Inverter Technology Provides Best Arc Start for MIG Welding

Inverter Technology Provides Best Arc Start for MIG Welding

When fabricating thin gauge material, sheet metal or body panels, inverter type power sources are excellent when working with those thin materials. Especially when MIG welding. Because when MIG welding, you really need that positive arc start. You really don’t like arc starts where the welding machine
stumbles on start, because you have the
opportunity to burn through the material as the machines trying to reach the proper amperage to
tack those two pieces together. The Multimatic 220 AC/DC
is an excellent machine when working with thin gauge material. Also, I love the fact that the Multimatic 220 AC/DC TIG welds, and can seamlessly switch
between the two processes. Warning: Read and follow all labels and the Owner’s Manual. So what I’m going to do
with this cover project is I’m going to tack the edges in place with the MIG gun, and then
I’m going to flip it over and TIG weld the opposite side. I won’t even need to get up off my chair to make any adjustments on the machine, because the machine knows
my previous settings. All I have to do is pick up
which process I want to do, pull the trigger on the MIG gun, I can do my spot tacks, then,
after I have it fit tight, flip it over and do my TIG welding.

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  1. That sounds great, but is there a plain GMAW that will have the same arc start as the multi matic, without spending to much.

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