t know if it’s always gonna be a grill cart, maybe it will be a planter stand, maybe
we’ll take it inside and use it for something there. It looks good enough to be inside. Yeah it totally does! I like kinda don’t wanna leave it outside
because we live in Houston and it’s gonna get rained on today. Put it through its paces! I know haha. Alright thank you guys so much for watching
and we’ll see you next time. Bye! I’m still figuring out the best way to *loud
metal crash*. Hubba hubba hahaha. It’s thicc. Two C’s. I just got it. Thick with one C but the C is the copyright. Hey if someone can copyright river table. It’s thick with one C and one K spelled the
normal way. Haha just the normal way

100 thoughts on “Katelyn wrecks Evan at welding (an outdoor grill cart!)

  1. Really like the design! Did you do anything for feet? You can buy plastic caps that fit perfect in the ends. That will help keep the
    metal off the concrete and rusting.

  2. you can try using one of those wide, thick natural hair brushes to do varnishes, they are wider therefore easier to do bigger strokes and do it more evenly. but also they gasp on to more varnish so you dont have to recharge the brush. and if any hair falls out just use the edge of the brush and sweep it up!

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  6. You guys are a double threat. My wife and I learn and laugh at your videos. Thanks!!! Wish we had neighbors like you. lol.

  7. Get yourself a 10lb .030 wire spool. It’s the price of three, one pound spools. A larger C25(Ar75%/CO2 25%) gas cylinder goes a LLLLOOOOTTTT further and the refills are close to the same price. A 200ft/2 or 250ft/2 will last you guys an entire year, unless you start building go karts or hot rodding the wifemobile. Very, very good job!

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  9. You need to get yourselves some welding squares from Fireball Tools. Alec Steele uses them and they are a fabricators best friend. Just saying. Awesome video as always!

  10. You guys are one of my favorite channels your editing is just wonderful and I love seeing you guys be yourself you have great personality’s and it’s awesome to see in your videos keep it up your subs love you

  11. 2:46 it's not too much power if you aren't burning through its just the fact that if your mig welding you need a motion. I recommend small circles but others like to use I backwards D like motion. Also for beginners try using a pull motion instead of a push

  12. Had to do allot of "pretty" welding for the place I work at, turns our if you use a grinding disk then switch to a medium to fine grit flap disk it makes your welds blend seamlessly once painted. Great personalitys and content!

  13. Sometimes I forget y'all live in Houston. That's so cool! I live in Galveston/Santa Fe. Houston is like my second home!

  14. I'm not a professional but i think you should've primed the metal part before painting it since it's for outdoor use.. And the cart will need some wheels to be easy to carry around.. But still very great design i like it ^^

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  19. The cutest welding wire spools known to mankind.
    I can say you two have made some good improvements on you welds, but either you didnt bevel the seams or your wire feedspeed is a bit to high. On things like low load carring furniture i can always advice to bevel the seams and lay a filling weld with a lower setting, this is not only much more stable but also introduces les heat into the workpiece aka les warping and bending.

    Other than that, nice work! Grab some literature on weld seam preperation and mig/mag bead patterns, it could become one of you favorite tools with some practice 😀

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    If you need a better explanation, check out Alec Steele's video on his recent manufacturing stuff. That's where I learnt it. You'll need to do a bit of digging to find the exact video as I can't remember which one he mentions it in XP

  25. Katelyn: "What do you think people came here for? Our personalities?"
    Yes, actually, that's exactly why I'm here XD

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