Iron Mining | How To Make Everything: Tools (3/6)

I’m on a quest to make my own tools from scratch and after learning some stone age skills it’s on to the Iron Age The stone age ended with the discovery of metal working, in a period between 6000 and 2000 BC the first used iron as a tool was
likely made from fallen meteors which is one of the few
natural sources of pure iron Over time humans learned how to extract iron from
terrestrial sources and iron ore through a process called iron smelting Before the Industrial Revolution, bog
iron was a common source of iron Where iron minerals and water oxidize and can be extracted from the bottom of bogs most iron nowadays, however, is often mined from
deep iron ore deposits of the earth I am at the Soudan Mine, one of the deepest iron mines in Minnesota and, nearly half a mile deep, it really shows
the extent we go through to reach iron ore So back in the eighteen sixties there
was a gold rush here in Minnesota and they found some gold in this general
area but the big thing for Minnesota that they really found was the iron ore
and it took almost twenty years from when they actually found it to them
actually opening up the iron mine itself. here we go We’re half a mile under the earth right now
in one of the deepest points of Minnesota The mine opened in 1882, everything started
open pit, within 10 years ago they were fully underground and stayed an underground operation for the rest
of the life of the mine which closed in 1962 so had approximately 80 years of life and during that time frame they removed
about 15.5 million ton of ore all of this for the most part is the iron ore
right here and what we’ll do is we’re going to take
the spiral staircase we’re going to head up into what was called the stope, it’s a
Cornish term it means step up so the miners stepped up into the ore.
If you look right up there you see that grey rock and it kinda sparkles that is the iron ore Here is a sample
and i’ll let you feel both of them before you determine which is the iron
ore in which is the the waste rock so approximately the same size and one
might be a little bit bigger but you got the sparkly aspect to it as well so by
looks you can tell too but so this is the the hematite here that they would have mined the other one is the ely greenstone, that waste rock Now that I had some iron ore
we headed back to the surface it’s gonna be bright once we’ve reached
the surface just because you’ve been underground for a while watch your step if you’re coming out So I just got a tour of the mines, now that we are back on the surface you can tell us more. more about the mining process all they had to do to process this ore is
drilling blasting underground bring it to the surface and then they would send
it to our crusher house over here and in there they’re crushing the 7 inch chunks
and then they could just load it onto the the train cars and send it to two
harbors thanks teens next up we’re going to blacksmith learn
how to work with this iron

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