Introducing our Winter Solstice Block of the Month | Shabby Fabrics

Introducing our Winter Solstice Block of the Month | Shabby Fabrics

[Happy Guitar Tune] [Jen] Hi! It’s Jen from Shabby Fabrics
introducing our newest block of the month! This is called Winter Solstice. Let me step out of the way so you can take it all in. Of course we’ve got these panning
shots showing you just how adorable this quilt is. It was designed by Jan Patek. She’s been a fabric designer and pattern designer for a long time. She’s with Moda Fabrics and I saw this pattern, it’s been out for a while. I fell in love with it! And of course up here in Idaho we get plenty of snow and we love our snowmen! And I just wanted to celebrate Winter with this quilt. We’ve recolored it in some new fabrics, and I just absolutely fell in love with it. It’s not what you’re normally seeing here at Shabby Fabrics and that’s what I think excites me the most. So of course, we have limited space in our Block of
the Month. If this speaks to your heart, it’s just so fun and whimsical, it’s kind
of folk arty. I love that! It just really, just the snowflakes and the Cardinals. This is pre fused laser-cut applique. Maybe you’ve done some of Jan’s patterns
in the past that had kind of paper piecing. This is not that. Everything
you’re seeing is fusible applique down to a background. So you’re not going to be doing any kind of foundation paper piecing at all on this. So a little bit of hand embroidery! This is going to be a lot of fun and again like I was saying, with the pre fused laser-cut applique, which many of you are familiar with, your pieces already come cut out for you to the exact shape and there’s a fusible webbing on the back, Heat N’ Bond Lite. You’ll simply peel off the paper, position it onto the background, iron it down and then you can stitch down. And we have a beautiful thread set, so if you want to be able to coordinate your thread to be matching the fabrics just exactly, be sure to pick up that thread set. That’s an optional add-on to the program, of course. We have a limited amount of backings available. So if you love this border fabric, that will be our
backing choice for this particular Block of the Month. So limited quantity of that. That’s an Andover Fabric. Edyta’s Fabric. I love that one! What else is on the table with me? Just
so you’re aware of what I used, in case you’re like “Yes I want to do this but and I want to make sure I know what you use I can use those same tools.” A Lightbox! Of course, we’re always going to need to have a Lightbox so that we can pre-assemble certain blocks ahead of time, before we place them onto the background fabric. Pieces like this with the house and getting the roof just so, the windows just so, the doors etc, are really helpful and of course using a nice large
Applique Pressing Sheet. This is a brand new product, literally brand new! This is
called Fuse And View. I love this! Look at this! This big block, you will be able to pre-assemble this. You don’t need to worry about the stars because those of course, will go on separately afterward. But pre-assembling this entire unit, including the cat, the house, all fits on that incredible Fuse And View Mat. This is just incredible! You will never need to buy another Applique Pressing Sheet ever! And, when it loses its tackiness, if it does, all you have to do is throw it in the dishwasher and it comes out brand new, fresh and kind of tacky again. It’s got this tackiness to it. The other thing I love about that is when I place my
pieces down they kind of stick to it, so that when I move it to my pressing sheet
and iron it down, things you’re not moving. So I love everything about this.
You’re going to be seeing this, and really all of our videos and all of our
add-ons moving forward, this is our new go-to product. Again Fuse And View is the name of this. And we have it in two different sizes. This is the larger one because it fits the bigger blocks but if you have smaller projects you like, you might want to pick up the smaller one as well. Of course Patchwork pins. We always
love that. Whenever we’re piecing our blocks together, just to hold everything nice, secure and steady. If you are going to be using the beautiful thread set, just treat yourself to some brand new 80/12 top stitch needles. A sharp needle just makes all the difference especially when you’re doing applique work. Of course you’ll want to have a rotary cutter. A marking tool, Frixion pen to be marking those embroidery lines. Just a little bit of embroidery here and there. If you are going to be doing that by hand you could use our Richard Hemming embroidery needles. These are just a couple dollars and the embroidery floss will be included in your kit as well. So small rulers of course, Kai scissors, all the normal things that you would expect to be using anytime you’re putting a quilt together. So I’m excited about this, as you can tell! This is one of the, this is the first block of the month we’ve ever offered from Jan Patek, and I think you’re going to be seeing more of that because I really have an affection for her designs. So be sure to sign up today! Grab your backing! We’re gonna have a
great time! And as we progress through the block of the month, of course we’ll have a facebook, facebook group going. Any additional videos, we’ll be putting those
together for you. Including how to be using the applique pressing sheet,
assembly diagrams, a light box, so that we’ll walk you through it and we’ll have a great time putting the quilt together all throughout the program. So sign up!
And I’ll see you on the next Shabby Fabrics video! [Happy Guitar Tune]

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  1. OMG! You are killing me!  Ordered it first thing this morning!!!  Can't wait! (Also told my girlfriend about it and she will be ordering, too)!

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