Italco Welding Helmet Range

Italco Welding Helmet Range

Today we’re looking at this range of
auto darkening helmets from Italco. From welding to grinding each of these
helmets is a lightweight design so you can wear it all day if you have to and
they’ll even fit a big head like mine the auto darkening function is auto
controlled so you don’t have to open and close a visor you don’t have to turn
anything on or off you can just have your hands-free to focus on the job
the helmets functions are power with solar assist so you can get five thousand
hours of welding in without ever having to change or charge the battery
each of these helmets can have their darkness easily adjusted by the turning
of this control where is this helmet here both has a larger viewfinder and
has a lot more control for fine-tuning depending on the needs of your job
additional to all of these auto darkening helmets from Italco is this
brand new model we’ve just released which has all the same functionality but
even more control and an amazing a hundred and eighty degree view window
which is not just wider but also much larger it’s also solar powered provides UV
protection and is thermal resistant and where each of these helmets has two
sensors this helmet has four this range of auto darkening helmets from Italco are
lightweight and they’re great if you want to know more about the auto
darkening welding helmets from Italco hit me up in that comment section below
I’ve also linked their product pages in the description below so you can read
all the specs on each of the helmets otherwise I’m Tim and you’re watching
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2 thoughts on “Italco Welding Helmet Range

  1. Hello, I recently bought a Italco ITABH welding helmet from you. When I tried to test if the auto-darkening was working, it is not getting dark using a 40w+ lamp, and when I expose the sensor to the sun light, it darks during a fraction of the time and goes clear again, no matter the sensibility or the darkening settings. According to the instruction manual, it seems like the battery is low, but I cannot find the battery socket. Could you please help? Thanks. Date of purchase: 21/03/2018, Invoice Reference Nº 6095598.

  2. do they sell these in north america? I am researching helmets for when I start using my new everlast welder.

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