Introducing the 8000 Series Nitro-Fuzer Welders

Introducing the 8000 Series Nitro-Fuzer Welders

From the industry’s leader in nitrogen plastic
welding, Polyvance is proud to introduce the newest generation of welders, the 8000-series. The 8000-series incorporates all of the user-friendly
features we’ve developed over the years since we introduced the first nitrogen welder in 2006. We are introducing eight new welders in the
8000-series at launch, so we can offer a nitrogen welder for every shop and every budget. Four different welders are available as kits complete with carts — two with digital temperature control and two with analog control. Each level of welder is available for use
with a nitrogen tank or with a nitrogen generator. Each of the 8000-series welders are also available
without a cart for shops that prefer to set up a designated plastic repair workstation. All of the 8000-series welders incorporate
patent-pending new technology created by Polyvance to make the welders easier to use and maintain. The exclusive analog flow gauge makes it easy
to set the flow of hot nitrogen gas, allowing the user to adjust to thin or thick plastics. The low-pressure cutoff switch automatically
protects the heating element from burning out if the flow drops too low. And now all 8000-series welders feature a
removable hose and wiring assembly, making it easy to replace the hose or handle if they
get damaged. All of these features and more make Polyvance’s
nitrogen plastic welders the industry’s most fully featured and versatile. For ultimate convenience, the models with digital controls come completely assembled and ready to go with the greatest selection
of accessories to get you started welding right away To save cost on the analog models, assembly
of the cart will be required. A Polyvance nitrogen plastic welder will allow
you to repair many of the damaged plastic parts you are currently discarding. Of course, plastic bumper covers are the most common opportunity for repair, but it’s not just for bumpers. Use the welder to repair headlight tabs, washer
bottles, fender liners, rocker panel moldings, and virtually any other plastic part on the vehicle. Repairing plastic can often create more profit
for the shop and technician while reducing the cost of repair and cycle time. Also, repairing plastics is good for the environment,
keeping damaged plastics out of the landfill. Polyvance is the world’s leader in plastic
welding rods, with a great variety of plastic materials profiles, and colors, allowing you to fusion weld virtually any plastic used on today’s high-tech vehicles. Polyvance is an I-CAR Sustaining Partner and offers several available hands-on and online training courses, which include I-CAR continuing education credits. Check out all of Polyvance’s training options
at Polyvance’s 8000-series nitrogen plastic welders
are the best way for your shop to increase profit and improve cycle time by repairing
damaged plastic parts. Ask your jobber or equipment distributor for more information on Polyvance nitrogen plastic welders, or call Polyvance at 800-633-3047.

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