I Went Metal Detecting & Found $10,000 in Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

I Went Metal Detecting & Found $10,000 in Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

Yo guys it’s morgz and welcome back to another banger ! Mom, yeah, is that a steak? Hello guys and welcome back to the most awesome channel eva Adventure and today is literally gonna be an adventure my entire life I’ve always wanted to go on a treasure hunt. It sounds like so much fun Today is the day where I’m finally gonna be making it happen and recording it all for you guys basically I have a metal detector a Shovel and all the equipment and I’m gonna get all the way to the beach and try and buy some gold some Diamonds some emerald and mahbe some V BUCKS Away, that’s minecraft. Oh, yeah guys. I honestly can’t wait It’s gonna be so much fun who the hell knows what’s gonna happen in this video? I could find something really looking watch till the end guys because who knows it could get crazy Multan while the treasure hunting career fish and chips cause we’re going to the seaside. Yeah. Yeah close we come bro I say even a question guys if you’re new to the channel get out this I don’t want to weigh in at all You guys let’s start the journey to the beach unless get this treasure hood the way we’ll get you. Oh, come on the treasure wibbels No, oh, okay How about you Bruno? You wanna come down yet? No again, Oh mom looks like it’s just me and you for this one Okay, let’s go okay Oh Wow Should we go Oh That likes guys if we like you leave on this video it will be good Lord by treasure So go down back and smash the light water What mike equals one good look if you don’t like you get bad look for ya guys, let’s get started I’m just Mom-mom shovel shovel shovel excited Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait pull it up I don’t believe you spoil my moment. Wait Hold on oh my gosh This is Yo the Sun down there bro, just don’t fit under that bro Probably still beeping he’s still beeping. Well the economies of it under there Oh Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait kara dig dig. Oh My god, it’s impulse fragrance. Well, hold on guys that mean that I can This has been a great result guys they only ever got 20 feet by smell nice Yo yo yo, yo, yo, Janina killer, I think I found something I really Like how No, then we found something bargain it’s a dog doing so counts. Will you tell your homework? No, no It’s gone like we almost hunted that guy’s I think you forgot say Something here Treasure oh my go ahead something more was it? What is that creaking it? Come on. Oh Oh, oh wait what the hell are Those can wash in the sea. Come on Kira. What is it? Yo, you find inhaler? That golden halo Oh my god, oh my god guys I’m just filming in case you folks before name I say on your bottom Ah Okay, Oh scary house a scary experience it’s very hot I don’t more thing I found something okay, yeah Oh My god, oh my god, where we were come here. Come here right now. Come here right now. Look at that No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait seriously, though Seriously, I think we’ve hit the jackpot that Electra’s also metal. Yeah treasure buried treasure I think that maybe treasure seriously guys, I think we’ve just hit the jackpot Oh my god. Oh my God. Look, there’s some kind of metal the blue and chain, maybe who knows? Oh My god, oh my god wanna look look look at that. Do you see that? Yeah shiny. Oh my god. Here we go Here we go. Here we go Morgan like is there any in it? No. Oh, I thought it was Jeff. Yeah, should we go for fish and chips now then? Okay, we don’t stop until we find Boys and girls, we’ve just found the next bit of treasure. Is it gonna be a diamond? Is it gonna be a laptop is it gonna be but whatever what could it be more? Something expensive rose. Yes, don’t so it looks like it’s right under here. Oh Really? Oh My gosh, wait, what’s up, man? What is that? Oh my It’s a so nice a nice do we need a new knife can take that like often is it alright? Or not I think that’s the best find of the day Come on mochi It doesn’t even work Oh Oh, perhaps it just works for that Here are some lines That’s like two cans of coke down actually Do you want the Spade Morgan’s? Mom is literally going all the way up to ten. Well, how do you think you might found something a Tempe this time? Morgan this is the last thing dig it quickly because we’re going home. It’s gonna be pitch black soon We’re not even out fish and chips. Yeah, come on. Oh That sounded like a piece of ward no, oh, oh That’s not a ward listen to that Guys, please tell me you see that right? It’s metal mom. Yeah, is that a safe? It’s a metal box by the looks of it. Yes. What’s a metal box a safe Right. I don’t know just go do it Oh big no, it’s huge. It’s huge. But whatever it is, it’s big. I’m Just a minute gasps before we do it if there is anything in it was showering. Yeah You wanted to go no, I didn’t think she wants to go. Oh my What is it? It is Oh, oh my gosh. What is it Marty Martin Queen? Mommy looks new every day. Do you see this? It’s a shake it Something in oh dude, we just found a safe just leaves we found a safe which is metal detected a safe. Listen guys. Listen Listen, listen, don’t listen that looks pretty new. If someone’s buried that there. I suggest we just get off this Beach now with it Yeah, because but some bodies might have put it then they might come back for it. I think we just like it Yeah guys comment down below right now. Should we take the safe? I should we leave it here. Well, shake it There’s something in it Boy for someone find it keepers. Yep I would have I would have buried it on a beach unless it was something hold on a minute We just bought just a new one. What anything could be this guy? It could be vocal range. I know I know take it. We have a look in it and then we tell the please yeah I don’t know. We’ll have to just we’ll have to just yeah. Oh you think we should take her? Yeah. Yes I think we actually just found real-life treasure in the treasure home. We’re gonna take this back to the car right now We’re gonna take it home. And then when we’re home, we’re gonna try and crack into it guys. This is crazy Should we go? Yeah. Yeah go quick This is mine Okay, guys so it’s the next day right now is Literally so early in the morning as soon as I got home I obviously went to bed I literally could not sleep because all night I was just thinking what the hell could be in this safe there literally would be anything when I got home last night I had A few hits on it too trying to enter you can see this marks all over it guys, but I’m back today I’ve got a stronger hammer. I’ve got stronger arms cuz I’m not as tired And basically I’m just gonna try and break into this thing I have no clue how we’re gonna get in have no clue what to do here Got this giant metal safe with something in it, and we need to get into it somehow. So what do you say? Well, should we just get going? Yeah, don’t let go of that hammer. No, I feel like all except his hammers Probably a bit cool the mines real quick little guys If you haven’t already left a like on this video, please go down there and do it I need all the look I can get to get into the same and subscribe if in you guys but no more time to waste Let’s do this So guys no studies finalists saying just don’t know what it’s doing mine. That’s kind of a look. Yeah. Well good Stand my mum why because I thought sailors we can’t hammer away in this merch is fire It’s the fire is merch in the entire world So maybe I can burn my way into it using the merge done by this is gonna be intense sound bye guys Friday Oh Even the merch can’t get into the safe a literally indestructible guys Honestly, I’ve been hammering this now For like an hour the hammer is barely even make anything on this most I can do is just these puny little scrapes guys Honestly, I’ve known what to do Have you actually tried to put some You stupid. It’s a four-digit combination. Yeah could be any four-digit combination, you know a day is hard to do There’s like a million combinations. It could be versus and just enter random numbers I would just do something easy start with I mean Obviously, you could choose try something like one two, three four mum If someone’s hit something cool in here that obviously not gonna be stupid enough to put the code is one two, three four Okay, I’m going to try to help don’t leave Let’s try zero zero zero zero One one one one Nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein press that star on say 1 2 3 4 I said 1 2 3 4 it’s not gonna be want to freeze. Okay, okay It’s just that no one’s that stupid. How about like one five nine nine like down bad 2018 yes flashing now Disable is there anybody we could take it to to break into it professionally? I don’t know I mean why you gonna do turn up somewhere with a safe? It’s just up just found it in the beach They’re gonna think you’re lying and they’ll call. Let’s just try one numbers. What can we try Martin? 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 Well, that’s that we’ve got a green line Should I open it? Open it yeah cool. Yes, open it open it there won’t be anything What’s in that mom, what’s in that mom what is in that Mom, what’s in there? Why are you cook are you crying Morgan? It’s morning. So you are you crying. It’s full of Molly Come on, seriously, look just look at it Morgan. It’s full of money. No, you’re joking. No seriously bean it’s full of money Look, wait, seriously, put the camera. Why are you crying? Morgan just look and see it’s full of money What have we done oh my gosh the car It’s real it’s real Do everyone well keep it I don’t know Seriously, come look at this. This has been hit recently. Look at this money This is all completely real and fresh is someone gonna come after us for this? What the hell we just found I don’t know. Should we be happy or concerned about this? We’ve just found a safe for? Thousands of pounds. What is it? We should do. I don’t know Morgan. What do you think? We should keep him watch? Is that still no, but do you think we should keep it? Yeah, seriously Yeah, boy, if this is someone’s money that someone’s like lost. Oh, well, they were lost this somebody’s behind you Don’t worry, you take it could we take it? do we take it all I’m saying organ is that somebody’s put the money there and they obviously Wanted somebody to find it and have it then also Yeah, everybody. Yeah, if everybody agrees to that I’d say yes. Yeah my money keep it Guys I honestly Cannot believe this but we just found loads of money now. I don’t know who’s gonna have this I don’t know who deserves that who wants it I don’t know what we should do a bit for guys like the video right now and subscribe to my channel and grow Maybe I’ll give some of it away to you guys. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just split the baby We’ll just rain it down from the roof guys I don’t know what the hell to do with this money, but guys totally down What what you think I should do with it subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you in the next video guys Peace. Oh Jesus Brown. Oh. Wow, Wow guys. Can you believe I know? I’m in shock actually Okay, yeah yourself Then we can say just see how much today’s is that you’re gonna have a little break upstairs and we’ll Turn Are you gonna tell him I won guys if you’re still watching this I don’t have to say that this is a prank me and Martin plan this I took Morgan to the seaside the Safe in the back of the car went to the beach was sent Morgan a way to do something while we buried it It’s all been a prank on mocha guys If you’re still watching this comment down below but you’ve watched to the end of the video. Don’t tell Morgan but comment What should we do with the money because this money actually belongs to Morgan I’ve taken it out of his account as payback and we’re going to try and get Morgan to share this money with us So we’re gonna have a little bit of spending money. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Don’t tell Morgan about it. I just can’t believe that we pulled it off. I 5/2 mountain. Whoa guys We’ll see you all in the next video. Thanks for watching. Peace out

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