Jujimufu Destroys EVERYTHING With Hacksmith Projects!

Jujimufu Destroys EVERYTHING With Hacksmith Projects!

Alright so in this week’s episode
we’ve got a special guest Jujimufu: HI! we brought you Jujimufu to the shop
and he walked around looked at all our projects you can see the tour on our
vlog channel and we decided that we’re just gonna smash stuff so let’s get to
it okay let’s go Wow that was super effective Fist bump anyone? There we go Dang! There we go! Ya! It’s like a speed run man! yeah That thing is wild okay look at this stuff it’s right out
of a fiction movie fiction book, fiction something fiction anything So heavy I’m going to destroy something with this yes! Yes! Yup yup yup yup yup poor chick Yeah what did he ever do Yeah Wow This is crazy. You guys are nuts I think we could break that yeah oh man, you only get to break it once that’s pretty creepy yeah Riley: oh isn’t it adorable That song sucked this thing is crazy all right stove! YAAAAAAAAA!!!!! well we all don’t need to worry about leaving the stove on anymore That was ridiculous Time to drop something heavy from up high! You’re not worthy! Is the hammer ok? Evan: Oh ya! More! More! Another! I’ll have another! It’s getting better and better. I think I
could get that hammer all the way through that stove Man, no hold on a second come on come on come on I burnt it Hey guy’s I got food I’m was walking down the driveway and
all I heard was “Another! BANG!” Oh I drove conveniently into a pile of weapons Let’s go Bodybuilder versus firetruck Everything’s heavy here man Wow Tom: Can we shoot it with the crossbow? All right we’re ready This is the most dangerous weapon ever I need another weapon It works! It still works! I wanna use this. I wanna use this. YAAAAAAA! Tom: we’ve still got a little movement dude! this thing is so sweet! Riley: Stormbreaker time? Stormbreaker! Stormbreaker! Yes! I bestow upon you smelling salts The axe side! You want me to try driving it? Riley: It still works where’s the lighter That’s it Owen: See if it works See if it works again! alright so that was awesome what do you
think of the projects? I love breaking things man, thank you so much it was so great to be here yeah very glad to have you all right well so I have a youtube
channel /jujimufu you can follow me on instagram Jujimufu, also to get some grip strength we sell grip tools and GripGenie.com so that’s
gonna help you break things Riley: One more thing! Thanks for watching this video is sponsored by Castle Clash packed with
fast paced combat and intricate strategy Castle clash is a game of epic
proportions that’s free to play Hire powerful heroes to lead your army of
mythical creatures fight your way to become the world’s greatest warlord put
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against 100 million players worldwide it’s always time to clash to get you in
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100 thoughts on “Jujimufu Destroys EVERYTHING With Hacksmith Projects!

  1. I mean, the hacksmiths thing is that they make Real life working props of fantasy weapons.. So they should present those weapons for what they are. Theyre not Real weapons and theyre not crafted to do actual damage, So destruction video's, to me, are pretty much a let down everytime.

  2. I have a really good idea why don’t you try and make one of the police robots from chappie on Netflix
    That would be amazing and I hope you keep making amazing videos

    Galactus, the strongest villain in the marvel universe, can destroy planets
    a asgardian

  4. I have suggested this to 2 other channels but I believe you can really make the worlds first copper magnet (suggested by a 12 year old turning 13 in 9 days )😋

  5. I might sound retarted if I'm missing something but is that coke that it shows him snorting? Because as soon as he does it he always screams

  6. With Thors strength and hacksmiths knowledge we can finally break into area 51

    My cat frowns on your comment fuji juice 3:24

  7. U gotta collab with shawnstrength, Brian shaw who runs it is 4 Times worlds strongest man, he could easily lift stormbreaker with One arm

  8. I wonder if people like Hacksmith can create such gadgets and weapons now, will superheroes and supervillans appear in the future?

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