I Went Metal Detecting & Found Old Rusty Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

I Went Metal Detecting & Found Old Rusty Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(tense music) (beeping sounds) I moved out. I have finally
moved out! As you can see, new room, new house, NEW ME! Alright, not new me. I’m
exactly the same. (laughs) Boo got new house! And u-upon moving into this
new house, I found out a lot of history about this
town that I moved into. I’m not gonna reveal the name of the town. I’m not gonna dox myself again. I’ve already did that before. I got loads of–of stupid
crazy stuff sent to my house. I’m not gonna dox myself. We got a new fresh shot here today. So, like I was saying, I found
out a lot of history about this town that I’m living in
right now. It goes back a long, long time. As far back as knowing
that people, who went over and discovered America,
came from this town. It’s only a tiny town, but
it’s got a lot of history. And I did not know this
when I bought the house. I’ve moved in now and we’ve
found out all about this history and everything. So what I want to do is I’m
going to get this thing here. I’m getting this thing; metal detector. I’ve got a metal detector. I’m gonna go around my back
garden and see what we can find. A lot of history in this town.
There must be something good in this back garden. So I got this standard metal
detector here with me and I’ll–I’ll show you how it works. A quick demonstration. Find something metal, obviously,
it goes near that end piece there. This is what will happen; (beeping) It will tell you that it’s
found something and then I get my little shovel, I start
digging, and we see what we can find. I mean, there better be a
lot of good things here. Seriously, there better
be some stuff here. So because it’s a new house,
the garden is just like covered in dirt. It’s just
dirt. There’s no grass, is no trees, is nothing. It’s
just plain, boring dirt. Let’s go and do some digging. But first, I need to get ready. I need my full gear. I need
to be prepared for this thing, you know? I mean, I don’t want
to get my merchandise dirty. This cool merchandise that
can be found in the link below if you want to buy some
and look cool like me. You know, it says “kllm” on
the back and it’s really good and it also– it also has
this cool, like, sewn in thing here on the things and on the
sleeves, on the T-shirts, so go…go— GO CHECK OUT THE MERC! I need to get ready for this thing. Let’s GO DIGGING! YES! (tense music) – [Woman] Thomas. Why do you got that outfit on? – [Thomas] It’s so I don’t get
dirty. And I don’t want this cool merch to get mulky. – [Woman] But… it’s for fishing. – [Thomas] Yeah, but it’s
goo– it’s got welding and I– – [Woman] Thomas it just
looks– it looks so stupid. – [Thomas] Here we go! Welcome
to the back garden. We just moved into this house, it’s a
new house. The garden is just mulk. So what– before we get
grass down and before we get– oh it looks nice. We got to check with the metal
detector, what’s under there. I got my metal detector,
I got my spade, let’s go. We got a lot of ground to cover. – [Woman] What? All that field? – [Thomas] No. Just the garden. – [Woman] Ah. – [Thomas] I don’t think we’re
allowed in the field. I mean, it would be good to do if–
I mean this crops and stuff. Just– let’s do garden. – [Woman] Let’s go! – [Thomas] Let’s go! Alright, so the first thing
we got to avoid is this thing here, which connects
to that one over there. Under here, it is all like…
pipes and stuff which could interfere with this so just
got to avoid this area. – [Woman] Gonna be a fun video. (techno beat) (beeping) – [Thomas} Moon! MOON! MOON! MOO– – [Moon] It’s the camera, Thomas. (sighs) (beeping) – [Thomas] There! Ooh, That’s not very good. Aw, fuck. (laughs) What’s that? – [Moon] What is it? – [Thomas] The can. An old can. (beeping) Our first find! A minute in! – [Moon] Yay! What type is it? Coke? – [Thomas] Some kind of beer. – [Moon] Oh. “The farmer has lost his
beer can in the garden. The farmer has lost his
beer can on the floor.” (beeping) – [Thomas] There! – [Moon] “The farmer has
lost their beer can in the garden.” (beeping) – [Thomas] It’s showing here.
Oh, rich and fem– is that it? (beeping) – [Moon] What is it? It’s got to be something old. – [Thomas] hold and on it again. (beeping) – [Moon] Yeah. – [Thomas] Let’s go and
wash it and see what it is. It’s just rubbish. – [Moon] Oh. – [Thomas] Come on, let’s go. (beeping) – [Thomas] Moon! We’ve got one. – [Moon] Go, go. – [Thomas] Here, here, here! – [Moon] Go steady. (beeping) – [Thomas] Oh! A nail. A really old nail. – [Moon] Nailed it! – [Thomas] (laughing) Come on! This is… I thought we’d have
found something good by now. (beeping) – [Moon] That! That! – [Thomas] Whoa! – [Moon] Cool! – [Thomas] Oh, it’s, eh, it’s
like a axe. It’s like the head of a axe. Oh, it’s cool. I be– it’s not worth
anything but it’s cool. – [Moon] It’s cool. – [Thomas] Let’s keep going. – [Moon] Wha–? – [Thomas] (indistinct) (beeping) – [Thomas] Here, here! (beeping) – [Moon] (laughs then mimics beeping) – [Thomas] (laughs) – [Moon] You heard that? (laughs) – [Thomas] Oh, oh, oh oh oh. Moon, Moon. – [Moon] Be careful with digging. Hammer! Baby hammer! – [Thomas] An axe and a hammer. (laughs) We’re finding– I’m– I’m
slowly building my toolbox up. – [Moon] (chuckles) – [Thomas] But we’re not
finding anything good. Is that it? Are we done?
Shall we go–go in now? – [Moon] We’ve not even
done the whole garden. – [Moon] Look at him. Trying
to find his massive treasure. Pathetic. But that was a
good– good pathetic zoom that. So again. (beeping) – [Thomas] Moon! Moon! – [Moon] “Never give up. No,
No. Never give up. No, no n-no n-no, never give up. Never give up.” – [Thomas] Moon please! – [Moon] (laughs) “Never give up. Never
give up. No, no, no, no.” – [Thomas] Stop it, Moon! – [Moon] No! – [Thomas] Hear that, Moon? – [Moon] What is this? Oh. What is it? – [Thomas] It’s deep. – [Moon] That’s a tool, isn’t it? – [Thomas] A tool? That’s a hammer head. Got the head of a hammer now. – [Moon] Thought there
was just an Atlantic then. – [Thomas] What? – [Moon} Is that a fish? Hammerhead? – [Thomas] Oh, a hammerhead. (chuckles) (beeping) – [Thomas] There. (beeps) Oh, oh! – [Moon] Is it– doesn’t that– – [Thomas] It’s still there. – [Moon] Dig, Thomas, dig, dig, dig. Go, Thomas, go. – [Thomas] Ahh. It’s clay! – [Moon] What’s clay? – [Thomas] You make
pots with it and stuff. Ah. – [Moon] (indistinct) – [Thomas] Look, you can make
something. You can make a pot out of it and let it dry. Make
your own pot from clay you found in your own garden. – [Moon] Why? I get one at Asnoe. – [Thomas] Oh, Moon! – [Moon] Plate. Could be
the Romans ate from plates. Oh, no. Another tool for the tool. (laughs) – [Thomas] Wouldn’t the wood
have rotten away by now? It must be quite a reason for this. – [Moon] It’s probably
from building sites still. – [Thomas] I’m done. – [Moon] Come on. “Never give
up. Never give up. No, no, no, no, no.” – [Thomas] Moon no! There’s
nothing here. It’s just tools. – [Moon] Let me do it
then. I like doing it. – [Thomas] You have a go with
it. It’s nothing. You’re not gonna find anything. – [Moon] Yeah, I’m gonna do it. Thomas, I think you have
to do it like systematic. (beeping) Whoa. Thomas? – [Thomas] What? – [Moon] Come here. It’s really strong. – [Thomas] Oh, it’s another tool. – [Moon] Keep going! I found it. – [Thomas] Put it– put it over. (beeping) – [Moon] Look! – [Thomas] It’s going crazy. – [Moon] It’s never done that! – [Thomas] Why is it doing so much? – [Moon] I don’t know. – [Thomas] Hey. – [Moon] No. (beeping) – [Moon] You see? Look. – [Thomas] There! There, there, there. – [Moon] I think you need big shovel. – [Thomas] If it’s doing it
so much, would that not mean it’s closer to the surface? – [Moon] No, it’s just really
strong, isn’t it? Loads of metal. – [Thomas] I better get a big shovel. (beeping) – [Moon] It’s never done
it that strong, Thomas. Do you like digging? Are you a digger? – [Thomas] I like
digging if it’s treasure. – [Moon] I like gold digging. – [Thomas] I don’t like
digging if it’s tools. – [Moon] Okay. Glad he’s not heard that. (beeping) – [Thomas] There. – [Moon] Whoa! – [Thomas] There. – [Moon] Why is it still
going so strong? (laughs) – [Thomas] (growls) I don’t like deep. Whole sands keeps caving in
and this clay makes it so hard to dig. – [Moon] Oh, boo you. But never give up, Thomas. – [Thomas] If this is a– er–
hammer or a chisel or an axe, I’m done. – [Moon] It belongs to me anyway though. I would dig, you know,
but I’m camera woman. I’m going in, then. – [Thomas] All right. – [Moon] It’s a bit cold. (laughs) Bye. – [Thomas] Bye. (thud) – [Moon] Was that a–? Thomas! (thump thump) – [Moon] (gasps) Oh. Keep
digging! Keep digging! Careful. – [Thomas] That’s a bit (indistinct) – [Moon] Is it, like, an
electrical thingy from the pipes? – [Thomas] Oh, god. (indistinct) – [Thomas] What’s this? It’s…
my spade’s arm. I wondered what came free with it. – [Moon] Oh, that’s it. That’s
it. I bet you can grab it now with end. It’s so heavy. What is it? Go on. Oh, YES! What is it? – [Thomas] It’s a safe! (laughs) – [Moon] What? – [Thomas] (laughing) Wow. No way! – [Moon] Oh my g– – [Thomas] No one’s gonna
believe this. No one’s gonna believe this, Moon. – [Moon] What? – [Thomas] No way (laughs) – [Moon] It’s got the keyhole. – [Thomas] It’s a keyhole? I bet you we don’t have a key. It’s not opening. (rattling) – [Moon] Oh, my god. – [Thomas] Gonna have to cut it open. – [Moon] I found that! – [Thomas] I found it! – [Moon} I Found It! – [Thomas] No, I found it! – [Moon] Stop it. You wanted to give up. – [Thomas] No, I found it! – [Moon] No! But, Thomas, is that the
only way we can get it open? – [Thomas] There’s no
other way to open it. (saw buzzes) – [Moon] Ohhhhhhhh! Let it cool down. Oh, my gosh. Smoking. (coughing) Oh. – [Thomas] What’s that? – [Moon] Oh, oh. Toys. – [Thomas] Looks like… Christmas stuff. Yeah. Four of them. – [Moon] You can have two and I have two. Why you don’t like Christmas ornaments? – [Thomas] I hate it. Really. – [Moon] Looking at you, so
Christmas tree count– whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t– Thomas… – [Thomas] What’s that, then? – [Moon] Get it all– what
is it? There’s a ring. There’s a nole. – [Thomas] It’s like a
false flooring there. It’s like a false flatten. – [Moon] Look at that. – [Thomas] Is that all Roman? – [Moon] These are Roman thingies. – [Thomas] Over– I would
say, no, I’m thinking of Roman times. Moon, we got old Roman coins.
I mean, there’s a gold ring. (ending music)

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