Is this $200 Cast Iron Pan Better than the Lodge? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Another day, another gadget. Today we’re testing the
Butter Pat Cast Iron for $195. Like, super luxury. Compared to the Lodge at $30. So here it is, this is the Butter Pat. It doesn’t look like
your normal cast iron, like the Lodge. And I love the Lodge, I love this, and it’s affordable, it’s
amazing, it doesn’t stain. This is your standard cast
iron, like, what you think of. It’s super super black. With the Butter Pat it’s
like this beautiful, like, off-black. Also the texture is a
little bit different. It’s very smooth, whereas
this one you definitely know, the texture is a little bit coarse. Right off the bat, very different. So, why is this pan, like, five times more expensive than this? Three different tests today. We’re gonna text for evenness, with our flour test, my
favorite thing in the world. Of course we’re testing steak, because for my perfect
steak it’s always cast iron. And my favorite thing ever to make with a cast iron, fried rice. One of the things about cast iron is that rust is a big problem. You have to season it right, and you have to sort of
learn how to use a cast iron. But today we’re gonna see
how well it’s pre-seasoned, and we’re gonna test it
straight out of the box. For our 1st test, it’s our flour test. So we’re gonna start with the Lodge. We’re gonna use a controlled
heat with the Breville, because it gets super hot. Alright, so it’s on. Just want an even layer of
flour on the bottom of the pan. Yup, it’s a little uneven. The middle is, for sure, heating up a lot quicker than the edges. It didn’t pass the test. Dude, I think it’s pretty even. Compared to the Lodge, where it was, like, a very clear distinct middle burn. Okay, I see it finally getting some color. It looks like it wants to be a little bit more even than the Lodge. Alright, this looks done. So, flour test, it looks
like the Butter Pat did a little bit better
job than the Lodge. So I think that I’m gonna
go with the Butter Pat for the flour test. Okay, next test will be our steak. Just to make sure that this is super even, we’re gonna blast this
in a 500 degree oven for about 10 minutes
to get it ripping hot, and then we’ll time it exactly, back on the stove put our steaks on, and see who does a better searing job. It’s been 10 minutes,
pans are in the oven, 500 degrees, getting ripping hot. We’re gonna put it on two
burners at the same heat, and sear the steaks for three
minutes and check ’em out. Alright, here we go. So we’re just gonna
slightly oil these guys. Oh, look at that smoke. Oh, wow, you can immediately
feel, it feels very different. This one’s super smooth. Okay, so our steaks,
seasoning with just some salt. So we’ll put these down
exactly at the same time. And I’m just patting them down so we can ensure that
there’s no air pockets. And then three minutes. So guys, it’s been three minutes. I mean, I dunno, they’re
like pretty dead even. Let’s do the other side, why not? Okay, three minutes on the other side. How’s that look? Dead even, it does its thing. With this test I think
it’s almost dead even. I mean, it both created that
beautiful crust on both sides. So, I think that it’s
just a dead tie right now, at this point. Okay guys, so we saw
our steaks sear nicely. So we’re gonna move on to
my favorite thing ever, fried rice in a cast iron. So, the greatest thing about
these fried rice dishes on the cast iron is that beautiful crust that it forms on the bottom. That’s what really
makes fried rice for me. Testing the functionality
of a dish that I do everyday I think is very important. The fried rice with the fried egg, it’s gonna be the perfect test for this. So, I do wanna mention,
with the Butter Pat, after searing the steaks
we cleaned the pan, and it left a mark, and it won’t go away. So I feel like over time, this definitely, will change in color and feel. Which is fine as long
as it’s doing the job. But it’s a little sad,
because it was very beautiful. Okay, so, fried rice. We’re gonna sear the meat 1st, then we’ll do the
vegetables, then the rice, and then the last part
of it will be the eggs, and if the egg sticks
you have a bad cast iron. We’ll see how it goes. Alright, so a little bit of oil. We’ll add the steak. Season each layer generously. I mean, at this point, there’s not really that
much of a difference. This is nicely seared, so at this point I’m
gonna take out my steak, and do my vegetables. I’ll add my veggies. I’m just gonna let this cook a little bit, and then we’ll add the rice. So, a little trick, when I add the rice I like to scoot my vegetables to one side. And we’ll add the rice. And then we’ll go ahead
and add the vegetables. This is a little weird, because the top of my pan
with this Butter Pat is, like, not sticking at all, but then the bottom is,
like, really really sticky. So it’s like, kind of,
like, unevenly seasoned. Alright, so I’m gonna add
my meat back at this point. I’ll add a little bit of
seasoning with soy sauce. Tiny bit of sesame oil. Smells so good. Yeah, this one, I mean, it’s sticking, and then, kind of crusty thing forming. I mean, this is not a bad thing. I think the crust is
good, but it’s sticking. Very sticky on the bottom. I want it to slowly crust up. So you can see that crust forming, and actually, this is
not sticking that much. It’s pretty good. The Lodge is killing it. I mean it’s not sticking very much, and it formed a nice crispy crust. If this is worth $200 it
better be, like, sliding off. I mean, it’s doing a good job, but definitely, it’s very sticky. But actually the crust
looks very good on this. You know what, we’ll do the
egg, we’re gonna scramble it, you could do it fried or either or, but with a scramble you’ll be able to see how much the egg’s actually sticking. And I like to just, like, pop it in here and scramble it in the pan. Alright, when I go like that you see, you see this sticking, creating this weird thin egg layer. The Butter Pat, you know what, it’s weird, certain areas it is forming that, and in certain areas it’s not forming it. On the edge of the Butter
Pat it’s not happening, but right where that middle is. But this one it’s, like, definitely happening
all throughout the pan. So, when you learn how to clean
the Butter Pat it might be, like, a better result. At this point there’s, like, certain areas where the steak
was cooking that’s creating, like, this really weird,
like, sticking action. Also, mind you, these pans are brand new. So it just takes awhile to, like, really break it in,
and season a cast iron. So that could be our fault, but we cleaned them the exact same way. Alright, so you can that
this egg is still stuck on the bottom of the Lodge. Let’s check this guy. Yeah, and with this one, still
sticky, it’s not seasoned. Okay, so these are done. We saw that, maybe, there was slightly more sticking of the egg action going here, than the Butter Pat but I
think it’s, like, very similar. And it had more to do with
seasoning of the pan in between, than the actual pan itself. I feel like the brand really
didn’t matter that much. Cast iron is cast iron, right? Lodge is awesome, because it’s just, it’s a workhorse, it, like, does the deed. Nothing really wrong
with it, it’s cast iron. The Butter Pat, a little
bit fancier, there’s, like, more seasoning and coating
on it right out of the box. But really, I don’t think that there is much of a difference, especially compared at a
price point at 200 versus 30. So, in conclusion, the Butter Pat may look
a little bit fancier, and maybe for a really nice
gift for someone it’s great. But for your 1st cast iron
pan I would recommend a Lodge just because of the price point. It’s not the same price,
so, it’s up to you. Today’s video was brought
to you by our sponsor American Express with the
pay it plan it feature giving you choices for how to
make payments big or small.

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