Insane micro-Welding Experiment – Welding Gum Wrapper Foil

Insane micro-Welding Experiment – Welding Gum Wrapper Foil

Today I have a crazy experiment.
I did another attempt at welding aluminum foil
a while back. That was successful. I wanted to know how thin of aluminum foil
I could weld together. And the thinnest I can find is the stuff on
gum wrappers. The problem with the gum wrapper is that is
has paper on 1 side. Got to put the two aluminum foil sides together
and try to weld through the paper. And see if that works.
Again the equipment is a power supply. I’m using a stick pin from sewing as my welding
stick. And of course the proper welding mask to shield
my eyes. Get to it.
See if this happens. Let’s see if this happens. Got a little bit of a spark. Let’s see if it happened. Nope. Not happening.
Try again with this a little different. Position it correctly and all. I’m poking through the paper. That’s when I get the spark. The ground is connected directly to the lower wrapper. And not happening. You probably can not see, but there’s no welding happening.
I am perforating the paper, getting sparking, but no welding.
I will have to go away and rethink it. And see what happens. (sound of sparking) 1 Trick is to hold them flat and together. Let’s see what we’ve got. Got some welding.
Kind of fragile but it’s there. With some work, you could get some significant
spot welding going on. There you have it.
Welding together gum wrapper aluminum. Just for fun.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Hope you found it interesting.
Thanks for watching.

3 thoughts on “Insane micro-Welding Experiment – Welding Gum Wrapper Foil

  1. I did it with a tig welder. When my mentor tried to pull it apart (a few times), the gum wrapper ripped but the weld stayed intact. He said "I want you to go down to the shop, pack your shit, get the fuck out, and don't EVER come back here! I have nothing left I can teach you. (I wasn't expecting that response, considering I worked for him for free for 16 months just trying to learn what he knew)

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