Ironwork Reinstatement And Installation HardMaster Training – Meon Workshop Talk

well today then we’re going to just have
a quick discussion about the the range of ironwork reinstatement products
supplied through the Magma brand, with the HardMaster range of bedding
mortars here, then leading onto backfill concrete range which we have
here. So good a good bedding mortar needs to be, or it needs several features
but one of them would be fast curing, another one would be a high strength
gain so that what would you mean by that it needs to reach the 20 Newtons which
is the level acceptable for open to traffic early, fast, quick, we need to make
sure it is shrinkage compensated, so it’s not gonna shrink which is a common failure with using standard sand & cement and for the guys on site, we
want to make sure these are easy to use so they’re pre-blended – just add
water mix and apply them, very very straightforward and simple So we’ve got three bags here what’s the difference between the three? the one at the bottom
its W690, that will give us that 20 Newtons that we need for opening to traffic – in 90 minutes easy! W690 – ninety minutes!
The W660 will then do exactly the same but in 60 minutes so we get that
extra 30 minutes of time that will be given back to your cruise on the road.
Then the W668, now this is a fibre reinforced one additional strength
includes a bit of recycled product as well the backfill range with within
the HardMaster comprises of the W610 and the W615,
the main difference between them is the The W610 is trowellable and will be used
when the ironwork is in a larger excavation and then the haunching needs
to be trowelled into place whereas the W615, being the flowable
version, almost self-leveling so if it’s in a smaller contained excavation
when we pour it in, the HardMaster will flow into every nook and cranny and get
a real nice tight bond however Would not be cost-effective to use W615 for
a larger opening. To recap the entire range we’ve got in front of us here,
we’ve got the bedding mortars and the backfill concrete’s, now they’re all
packaged in weatherproof bags. You can store them externally, be that in your
yard, or on the back of the vehicles it’s not going to be damaged if they’re
stored outside as long as they don’t get punctured, also all of the products here are completely pre-blended before they’re put into the
bags what benefit does that give to you Firstly there’s no mixing of multiple
components to be done on-site Also, if I only want to use
half, I can just pour out half and use half the amount of water and get the
same results. I don’t need to use the whole bag and throw it away. Cost
saving! The products are designed for ironwork, they’ve got a very good bond
to the ironwork itself, much higher than standard sand and cement mix and that
gives them a much better integral bond for the whole system. These few
bags we’ve got here are just part of the complete range of reinstatement
materials that we were able to offer you all available next day, and there’s no
minimum order so if you need one bag one pallet, one lorry load,
it can be with you! ORDER TODAY @ MEONUK.COM CALL MEON ON 02392 200 606

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