Increase Productivity With the NEW Multimatic 255

Increase Productivity With the NEW Multimatic 255

Think Simply. Weld Smarter. With the Multimatic 255. Solving problems that reduce productivity, like difficult-to-use
machines that cause downtime. The Multimatic 255 has
a simple user interface that’s easy for welders
of all skill levels, reducing setup and changeover time by 40 percent. With other machines, trial
and error is the only way to find the right weld parameters, which wastes time and causes rework. With Auto-Set Elite, the
Multimatic 255 makes it easy for any welder to select
the right parameters. In the field, being
equipped with multiple, single-process machines means
there’s more gear to move, which is unproductive time. The Multimatic 255 is a
true multiprocess machine. It’s all you need to handle MIG, stick, DC TIG and pulsed MIG. And moving it between jobs is easy. With other machines, switching
from one weld task to another can be a time-consuming process, as all the new parameters are dialed in. The Multimatic 255 has
programmable memory settings. So when it’s time to switch tasks, changes are fast and easy. All this means you can think
simply and weld smarter, with the Multimatic 255.

3 thoughts on “Increase Productivity With the NEW Multimatic 255

  1. Any sign of this coming across the pond to the UK?! – we are in major need of decent single phase capable machines!!

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