Inwerterowy półautomat spawalniczy MIG 145 NO GAS – NOWOŚĆ

Inwerterowy półautomat spawalniczy  MIG 145  NO GAS – NOWOŚĆ

Mig 145 no gas is the smallest semi-automatic welding machine in the Magnum brand offer. The device is intended only for welding with a sheath wire. That is, the lifting of a heavy and troublesome cylinder falls out. Handles, both work and bulk, are permanently installed so you do not have to think about the correct polarity. The handle used is a well-known and widely used construction in old SGA or profimig devices or other small devices. The control panel consists of two knobs – one for adjusting the wire feed speed and the other for adjusting the welding current. The feeder is intended for small wire bobbins with a diameter of 100 mm, i.e. exactly to those on which the self-sheath wire is sold the most. Exactly – self-aligning wire – because a good device is one thing and a good wire is the other. Please remember – without a good wire, even the best welding machine will not be welding !!! I recommend the SUPERWELD brand, whose high quality wire has been present on the market for many years and enjoys the recognition of customers. The good quality, self-drilling wire easily melts and spills during welding. The weld has a nice shape and does not create such a sticky string “only creates an even connection “Gumming and smoking” during welding is small and setting the welding current and wire feed speed is not difficult. How does MIG 145 No gas and the self-shielding brand of SUPERWELD work in practice – let’s check it.

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  1. Byłem w posiadaniu tej wersji. Okazało się że przy wyższych ustawieniach posuw drutu jest nieregularny. Urządzenie nadaje się do spawania blaszek do 2,5 mm. Karoseria i tłumiki samochodowe dzielenie znoszą to urządzenie. Współpracuje z drutem E71T-GS.

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