Nah I don’t get ASMR cuz I don’t know what it’s supposed to like make you feel like Let me look it up though ASMR feeling Of tingling that often begins at the scalp and moves down through the spine best ASMR video Of all time this ASMR video will give you tingles 100% Wow It is just so fucking it’s so out there I just don’t fucking get it But I think it’s because I’m a fucking idiot or some shit 10 triggers to help you sleep was popular now. It’s 20 triggers Wow like that gotcha Ponyo watches cooking videos in between queue Maybe I’ll watch ASMR videos in between queue. I can’t watch this shit She’s saying that I wasn’t showing the video, but she’s like this is all about you And she was like rubbing the camera like this. I can’t watch this shit. Did I got Leisha dude? That’s micro cheating. I can’t do that shit to her I Can’t do that shit behind her back This fucker has fed in two of my games if he feeds one more goddamn fucking time I’m about to beat this fucking Kha’zix is head in, for the fucking dweeb that he is Here comes the dicking chat the dicking of a lifetime, ay you believe in my Lee Sin, right? Hey, Don’t ignore me buddy. Hey, sorry muted I said yeah My chats laughing at me saying I pick Lee Sin I auto lose lose My chat said that too, and I’m like hell no, oh these little cheezer’s we got here dude Oh my god Fuckers Cheesed us and stole my fucking buff. I’m just gonna go for a fucking cheese gank on middle actually. You have gold card? Yeah Yes, he has cleanse, Yeah I do. Okay Come up I’m- Im’a gonna go Ouhhhh Ohhhh.. I think I’ve lost Yeah, maybe maybe not worth, I’m going shop now Thanks for the gank dude No problem. You know I got you covered whenever you need it dude. You still believe? (Laughing) Ay you still believe? Yeah yeah yeah. I gotta get you this one then Ouhhhhh Holy shit the guy flashed over the Oufffff They died 1v2 bottem, this is looking like a good ass game right now Man you die in the jungle and immediately try and shift blame on people, that’s kinda fucked up Dude what the fuck am I suppo- My monkey ass bot lane. Dude I know everyone’s doubting your Lee Sin right now, but I ha- I’m not doubting it yet. alright I got you covered (Edited Niccccceeeee) Oufffffff Dude what a fucking piece of cake this game is top lane down 30 Cs dude come on, got this game in the bag Dude, I gotta be honest. I’m pretty sure there’s no way I’d do anything on the bottom half of the map uhhhh does mid have cleanse? Ohhhhh god Jesus man yeah, I just keep killing top lane fuck this shit. We can get the first tower You get it?. Hell no. Hey Ahris here Ahris here Oh my god. Oh my god if I could of fucking stayed on that. Oh you’re not six Hell no I’m not level six I thought you were six after red fuck me, dude I fucking wish I was six right now. My bad dude It’s fucking nine minutes Yeah, I got fucking cucked man fucking unlucky He was he was like one hits still right? Yeah. Oh Let’s get it reset the bounty – lets go and what do people buys it blue a red smile It’s red smite right? I think it’s red Oh Nice. l didn’t even get a fucking assist Come on this game sucks. Fuck where”s my assist? Assist are earned not given. Yes I can’t defend this Actually, I’m coming you think we kill him Oh my god, okay Holy, Shit. Yeah, this is actually my first fucking blue buff, I’ve gotten feels good that’s kind of hype Aren’t you happy for me, dude? I’m glad you got the blue instead of me Oh we’re fighting (Edited OH NO!) Oh my god The guy quadra killed us I like that. yeahhhhh? This games looking harder and harder, dude. I’m not gonna lie Not bad oh my god, you lil fucking You said me Nah I was talking about the jhin I can’t believe he put the snipe on me All right Ezreals a fucking beast what the hell this guy is so fucking bad Why the fuck does he keep taking ad from there? He’s like no this guy’s fucking so goddamn fucking I Fucking love this guy cuz he’s trying his best. What fuck dude. What the fuck ? I can’t get in there Yeah that guy’s dead Ouffffff. You’re clean as fuck dude. You like that? Dud I was about to hit em with that spicy shit Man this game sucks Dude but if I got that it would of been god like I gotta do it big with this champ. If I’m not going for the big plays I might as well not be playing him Wow he stole it God man what is this. He’s so FUCKING GOOD Shut the fuck up Fuck you Fuck this game man fuck this shit. I can’t handle this anymore It’s getting to real for me Owwww that quin fucking hurts Good think I hurt more. Come on dude you gotta tell me my Lee Sin is clean after this game after we win this game if we win this shit Tell me I got the best lee you ever seen Alright I’ll win this shit them Fuck he’s gonna be dead as fuck oh oh We can win this now. Okay, look for a kick okay? Are people here Yeah, you can go for it. I’m just gonna fuck with them here Yeah, I’m running at him I’m zoning out their backline We can just Baron actually yeah we can just end. Tell this shit ain’t clean dude. SAY IT! You gotta get it in there too, yeah You gotta get it in there chponya Give me that dude tell me it say it again and you know he can’t say anything cuz he’s like dude what is he gonna say? You suck at Lee sin He can’t say anything to that shit Absolutely dominated Just fucking manhandled his ass Dude, look at that damage dealt too come on Yeah, actually that baron steal won us the game. Dude I cannot no, please I’m gonna make you shut the fuck up Chapanya So don’t you ever compare me to that guy ever again

100 thoughts on “Imaqtpie – FIRST TIME LEE SIN PLEASE DON’T FLAME ME ;)

  1. If you can play lee sin like that in masters and win, looks like i'm jumping from d5 pretty soon to the big leagues

  2. ASMR videos don't work for me at all… because i already know my trigger.. if i listen to epic music or see some really epic heroic scene in a movie, series, or anime, i can get the tingles.

  3. I really enjoyed this video so much, like, this has to be the best League of Legends video on YouTube. I'm crying tears of joy rn, words cannot express the delight I felt from watching this video

  4. Haha you gotta be a certain type of person or you just get used to ASMR. Once you kinda accept it you start to feel the shit.

  5. you ever get the chills from taking a piss and your shoulders shake uncontrollably? ever get goosebumps from the wind blowing? can get the feeling from music and movies and shit among many other things. it's the same thing as asmr. everyone feels it but not everyone recognizes the feeling when it happens. for most people when they experience something awesome, they don't think about the feeling when they get it. they just think whatever they experienced was awesome, right? in fact, focusing on the feeling itself can make the feeling stop or go away, because you lose focus of whatever you were experiencing to give you the feeling in the first place.

  6. criiinge ooooohh SOOO MUCH CRIINGE

    this is why I don't wantch him..sry(not) and also cuz he thinks he is cool or gets more viewers if he swears a lot

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