J-B WELD Bullet Challenge!

J-B WELD Bullet Challenge!

hello this is jeff of taofledermaus
we’ve been asked so many times to make shotgun slugs or bullets or whatever you
want to call them out of jb weld yes the cold well with over ten thousand uses
and according to testimonials on the back of the old packages it’s better
than baling wire we’ll be using the steel stick it’s basically two-part
epoxy that you just need together to mix and it’s supposed to have like steel
powder in it to make it’s really strong and we’ll be using this silicone mold
that Peter Brown himself made for us a while back I’ll just put a little bit in
there at a time tamp it down so that it fills all the voids that’s basically it
now the old school stuff took like four hours just to set and 24 hours just to
cure this stuff sets in five minutes and cures in one hour and trust me I’ve lost
track how many things I fixed with this stuff it’s it’s amazing stuff it’s very
handy and sartre all from israel suggested i used the clear jb well – so
we made one slug out of that it was just a lot harder to get out of the mold for
some reason so I really wanted to see the clear jb weld slug and I thought it
does look cool so we dipped into our patreon funds and bought that – alright
welcome back to alpha later folks today we got due to popular request is
the jb weld slug a lot of you have asked for that and jeff put some together for
us today because some with just the jb weld and knowing y’all are gonna ask why
didn’t you put some birdshot in it we’ll Jeff did that so we’re gonna see what
they do down range give you a little view good straight jb weld jb weld with
some birdshot probably what seven and a half birdshot something like that yeah
i’m linked it yep lino birdshot alright and stay tuned because we’re gonna try
out the ease these are extreme slugs these are a
copper-plated rifled slug two and three-quarter inch one ounce 1,500 feet
per second but we gotta find some appropriate targets for these so stay
tuned these will be coming up yeah hang in there Alec and we haven’t
forgotten about – you know first it’s just one of the Justice solid JB wilt
slugs we’re at about 10 yards Danny is using his Mossberg 500 with a rifled
barrel yes they make rifle barrels for shotguns basically didn’t know that yep
okay let’s see if these things are accurate and what’ll do – Mickey the
melon okay go ahead very nice now it’s one thing just to throw some jb
weld in a shotgun shell shooting maybe you’ll hit something right it’s a
totally different thing to have one that has good ballistics it’s accurate and
actually flies straight through the air like a like a real slug that’s supposed
to so this one definitely was accurate had good stability and things are
looking very promising it didn’t just shatter when we shot to perfect own defense round we’ll have
four layers of particle board it’s 3/8 particle board okay will that stop it 12:12 this is kind of like a drywall
test because people think drywall will stop slugs and so but anyway he went
right through all four sheets of the particle board did not hit the bear
unfortunately but he was blasted pretty hard with sawdust a little bit high
those slugs are a little bit light but journalist nice clean all here got a fat
holy large hole Archer who and then oh what number four
came up it’s a little piece of JB well there it was still pretty intact when I
went through that last board that’s how you do all their we added twelve hundred
and twelve feet per second and no damage you the Bears okay knocked you most evil
would ya got blasted with sawdust didn’t knock the stuffing out of you okay let’s
see what it does brick me not a concrete okay I’m ready
when you are broken in half okay make your guesses is
the jb weld stronger than concrete or cement or whatever you want to call it
here at Cubs boom yeah I just completely shattered the jb weld but it did have
enough energy to crack the brick right in half alright that was pretty accurate there
that when my point aim was right here and hit just slightly high left but yeah
that concrete looks like it completely shattered the slug oh yeah I don’t find
any parts of the slug laying around here at all
yes we do Oh got a little need a couple little chunks okay you’re kind of
frangible then huh quite interesting somebody in the head you might break the
slow old police best that’s very small almost child-sized hey looky there we
got it Vader shoot the invader the home invader okay yeah I’m ready the perfect home defense round it may
possibly be it’s homemade it’s non led hay and packs a pretty good punch see if
we get a little sunlight in there it bolts the back it did stop it it would
have hurt yeah but there’s our oh I thought it would stay in one piece
maybe we’ll slow Oh cut the just broke it into pieces though okay world’s
famous lead plate still 25-pounder matters yeah left the little dent now
this one hit a little bit high and that’s pretty normal for these very very
lightweight slugs like these this thing only weighs less than a third of the
weight of a traditional foster slug and the cavity is left is is substantial
it’s about the same as what a nine millimeter would leave okay now we’re
gonna shoot one with a little bit of lead shot in it see if there’s any
difference or what difference it will make birdshot yep
I am ready now this slug with the lead shot in it
actually flew pretty well his looked pretty balanced and I wasn’t really sure
if I had packed that lead shot in there evenly if it was you know unbalanced or
not but it worked out well definitely a deeper cavity though yeah
bigger he probably team to living millimeters deep deer millimeters what
the hell is that oh yeah forgot where I was
yeah that looks like three-eighths of an inch let’s see how it does out of a
smoothbore get this little Tony break action my little Tony JB well the
birdshot mr. hard drive still trying to erase all Hilary’s whoo JB well ladies
and gentlemen the jb weld slug without a nice pin stabilization still flew very
well and it was very accurate it had no problem at all driving through that
computer hard drive a slug that can be shot through either a rifle barrel or
through a smooth board just as well it’s called a universal slug it’s just a
little to the right because of wind the wind zero weight right right yeah that’s
my story no that’s not bad through smoothbore the short barrel ten yards there all the layers of stuff in there
it’s tough these things are tough I wouldn’t stand behind her drive no yeah
you got stainless steel you got a looming them you got aluminum platters
and cast aluminum don’t cut yourself on that’s sharp as heck
not bad for jb weld okay still using a little Tony and the jb birdshot you
we’re not twenty yards which isn’t terribly far but if you have a an
accurate slug you’re never going to hit that believe it or not yeah yeah there’s
no sight really you know you just got a bead sight on that thing okay let’s see
if you can hit that thing we’re probably a little optimistic here yep okay I’m
ready oh no problem the jb weld is accurate at least 220 yards probably
further and you can see it was still traveling supersonic as you can see by
the dust being kicked up on the ground by the shock wave now I had my doubts
you’d hit it I did too very unusual slug at jb weld there’s a
point of impact you’re aiming at the label I was even pretty much hit the
label you’re still dead center which is good but really no exit hole it split
the jug see little pock marks like maybe the shot you know what I mean is she
looks in mercy it probably shattered your right there’s the part marks
everywhere here these are bad these aren’t bad at all if you wanted to cast
your own slugs you don’t want to mess with luck Melton led and everything okay
now we’re gonna do the clear jb weld one it’s kind of fancy and this is a
high-power one and it should be going close to 1,700 feet per second if not
further faster it’s a little bit of light in the nose the rest is the jb
weld Diablo shape well see if it’ll even to hold up to the shot it could shatter
the JB well as far as we know all that mass on the front you know kinetic
energy let’s see how with it you want to use little Tony
yeah the shoot middle Tony he’s doing pretty good today we’re gonna shoot at
our beautiful Jill blocks down their ballistic tootsie
roll yeah but clear JB willed he hit it he
should strap those down so even the clear jb weld worked very well I made a
total of nine jb weld slugs every single one function I showed you every single
shot I’m impressed who would have thought jb weld he’s such
a good projectile well apparently a lot of people who suggested to us i guess
but it it’s these suggestions that you guys throw it as and i do read all your
comments and everything and some of our best ideas come from you guys and I
really thank you for that and now it’s time for the bonus round
yay this was sent to us by Matt thank you Matt okay
bonus round time okay ambos own the 1260 hello that’s FPS who
knows rhodesian jungle red so we got buckshot and little bee bees in there
okay out ready okay here it comes it’s kind of a mess
but you can see the bb’s and you can see the Buckshot and I think we hit the
table again dang it at tables on its last leg at least it’s
still standing we’ll be shooting more of these oddball
miscellaneous rounds that Matt sent us thank you again Matt and of course this
video would not have been possible without our generous viewers who support
us on patreon thank you very much

100 thoughts on “J-B WELD Bullet Challenge!

  1. Wonder how well they would work with just one larger steel ball bearing in the nose that would keep going after the slug disintegrated

  2. Danny's mention of a Tootsie Roll now makes me want to see a dried Tootsie Roll slug, because if trying to chew one has taught me anything it's that it's like trying to eat lead.

  3. Market them to the Clintons and friends as the most effective, least expensive way to wipe hard-drives.

  4. could you test regular grey JB weld with no lead against gel? I think it may fragment in the gel which would be really bad if someone actually got shot with one

  5. 😆 I'm waiting to see a shotgun load with a small amateur rocket motor and nose cone!!!😗😉🤗🤔🤔 the firing cap inside the base of the shotgun shell should be enough to ignite the rocket fuse.

  6. That JB Weld is a perfect home defense round especially with BB's or Buckshot…It doesn't over penetrate but the frangibleness is like a mini grenade going off after impact…Nice! It's like Hallmark, when you care enough to send your very best to an intruder who has just seen his last sunset!

  7. I've home-made slugs from fiberglas resin mixed with various metal powders and shavings. I made them to fit in standard bird shot cups. They pack a good wallop. They're similar to wax/birdshot slugs, but hold together a bit better.

  8. I wish you guys would shoot more blocks of gel. Large enough blocks so we can tell how the rounds break up in the block (damage it)

  9. You ever think of trying engine block filler? Or metallic rifle bedding kit… Same thing.. could use different metals' dust as the binder and see how they work.. drill shavings, maybe.. resin bullets are limitless.

  10. You guys should see if fibre cement board can stop a slug. As far as I know it only comes in 1/4 inch and you’re gonna need a special blade to cut it, it only has like 5 teeth on it. It’s used on exteriors of condos and commercial buildings.

  11. Have you tried "bondo"? Polyester body filler is pretty heavy,and one could always spice up the round with shot or maybe a copper pipe fitting cap?

  12. honestly I have never thought about this before, until I watched this video; but, what if you made a slug out of concrete, maybe around some plastic structure. on second thought it would just shatter don't waist your time with it.

  13. I love JB weld. Been using it as a substitute for ARP 2000 rod bolts in my sports sedan since 1996! 360,000Km and still going strong.

  14. could you surround a titanium or tungsten dart with JB weld so it would fly straight??? on impact the jb weld would shatter like a discarding sabot 😮

  15. I love your channel. I always look forward to your videos. Any way i could buy one of those silicone diablo molds or could you please point me in the direction of how to make one?

  16. Semi-frangible, steel powder instead of copper so it won't disintegrate as well.
    I think there's a copper J-B out there, worth a shot! Maybe some clear epoxy with copper powder?

  17. a good defense round…yes , but dont want to explain why i used jb weld slug to the prosecuter! great vid guys thanks

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  19. @ $5 for 25 rounds of 7 1/2 Shot low base that's a heck of a slug gun!! 👌 That's not only FUN but do some serious damage, cheap to👍

  20. I actually fixed my dad's marlin 22 semi auto rifle stock with this . no bull crap drilled holes places inside some in weld and some brad nails . works great

  21. I'm really stoned, so having Danny drift in an out of optimum lighting in the beginning, while the video struggled with ISO changes was awesome. It really made him seem like a wizard or other magical being.

    Note: It helped that his hat gave him a magical snake shadow necklace.


    Extra Credit: A piece of melon falling with a feather sticking out of it. It's like you are using physics to channel…


    but in high speed camera footage.

    Ok, look, I foresee a serious problem here….

    it used to be ok to just make a tv show for folks that enjoy the occasional lots of drugs. But that is no more. The PC Babies have taken over. So now, us folks missing The Man Show, or Venture Brothers or Pete & Pete or Aquateen Hungerforce or Automan have like, listening to The Pixies, 2 Japanese Anime a season of 100 that suck, AvE and Green Beetle on YouTube, and some others. And you just got a new Patreon member. Hell, you just made me want to care what Patreon even is. I'm going to find out. I'm sure it's some way to give money to you. And I'm going to be telling my friends. I think you win here.

  22. At some point the democrats will put JB Weld on the NFA list. it will require a stamp and background check to purchase.

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